between the pages of a book is a lovely place to be

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  • duke511 28w

    I long to disappear


    I think of how leaving might be easier
    I yearn for the peace that comes with nothingness
    Then I think about how I’ve got just one
    I won’t get to try again, it’ll be sad to waste my only chance.

    What would I leave behind? I think about this too

    ‘I tried to be happy’
    ‘I’m sorry’
    ‘Forgive me’ ...

    I’d say,
    “Living was exhausting”.

  • duke511 39w

    #Leehi Dedicated to those who’ve had a suffocating day
    To those who try so hard to breathe in a suffocating world.

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    Take a deep breath
    until both sides of your heart get numb just until it hurts a little
    Take a deeper breath
    till you feel like there’s nothing left inside

    It’s alright if you run out of breath
    no one is blaming you
    It’s okay if you make mistakes from time to time
    Everyone does.

    Someones sigh, that heavy breath
    How can I possibly even try to understand it?
    Even though I cant understand it’s depths
    I’ll still hold you

    Even if others think your sigh
    takes out energy and strength
    I already know, that you had a day
    that’s hard enough to let out even a small sigh
    Don’t think of anything else and just let it out

    Although comforting by saying it’s alright
    are just words,

    You’ve done really well
    You’re doing a good job
    I love you ❤️

  • duke511 39w


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    Will my shadow from this long day, still be lingering in my pain?
    I wait in silence, as it wraps its hands around me
    There are sad memories in my mind, can they be erased by the tears I’ve shed?
    Where do I even begin
    laughter no longer reaching my eyes
    vivid memories stuck in my mind, faces I can’t forget
    I reach out far enough, but there’s only my shattered dreams escaping me.

    Like at crossroads,
    I stare blankly for a long time, and suddenly I hear the voice
    the voice that makes me look back
    I’ve grown with every passing moment, feeling sorry to my youth
    the nights I had to sleep alone, holding on to pain
    Time raised me, and nudges me out into the world
    My past self would ask me now;
    ‘Do you think you’re happy enough to laugh?’

    But I won’t stop dreaming
    until my hopes are fulfilled entirely
    And someday in the far future, that child then,
    Would she have gotten all that she ever dreamed of?

    -Someday, The Child