I have Schizophrenia and a few other mental illness. I use writing as a way to cope. I free write what ever comes to mind. I dont mind some advice or

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  • dresmith298 1d

    Friend Request

    Walking through a world full of people 

    But I stand alone in love

    They it comes to those who wait

    I'm paused at a crossroad

    Do I go back to where love once showed

    Or find what I'm missing going forward 

    In a maze trying to find the truth

    There's a 50/50 chance I hate to take

    Because problem solved is someone leaves 

    And you could be the right one

    But I'm always looking for the wrong thing

    Like my biggest fear was being accepted

    That's why I pressed rejection 

  • dresmith298 1d

    Mingle Hearts

    Your suppose to love someone

    Till your heart starts breaking

    Then anything looks better

    Making decisions to get you wetter

    Like you look better in my bedroom

    And when we get there I'll forget

    Unlock my memories of remember me

    Seal away in a French kiss

    Waiting for you to release me

  • dresmith298 1d


    My heart's unstable

    I can't control if I love you

    You'll look lovely and I'll look loveless

    Sharing feelings with depression

    Is take up so much of my time

    Getting wasted feeling wasted away

    Getting content with my situation

    Because misery keeps me company

  • dresmith298 1d


    Attraction of opposites

    Like I'm a bad guy

    Looking for a chance to do some good

    But it tends to look naughty

    Like I *69 you again

  • dresmith298 1d

    Dear Pin Up

    I sketch my thoughts to erase

    Painted in your vivid image

    Each stroke was memory

    At last pages of remember me

    Our hearts had so much symmetry

    Our axis rotate about the same time

    Text me when you say your goodbyes

    I'll wipe away your eyes

    To blind you in love again

    And send you on your way

    Beacuse you always find a way back to me

    I just can't ask what you just can't say

    Staying here in love

    But looking for a better place to be

  • dresmith298 1d

    Days On The OtherSide

    I can't stay so just enjoy the moment

    Like Dr. Jekyll found the best place to Hyde

    Beacuse beauty's always try to tame a beast

    Like you're in for a show

    Because we're headed for a circus

    On top of the surface I can seem perfect

    But cash me out and I'm worthless

    Putting a price on my head

    Is like contemplating who am I

    Talking to the hulk

    When Banner had the right answer

    Intellectually I'm a heart away from breaking

  • dresmith298 1d

    Could Use A Breather

    It's not that I don't believe you

    I come with trust issues

    Happy ever after has never been a factor

    But how much can you take for granted

    While I'm just handing out my love

    To watch you take more and then let go

    Like when Jack left Rose

    I'm just a sinking titanic

    Drowning in my sorrows

    Recuse me with CPR

    Like it's breathtaking taking you in

  • dresmith298 1d

    Froze Myself

    I found company in acceptance

    Bargaining with my depression

    Claimed my stone cold effects

    Like my heart was frozen in time

    At the moment it shattered all to pieces

    So I could leave it as a part of me

    Beacuse they won't break me again

  • dresmith298 5d

    Save Some 4 Later

    I know essentially will come eventually

    But right now my wants are all I need

    I'm simply complicated

    I'll take your pain for my compensation

    I got without because I'm capable

    Still looking for companionship in misery

    Sharing desires while we are in despair

    Hoping we could spend time together

  • dresmith298 1w


    Deep down I got lost on my way to love

    Then got mugged by lust and her friends

    No breaks or bruises just trust issues

    Came with my life time subscription to insecurities

    Love opened the gateway to these heartbreaking drugs

    That's why I mix them in with us

    Like I'm taking in your intoxication