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  • dreamingsun 136w

    Get up everyone and march forward
    Wear your armor of goodwill and let your cruelty flee
    For my dear folks
    Kindness is absolutely free!

  • dreamingsun 158w

    I am a mermaid
    Who lives in an ocean of sadness
    And hence, I will never drown in it.

  • dreamingsun 161w

    Wishing all my dear mirakeans a very happy Christmas
    God bless everyone��


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    Santa's gift

    Wrapped in my quilt I lay in my bed
    The air outside all frosty and cold
    I look at the stars holding secrets unsaid
    Shimmering in the night sky with rays of gold

    My Christmas sock is hanging beside the door
    Waiting for Mr Santa to come fill it
    It is red and golden with floral decor
    lovingly and preciously hand knit

    I wonder what Mr Santa will gift me this time
    Is it sugar sprinkled jellies and a big teddy bear
    Or some funky games and a beautiful chime
    Maybe, a pretty Christmas sweater to wear

    I wish Mr Santa could gift a box of smiles and joy
    To all those , who are sad and lone
    Some candies of hope, for the poor to enjoy
    And lots of love, to the known and unknown

    But, why should we wait for Mr Santa to come
    Why can't WE, spread some love and care
    Why can't WE, pray for all the pain to be numb
    Why can't WE, make some sweets of joy to share

    So this Christmas can we all join together
    To make some cakes of peace and love
    Irrespective of our age , race and colour
    let us make this a promise to the Almighty above

    For my dear folks , allow me to remind
    That Christmas is just a state of mind.


  • dreamingsun 177w

    Which is more painful

    Tears which roll down your cheeks
    tears which never see sunshine

  • dreamingsun 179w

    For the Son of Man is going to come in his Father’s glory with his angels, and then he will reward each person according to what they have done. Matthew 16:27

    @endofeternity @willow923

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    Countdown begins

    He came like an ordinary man
    And lived among his sheeps
    To gather and nurture the lost ones
    And embrace those who weep

    Was humiliated and disgraced
    And dishonored by countless
    But in return he just gave unconditional love
    To all the venom and bitterness

    The sick and diseased he healed
    Great miracles he performed
    Under his guidance and care
    A myriad of people reformed

    For our redemption and salvation
    He laid down his life
    So that our relation with The Almighty
    Might bloom and thrive

    So now let us pledge to be followers of Christ
    Living our lives in humility
    Radiating love to everyone around
    Spreading joy and fraternity

    Get up everyone !
    Break the borders and embrace each other
    Spread the word of our Lord God
    Among all sisters and brothers

    Stay united in prayer
    And prepare your way
    For our Lord redeemer is coming
    And soon shall come that day.

  • dreamingsun 186w

    For those who don't know
    Sati (also called suttee) is the practice among some Hindu communities by which a recently widowed woman either voluntarily or by use of force or coercion commits suicide as a result of her husband's death. The best known form of sati is when a woman burns to death on her husband's funeral pyre.


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    I wish... just the way,
    our grandparents tell us
    "there was a time when sati used to be practiced"

    I wish... someday
    My children can tell their grandchildren
    "There was a time when rapes used to happen "


  • dreamingsun 187w

    Thou shalt realize how strong thou is
    Whence faced with situations in life where
    Other than thy strength thou shalt hath
    nothing else to count on.


  • dreamingsun 188w

    When you have eyes
    you hardly realize their value
    But only when you are in complete darkness
    you truly understand
    the power of vision


  • dreamingsun 189w

    I would like to thank the entire team of crimson kisses and especially gitanjali ma'am @laughing_soul for all the efforts they took and it feels great to be a part of this wonderful anthology and would like to request everyone to grab a copy today itself ❤❤
    Three cheers to the entire team of crimson kisses❤

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  • dreamingsun 191w

    I never stopped speaking but,
    You stopped listening.

    Hence, I am letting these words flow like mellifluous music from my quill
    Which beautifies my pain
    And stands as a witness to my love for you.