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  • dumbster_drekk 49w

    the year taught her the meaning of love.....

    Beginning with heartbreak,
    Followed by being passionate, she had seen colors of life,
    both distant and intimate.

    From being far away due to the outbreak,
    to be close with each other in the lunch break,
    From staring at the blank wall, to peeping into each other's eyes drown in love giving it all,

    She had seen a lot this year,
    And I promise... to you my darling No more sorrow no more tear your smile without any stress or fear
    is my resolution for all the upcoming year

  • dumbster_drekk 65w

    Tip 2 ( ofc for U )

    You can't change your past, because it's gone.
    You can't change your present, because it's too late.
    Learn from your past, manage your time from present and you can change your Future...

  • dumbster_drekk 65w


    la quiero mucho el observadorrrr

  • dumbster_drekk 77w

    Rectifying done.
    It's time to live the moment.

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