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  • drishya_95 13w


    With the first cut into the deep,
    What’s undone shows what’s real.


  • drishya_95 15w


    इस रोज़ के लेन देन में,
    हमारे वादे कब से बिक्री होने लगी?


  • drishya_95 16w


    ‘Sometimes it takes two to enjoy the silence.’

  • drishya_95 16w

    ‘दीये जलते हैं, फूल खिलते हैं।’

  • drishya_95 17w


    The mere edges of His ways

  • drishya_95 19w


    Treading on the road where thousands were lured,
    keeping a check on the step, fast and secured,

    I hope the words that I keep,
    can render a thought so deep,
    can make a gest for the wound to heal.


  • drishya_95 20w


    The anticipated closure and
    The walloped beginning.

    The sought silence
    In the everyday churning.

    The similar tune
    That ports homelands from its nether end,
    That chases a moving boat on a still stream.

    Someday, somewhere,
    I will call this my dream.


  • drishya_95 21w


    He was born as man among men to show us the way.

  • drishya_95 23w

    The story you are creating need not have a million words,
    just a modest indentation.


  • drishya_95 26w

    ‘How rare and beautiful it is to even exist’

    -Sleeping at Last