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  • drbhanu 16w


    Don't understand
    Never misunderstand !! @AB

  • drbhanu 17w

    Love ?

    If you want know "what is love ? "
    Go far & far away from your mother,
    Within few days you will definitely know
    "What is love " !!@AB

  • drbhanu 17w

    A beautiful girl

    My husband realize me
    That ,
    I'm not beautiful!! @AB

  • drbhanu 23w

    Dear Husband

    Every single day that
    I spend being your wife,
    I realize how lucky I am to
    Live such an amazing life❤
    Thankyou so much for everything ,
    You are more than I deserve and
    I'm blessed to have you as
    My soulmate Much love
    May God bless us❤

  • drbhanu 29w

    Woh log

    Wo humare hi samne ,
    Humari hi burayi Karte rhe,
    Or hum Rishte nibhate rhe.!! @AB

  • drbhanu 32w


    Vaqt ke sath -sath chup rahna kya sikha ,
    Hum gunge hi ho gye .!! AB

  • drbhanu 32w


    Zindagi ke safar me,
    Kuch yuh badnam huye hum.
    Zindagi ke safar me ,
    Kuch yuh badnam huye hum.
    "Humsafar bhi tha,
    Chalna bhi akele tha.!! @AB

  • drbhanu 70w

    Jab vo dekhta hai

    Vo kahta hai
    Mujhe achha lagta tujhe dekhna ,
    Or mai chahti hu ki bas vo dekhta rahe lekin kah nhi paati !!@AB

  • drbhanu 73w


    I'm always keep quiet
    In front of him
    Don't no whay ?

  • drbhanu 82w

    I'm going to getting married

    When people's going to getting married
    They are getting glow & sweet dreams,
    But it's totally different with me
    I'm getting dark circles & nightmares.!!