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  • dpisces 1w

    Spent little and quality time together
    I haven't heard from her in months
    Don't feel sad that I lost her
    And ne'er stopped her
    I think, she didn't need much of me
    It was something special in my heart,
    When I saw her
    Felt that God has sent divine messenger
    I'm not good as you think
    I remember those days,
    When we used to laugh, talk for hours
    One thing more which was more elegant in our relation,
    We never fought, when we were together
    With the separation of time and relation
    Everything changed,
    Misunderstandings ensue
    Allegations flare-up
    In the end
    I stopped responding to her texts
    Had no reason to make it long
    And force her to talk
    Of courses, I'm not good
    When I meet you again,
    Hope you see my worth
    Hope you know your worth in my world that you lost


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    I lost my friend
    She lost me too

  • dpisces 4w

    Let me know if you know..!

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    What was my misstep?
    Why they did it to me?
    Ain't they provoked me?
    Ain't they said ill about me?
    Yet when I confront them
    I'm wrong for them
    I had nothing to manifest myself
    I don't need even
    Knowing myself; right
    Accepted that
    Things which are good to me
    Fading night and day
    'em losing my charm
    New day with a good start
    And again,
    Met with yesterday's woe
    It never ends
    Lying alone with hopeless hope
    Tears ne'er step out of itchy eyes
    Just dying alive!

  • dpisces 5w

    I need a heart
    Whom ne'er depart
    Listen to me
    With melted honey


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    Without interrupting,
    Abrupt judging,
    Endlessly blaming,
    'em changed as you said,
    Ne'er unless you made me
    Worthless and pointless
    Always desire to cry before you
    And tell my pain
    But, you stopped the way
    When I was habitual of that
    Accepted everything
    You said

    Where were you?
    When I needed you the most?
    Now, you say
    My tears gave you enough surity,
    I'll not leave you
    You ne'er trusted
    Earlier, because of immaturity
    Presently, insecurity
    Dying alone better than this
    Struggling for happiness
    In the end, just got thirsty tears
    Living like a worthless creature
    You said I'm wrong
    But you never listened to my aspects
    Just you believed your assumptions
    My feelings, words are the same as cactus
    No one saw them
    No one felt them

    When I used to tell my suffering
    You said don't
    You felt good while talking about that
    Yet you don't
    You asked;
    Why are you doing with me?
    Why do you fight?
    Go away!!
    You always think I don't care about you
    Said GO&DIE
    I've ego... But about what?
    One night
    You texted,
    You'll fall asleep after doing this with me
    Once there was time,
    When I used to tell everything to you
    I'm alone with so many unsaid feelings
    You'll never know the reason behind my silence
    You said I don't trust that's why I don't share anything with you.......

    I'M LIAR
    I'M EVIL
    WHO AM I

  • dpisces 12w


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    He left away, sorrow in hearts
    Along with unvoiced feelings
    and colloquy
    One more night seized
    with misty-eyed
    Heart-to-heart things lost
    in the gloomy night...

  • dpisces 12w

    Kuch baatein jo kisi se na keh ski

    Apno ka sth wqt ka bdlta daur aur chutata sth dekha hai
    Koi shikwa toh nhi hai unse bas hai toh apne aap se khud se jyada unh pr bharosha kiya
    Khair umeed bhi nhi h ki vo sath denge
    Ek aisi raah pr hu jahan khudko rasta bnana hai bina kisi madd ke
    Aur apni manzil pr pauch kr glt sabit krna h
    Bas vo pyr ki choti choti gustakiyaan thi jo humne ki
    Humne toh pucha bhi tha khair jab toh unhone ne kuch nhi kha lekin baad mai kha
    Jo umeed na tha
    Theek h sb tute dil ke sth chl rhi hai zindagi
    Pta nhi kb tk chle
    Lekin kausis puri hai chlane ki
    Hum bhi pagal se thre ki sb shi mante rhe
    Shyd mera jyda hi acha hona sbke sth glt h
    Shyd ye bhi jhoot hai...!
    Gussa, chuppi koi smjh toh nhi paya lekin umeed krti hu smjhe lekin glt nhi
    Aaj aankhein ish trh nm hai ki sukhne ka naam hi nhi leti
    Khusi ne muh modd hi liya
    Ek baar toh dekh
    Itni buri bhi nhi hu, dukh ne sth diya h mera
    Tu toh khusi h
    Ek baar sath de kar toh dekh
    Shyd khusi bhi khushnama ho jaye meri hasi ke karan
    Ha ha janti hu meri hasi itni achi bhi nhi lekin tu bhi toh jldi se milti nhi
    Kitna aur satane ka irada hai btati ja kyunki tu na shi koi aur hai jo meri hasi ka intezaar toh krta hai... shyd! Lekin hasne ki wjh ho kar bhi nhi hoti....

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    Kuch hasi ke pal deti jaa
    Aur sukoon ki aahat ko leti jaa

  • dpisces 12w

    Be in the love with him feels angelic
    A gust of stormy-hitch ruins things
    In a moment, every little thing dies out
    The magical aroma of bond faded away

    Grief, suffering return to home
    With all midnight tears
    We tried to clear it out
    But every try failed

    All the things seem happy
    We giggle yet something missing
    That liveliness wont to glow
    Nothing is like previous

    Even so, something is precious
    Whole darkness abated
    Along with its somber pain
    'Cause of two loving hearts

  • dpisces 12w

    By unknown writer

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    The happiest couple never have the same character. They have the best understanding of their differences.

  • dpisces 16w


    कुछ बातें अधूरी रहे जाती है
    बोलते बोलते ही घूम हो जाती है
    खुद को हँसाना भी मजबूरी बन जाती है
    पल भर न जिये तो ज़िन्दगीे एक में क्षण
    पूरी हो जाती है

  • dpisces 16w


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    वो तो मजबूरी की बंदिशें थी
    जो उनको हमसे बांद के रखती थी
    जब वो खुली तो मजबूरी के रंग उड़ते दिखे
    और संजोग से बंदे रिश्ते बिखरते दिखे

  • dpisces 17w


    Our love story is bestest love story even all true love stories are best likewise fairytales. We're two birds living in our own world nevertheless they're still close happy together.