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  • drunken_liar 53w

    हर एक अधूरी सपना मुझे एक और दिन जीने का ख्वाईश दिलाता हैं

    हर एक सपना अधूरी ही होनेवाला का याद एक और दिन ना जीने का मन करता हैं


  • drunken_liar 88w

    For what love is
    A question still asked even though answered many ways

    No less than countless structural reasonings are enough to even begin with

    Even more infinites couldn't outline it's extent

    And you fell for a few
    Limiting it's existence
    As if you can fool with it
    At the end of all you started to question it's conduct

    For once try finding it's extent
    Even if that would be no parallel to it's grandeur
    Don't rush as it's too beautiful
    You would be exhausted midway in the ride

    Just go where it takes and then you would never
    question again


  • drunken_liar 107w

    what an unforgettable drama  it was with all the ascending concrete steeps of melodramatic lows

    scales of those high pitched dark melody still tries to echo with every  possible beat of the heart

    every random note that comes across  now and then brings odour of the long night

    In between dusk and dawn they creep in without a knock and constantly eavesdrop without a hint,waiting for one right pause to distort the rhythm with perfection

    A constant struggle for them to induce fear in me and a jingle for me which fades and holds no memory of it as time passes by


  • drunken_liar 111w

    Where were you my home,
    I'd like to take a power nap.
    Where were you my mirror,
    I need to take a quick look.
    Where were you my soul,
    I have to whisper some secrets.

    There you are...
    Just right beside me,
    Whenever i need you.

    But what did i gave you in return,
    Rather than excuses and misfitted judgements.

    I'm sorry,
    I couldn't make it up to your blessings.
    I'm sorry,
    I made you wait,at times you needed me the most.
    I'm sorry,
    I couldn't give you more time to settle.

    I'm sorry that,
    I haven't wished to have enough courage to undo
    ill fitted squares and rectangles in this loop.

    For once let me fall,
    Without the hope of a helping hand,
    Without the faith of resurrection,
    Without the thought of redemption.

    Then I'd know what i have taken for granted


  • drunken_liar 117w

    Too mesmerized by this non-sequentially disrupted holocaust,as if the whole sequence is a unreasonable negotiation

    In retrospect it is a classical phenomenon of bringing never ending to an end


  • drunken_liar 124w


    There is always something left over to the story you never heard off as i was unable to comprehend it myself and i feared unfolding it may dump me in the dungeons of hatred,worst of all it may cost in losing you

    After all these years i was thinking i can get of with the past and memories tied to it,all i thought was being careful of mistakes done and dusted would lead me to a better life,it was a great sense of relief back then, thinking of how far it could do wonders,but it ain't true all the time.As of now it's nothing short of a foolish idea resulting from the thought of not making myself stupid again and again.It worked to some extent,then all the same,only exception was the worst got bigger,better and wise

    The only choice i have is to drift away from you, don't worry this is THE END


  • drunken_liar 126w

    Is it this hard to stay as who you are
    Or is this illusion that kept me awake is just an another lie,I've kept on hanging from the day iam afraid.

    If this is so going to be true am i being fooled again by this brave heart which helmed the position of being bold in times of dark and grey,
    Beaten black&blue by sweet and sour of this realistic confusion.

    Outraged and undeterred,I'm off to tread in search of tranquility to rewrite what stars bestowed upon me
    Needless to say i shall not begin it from very start.

  • drunken_liar 133w

    Let me hearout the rythm of love

    Soothing and serene
    Overcast and uncertain
    Enchanting and unending enigma it is...

    Immortal it stays
    Mortals,we are to decipher it's mystique spell that cast on us

  • drunken_liar 137w

    When the only lie you ever fantasised with the mix of emotions which were just perfect amidst the wilderness of unfathomable truths show their real face one first and last time just to blow the whole fact right into the thin air and destroy the hope of being broken again and again listening to that imaginary broken note

  • drunken_liar 139w

    Of all the choices destruction is better fit among the devastated
    moral sense fell for  traps of self obscurity 
    Catastrophe is at it's very beginning of weaving an end 

    Relief at least for the time being
    Untill the doomsday arrives he smiled