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  • dream_a_little_dream 64w

    Beating Retreat

    "SARS-Cov-2 Annihilated !" claims WMI (World Microbiological Institue)


  • dream_a_little_dream 128w

    A moment in time

    Don’t shut the book yet !
    There will be a twist in the tale
    Wait for the moment!
    For one moment, is all it takes
    To change the course
    Of history .

    The moment realisation dawns
    Is when you will rewrite your story
    Turning the mundane into a best selling...autobiography.

  • dream_a_little_dream 143w

    They say that , the pen is mightier than the sword

    I remind myself of that constantly

    And pray to the Almighty

    For grace

    To allow my words to soothe and heal

    When words be inadequate and unreal

    That He empowers me with grace

    To love His people and my brethren


    I write therefore as His wisdom leads

    With a prayer and hope that my pen will reach

    My brother or sister who is out of reach


    When all seems dim and the day is dark

    May my words enkindle a spark

    A desire to rise once again

    A belief within that with Him

    I will win


    I fear the day when I could write

    To please the crowds , and likes invite

    For that will signal the end for me

    The death of the writer who once wrote


    O Lord , may that day never dawn on me .


  • dream_a_little_dream 143w

    I could never understand why they say
    That the key to happiness lies in one's own hands

    Unlock it and throw away the key !

    Happiness should roam the world freely

    Why restrain it and keep it under lock and key ?


  • dream_a_little_dream 143w

    How do I plant a seed of hope
    In soil infested with the worms of
    Hopelessness and despair

    Spray a can of the pesticide called faith
    Uproot the weeds growing in between
    Water it with good deeds and let them soak in
    And fertilize it with prayer and positivity

    Wait patiently and you will see
    The fruits of your labour
    Will flower in abundance

    Just ensure to keep the snake out


  • dream_a_little_dream 143w

    It was pouring in the afternoon and the entire hillside was engulfed in mist. When we started our trek today early morning the skies looked clear and bright , but that's the thing about the hills. One never knew when the weather would change abruptly .

    So here we were now sitting at the roadside tea and maggi stall , waiting for some vehicle to pass by , so we could hitch a ride back to the hotel.We as in Sarika and me .Both of us were solo travellers. This was my 5th trip with the women's only group and Sarika's first.

    Visibility was very low due to the thick mist. It was best to stay put now. Thank God that our mobiles were charged and connectivity was decent despite this . We had informed the rest of our group back at the hotel that we were safe and would manage our way back.

    Suddenly I heard a sound. It sounded like the engine of a car. And the horn too...." yippee!" shouted Sarika , running towards the sound. " Come back ! " I screamed at her. But she wouldn't listen .

    Screech !!! Through the thick mist I saw the Fortuner, break and Sarika fall. A man got out of the car anxiously but Sarika was up before him. I heaved a sigh of relief .The man seemed to have got quite a shock . He was visibly shaken .But there was not a scratch on Sarika .

    " Thank you for stoppng the car" I said. And narrated our story to him. How we had left the hotel in the morning and were in our way to Echo Point when it started raining and we had to halt at the tea stall
    I requested him for a lift back to the town, and he was too happy to oblige us .Sarika was quiet all through the journey.

    At one point when we were entering the outskirts of the town , she asked to stop the car , saying she wanted to call home..It was urgent as she had suddenly remembered something .She didn't have her phone , she had dropped it when she fell maybe .
    Her fingers also hurt , so she asked me to dial a number for her .

    I did that , and she took the phone and went out take the call.

    After a few minutes she came back and said she wanted to be alone and I should carry on to the hotel she would see us later .She seemed a little sad , so I agreed to give her some space After a mere five minutes drive Mr Sinha .dropped me to the guesthouse and went on his way .

    After a nice hot shower I went down to the lobby and saw my friends all seated around the fireplace enjoying hot chocolate .But Sarika wasn't with them. They were happy to see me ... relieved was more what they felt. We all went looking around for Sarika but she hadn't returned .

    I wonder who she had called up from my phone .I decided to redial that number and see.But when I unlocked my phone I saw that there were 7 missed calls from that number to mine. My phone was on silent mode and I hadn't heard any ring .

    I redialled the number .It was Sarika's residence number. Her brother answered the phone and he said yes Sarika had called them.up and they were also very concerned about her after that call.Sarika had called them and said she loved them and to forgive her if she had hurt them ever .And then she abruptly cut the line .Her phone was unreachable.

    Where was this girl ?


  • dream_a_little_dream 143w

    Much has been said about peace today
    We all want it yet don't want to drop our guards
    We are driven by fear and endless possibilities
    Of " what happens if.."
    So we better be prepared

    On the pretext of defense
    We pick up weapons
    And threaten to use them
    When things heat up and emotions flare

    How do I explain what peace is.
    And where my children can find it
    The best they can do is Google it
    It's a place in history
    Far away from reality


  • dream_a_little_dream 143w


    The "dove" is symbolic of the Holy Spirit of God

    I know for a fact that the world needs peace today and so does every person on this planet.

