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  • drpshravanithoughts 1w

    Why are you burning the same wood which is burning already for nothing ?
    Why are you running to become the same ?
    Don't run stay constant or else you gonna lose energy ,hope and madly share your life as a mess
    Remember you are own director of your own film
    You will be gifted with many unexpectable experiences to learn and overcome don't act to get something which is unrelatable for you to gain the fame then you will flame
    Hiding from everyone one day because remind it people change get bored of your lame useless things you know everything just living in the darkness for nothing ..


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    When your mind is reminding you
    To vanish from someone
    Sometimes it feels like you made
    A mistake and hiding yourself
    From the one who corrects you
    It's life you need to face and learn
    Them instead of complaining
    Don't always skip and jump on to next
    Learn something from your mess
    Then you will slowly heal find someone
    Nearer to you to heal

    it's ok to face arrogance
    Of some they do to make you
    Feel realise from mistakes
    It's ok to face angry ones
    Who cares you because
    It's for you

    Why are you messing yourself
    by falling in the same dig ?
    Why are you trying to fill something
    in which it can't be anything ?
    Why are you trying for someone
    where your name is not or can't be in their part of life with immense love to become a stranger ?


  • drpshravanithoughts 1w

    Complications unconsciously and unknowingly occur
    In every relationship inorder to correct make sure to not get repeated

    Everytime we see "he felt for her with heartful of love then she left her with heartful of pains "

    But the question is why did she ? sometimes unconsciously minds creates a negative assumption always like

    She is this and that ,she will be torched not by her loved ones but like these kind of people who are really unuseful and heavy for the world

    Think of your mother love
    Sister's love before assuming like that
    If you feel something wrong in her
    Make her correct ,care her,make her
    Feel how much you love her
    Always be for her ,feel satisfied for
    Loving her heartfully
    Love her only when you make your
    Relationship lovable if can't make her strong,
    Make her feel protective with out getting problems
    From you in her future because everyone one kill the
    Bad past don't love her to kill her future.

    In this world she deserves a place to stand ,grow and shine on her own
    She deserves a place to remain in someone's heart and she also wishes to make it forever

    Every one knows everything because everyone know the immense love of women as a sister,wife ,mother .....
    And today that immense love of her making her to get into lot pains

    Sometimes she can have mood swings she can't be understood because
    she is different
    She has a emotional heart and
    emotional mind not a reasonable
    Mind like he
    Where you think to make her yours
    And she will be praying for you
    To be with forever and she often leaves
    You to protect your future by leaving with
    A unexplainable pain
    did you ever asked her
    About it ?

    As you know she will be having period
    Is it correct to give her emotional pains
    With your misunderstandings .

    If you are real man love her for being her Like her

    not the her who is loving another he don't make complicate yourself by loving like and don't blame her

    As a man you choose a right one to love
    And be stable with her loving , caring and
    Becoming you as everything for her.

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    Understand her
    Then you feel
    That you are
    everything for her ❤️


  • drpshravanithoughts 5w

    Before complaining world remind, realise and recognise the gifted ones by God

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    God has gifted you
    With precious ones .
    the same god gifted you
    Heart and mind to use it
    And recognise .


  • drpshravanithoughts 7w

    Don't mess up with the people
    Mess up yourself so that you can
    Have some one to heal


  • drpshravanithoughts 8w


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    To live peacefully
    And unfrastated sometimes
    We should not care , discuss
    And predict about someone's
    Life , someone's relationship about
    What happens ?
    in twisted unknown
    future .
    foolishly should not make
    Someone believe what you
    Predicted unusefully .

    Try to understand someone,
    Take time,
    Correctly get to know about them
    Politely and always be a soul healer
    Rather than becoming a nightmare
    For someone .

    Because everytime in life
    Every one need a soulful
    Loving one to live with ,
    A cold shoulder in troubles,
    A good teacher to teach life lessons,
    Why can't you take that place
    To make your life chapter a
    Fruitful beautiful one .


  • drpshravanithoughts 9w

    Learn to question yourself

    Why am I doing this ?
    Can I do this ?
    Why can't I do this ?
    What's impossible to make my dream come true ?
    Why should I negatively over think ?
    Why should I care about what negative people say?
    Why should I fear when I am correct?


  • drpshravanithoughts 10w

    To defeat your fear

    Your wrong beliefs
    Has to be killed


  • drpshravanithoughts 10w

    Literally you doesn't need to point out
    Someone's mistake because they express
    Their mad frustations to cover up their mistakes
    The only thing you can do is feeling sorry for their madness and it can be better to pray for god
    To let them recover from there madness to live happily


  • drpshravanithoughts 10w

    Never try to impress someone with your intelligence
    Impress someone with your heart then you remain
    Immortal in someone's memories then they never forget you

    They never give their special space which is given for you to anyone

    rather than stealing someones heart its better to stay in their heart in every beat you will be reminded and loved


  • drpshravanithoughts 11w

    Staying you as you
    is the best option
    The one who loves you
    Will accompaines you
    By accepting heartfully
    You as you to be part
    Of their soul but needs
    Some time to be understood
    Doesn't need to force anyone
    To be with.