    Forgiveness is the key to good mental health.

    But the point is , I have met many who don't want to forgive .They ask me irritatedly " Why ? Why should I forgive ? I have been wronged and I don't want to forgive ".

    I agree that's an individual choice . I can only advocate that if one has the freedom to choose , shouldn't we choose well.?

    Look at the benefits of forgiveness...peace of mind , healing ,joy and you open supernatural doors ( yes they exist ) to your progress in life . You attract positivity and goodness which are the blessings of God .

    Then there are the ones who want to forgive but cannot forgive . It's something they have struggled with for many years . Wrecked with psychosomatic disorders ,they struggle through life unhappy.For them too I have an answer. Pray for your enemies. For those who hurt you.For those who continue doing so. Pray for them and bless them in prayer .
    And God will work supernaturally in your own life.

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    World peace

    World peace ?
    It all begins with you and me

    A little bit of time
    Spent in solitude a day
    You can meditate
    Or sit down to pray

    There is chaos all around
    Especially in the mind
    Only in still calm waters
    Your reflection you find

    The benefits of prayer
    In contemplation and peace
    You will be filled
    With calmness and ease

    Practise the Pause
    No need to react
    Breathe in and out
    Let the moment pass

    Watch your words
    Especially when upset
    Rein in the tongue
    The troublecauser
    That slimy, spineless one

    With the same tongue you pray
    But when you get into the fray
    You abuse and curse
    And make things worse

    The best way to exist
    Is to love one another
    As brothers and sisters
    And in harmony co exist

    What do you do then
    When your heart is hurt
    After all I am human too
    Is everybody's famous refrain

    Exactly my point ,
    For being human is this
    To refrain from giving
    An eye for an eye and fist for a fist

    Instead return all with love
    The hurts and abuses
    And you will have peace
    For Vengeance is His
    We only have to... forgive

    How can we hurt someone we love
    But how can we love the one who hurt us?

    It's so simple , look at the cross and you will see
    Love flowing in the form of blood and water, unconditionally

    To simplify it further I will clarify
    That all it takes is your will
    Your free will to exercise
    In wanting
    To obey..
    His word which says
    Love one another as I love you
    Especially your enemies and bless those who curse you

    That's all it takes , your desire to forgive and love
    And He then does all the rest from heaven above
    He will send you His dove
    And empower you with grace
    His grace
    Is all you need

    My friends to win this race


  • dream_a_little_dream 143w


    And this post bears no connection to what's hapenning at Mirakee these days .

    I am a strong believer that I should judge myself by my fruits ...fruits are cultivated had to work towards it at the end of the day I try to sit in contemplation and judge my actions of the day .My motives , my thoughts , my deeds.Where I fall short I pray for true repentance and forgiveness and try to reform myself.

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    We live in difficult times today
    Eyes blinded to what's being conveyed

    Wars fought over matters of religion
    It matters not you come from which region

    What matters is the fruits that are on display
    On the matter of fruits this is what Jesus had to say

    In the end times ,there will arise many a false prophet
    Who will turn many with eyes ... blind sighted
    Judge them not by who they claim to be
    Observe the fruit and judge the tree
    They may appear sweet as an orange
    But oranges grow not on a coconut tree
    Similarly you won't find cool cucumbers
    Growing on a bitter gourd plant , for you see
    The fruit is a tree's identity
    Just as behaviour in adversity, exposes a man's true identity

    So what will bring about harmony ?
    How do we restore peace in humanity?

    The only answer Jesus said ,lies in loving and forgiving
    Not once and twice but repeatedly , also maybe illogically

    Remember this my friends that the enemy is one
    He is the one sworn enemy of all humanity

    The devil , he's been defeated no doubt by the Lord
    But stubborn he is, continues to wage war
    He can't do much , so he attacks your mind
    Fills you with thoughts that go against God's plan
    Insecurity , fear, camouflaged in anger and doubt
    Makes one self destruct and cause own self harm

    Be alert for he prowls ready to pounce on his prey
    He hates all God's children,the ones who to Him pray

    He sent His Son as a ransom for all
    Religion and division was created by man
    God is the author and source of Love
    Not just Love....Agape Love


  • dream_a_little_dream 144w


    Strive to be in a state of meditative observation ... every time

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    "Open your eyes and look at me
    I have come to wreck your peace "
    Said the temptress to the yogi laughingly.

    The yogi opened his eyes and smiled knowingly
    "When I am at peace with myself and the world
    No one can take it away anymore from me."
    You can only wreck my peace,
    If there is no peace inside of me.

    So saying, the yogi closed his eyes in meditation
    And the temptress went to pieces in frustration
    With the realisation
    That "It's all boomeranged back to me.!"