��Being Myself�� ~writing to express the unspoken emotions of this never healing heart~

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  • dove_wings 1w

    #dw_myangelislost #pod @writersnetwork


    My world crashed down the moment
    They bought her home wrapped in a bloodstained cloth,
    Even though knowing it few minutes before
    I didn't want to face that harsh reality,
    All those live images of our sweet moments
    Flashed in front of my eyes;

    The way she had called me "Mumma"
    For the first time in her mellifluous voice,
    The way she used to irritate me when I cooked,
    The way she used to make faces to make me smile
    After getting scolded from me,
    The way she used to sleep in my lap
    After finishing her homework,
    The way she made me chase her
    Around our garden while she played,
    Every single moment was live and fresh in front of me;

    I wasn't crying
    Neither I was feeling anything,
    I was just standing still near the open door,
    Then I saw her
    Right in front of me,
    Laughing and calling me to come out with her,
    I stretched my hands to reach her
    But she disappeared,
    Something hard as an arrow pierced my heart,
    I felt blood getting sucked out from my body,
    Then suddenly everything went black.................

    When I opened my eyes
    Everything was blur,
    I put my hands over my chest
    And then on my face,
    My heart was beating and
    I was breathing alive,
    Then suddenly something stuck my mind,
    "Where is my angel?" I asked them,
    But no one had any answer of my question,
    They all were staring at me blankly,
    All I remembered was the words she had told me last
    When I was busy cleaning the house,
    "Mumma I'm going to find my doll"
    My mind was on ripples,
    "Did the doll take my angel with her?!"

    Yes, she got lost forever..........

    // ©dove_wings //


    [ P.S.- Her 4-year old daughter died in an accident as a vehicle crashed upon her when she had went to the road to pick up her fallen doll. And her mother is in shock till now. ]


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  • dove_wings 3w

    ���� "Are you insane?!"

    ���� "Do you really want me to answer that?!"

    ���� "Of course! I need an explanation."

    ���� "Explanation for what?! I didn't do anything wrong."

    ���� "Oh really! So you feel its not wrong?! You know everyone was mocking around."

    ���� "But I just did what my heart told me to do."

    ���� "But I'm a widow. How can you even think of that?!"

    ���� "I didn't propose you because I was sympathizing. I did so because I really love you."

    ���� (starts crying) "But you can't do that. You're a very young and charming man. You've a better future. You don't deserve a girl like me."

    ���� "I know very well what I deserve. And I'm up to it. (kissed her forehead) Listen, I only want you in my life okay. Because you make my life more beautiful with your presence."

    ���� "How can you be this much sweet?!"

    ���� "Ah that's my by born talent you know!"

    ���� "Oh yeah of course! (smiling a bit)"

    ���� "So, Miss Beautiful will you accept this ordinary person as your life partner?!"

    ���� "Crazy! You're never ordinary for me okay. I accept you with all my heart Mr. Handsome!"

    ���� "Wohoo! I'm the luckiest man on this earth."

    // They both were so much happy and smiling. That's true love. It has no conditions, just pure emotions. //

    ** They both were colleagues and also good friends. She was a widow, 5 years older than him. He proposed her in an office function, in front of all. **

    || ©dove_wings ||

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  • dove_wings 7w

    She was standing in a corner with a glass of wine, as a guest who came to attend the engagement party. Suddenly her eyes connected with him, who was gazing silently at her from the stage. Those two pairs of eyes went through an emotional rollercoaster. There was a sudden gush of thoughts and emotions, crashing with each other. But they both knew that it was already too late for anything. Both the pair of eyes welled up and then turned different ways..

    An announcement was heard "So let's put our hands together for the lovely couple Aryan and Ruchika, who are going to be engaged today." And there was a big round of applause which pulled her back into the reality. Her mind was rewinding the memories of the 2 years that she spent with him and also of the following 6 months after they broke up. She shoved all those thoughts apart for sometime, trying to focus on the engagement..

    Finally the rings got exchanged and everyone clapped & cheered for the couple. The elders after showering their blessings on them, went to attend the guests at the party. She crept out of that place as it was making her feel suffocated and went to the terrace to get some fresh air..

    After finishing all the formalities, he took a glass of wine in his hands and his eyes again went back in search of her. His heart sank as he scanned each and every face in the crowd but still couldn't find any trace of her. That uneasiness made him head towards the terrace too. And then his heart skipped, as there he saw the silhouette of his lost love, that's her..

    Sipping her wine, she was watching the city lights from the terrace, which were eventually getting blurred from her sight as the tears were escaping from her eyes. She was cursing herself to have come to this place only because her colleagues forced, even if her heart was shattering due to the fact of losing the only love of her life. She was cursing herself for letting him go that day without uttering a single word. Then she heard his soft voice from behind. For a moment she resisted turning back as she was sure that she'll collapse weakly into his arms the second she'll face him. But his voice was coming closer to her "Divya, please stop me from doing this. Please tell me that nothing has changed between us. I love you the same even today."..

    Even after trying her best she was unable to control her emotions that were gushing out of her. So she finally turned to face him, and as expected her fears turned into reality. His eyes were full of tears, reflecting his infinite love for her. On the other hand, she too was in the same situation. Within a blink of eye they collapsed into each others arms madly. And those long lost soulmates started kissing each other with so much passion as if they had been hungry since ages. They expressed everything of their hearts to one another without even a single spoken word, and finally decided what to do next..

    And that was their unison once again, under the starry sky, as the moon smiled from above witnessing the rekindle of love..

    // ©dove_wings //

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  • dove_wings 13w

    #thespring #mylove


    Can I compare you with the season of spring my love?
    The way your soul blooms with the wind and sun,
    Oh! That peacefulness of yours like the dove
    And the fragrance attracting the bees like hun;

    Amazed by the various shades in which you appear
    Enchanting the surrounding with magic,
    You make all the gloominess disappear
    Around you nothing for anyone is tragic;

    Cheerfulness everywhere is what you spread
    Forever being the only queen of my heart,
    Blessed by having you all my worries are dead
    You're everything like that masterpiece of art..

    // ©dove_wings //


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  • dove_wings 14w

    #1stpostof2021 #happynewyear

    Helllooooo my sweet mirakeeans!!������
    Wishing you and your family a very HAPPY NEW YEAR.. Stay safe and healthy all of you.. ������

    *** So here's an announcement from my side on this new year ***

    Everyone here with whom I'm close to, knows me by my name i.e. "Megha".. So I'm gonna tell you that, yes Megha is my name, but its my nickname.. And my official name is "Ankita".. ������
    Hahahah friends, don't bother cuz u don't have to call me by that.. I'm only Megha for you all.. And I love to hear this name from my close people here..!!!
    Yes, one more thing is that I'm really sorry to reveal this so late.. But I had some helplessness.. Hope y'all will understand.. ������ Love you all a lot.. ������

    Now let's go..!!! Off to a new year of life with new dreams, hopes and resolutions..!!! ������

    Pc and edit- Me��

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  • dove_wings 16w

    #i_sat_down_to_write #emotions

    My last post of 2020����


    In the evening time
    Feeling the cool breeze from the window
    Sipping my beloved coffee
    I sat down to scribble something;

    No ideas nor any prompt
    I started to wander within myself
    The hustling leaves were trying to add some music
    But my heart was flooded;

    My mind was empty unlike my soul
    All the emotions were crashing upon themselves
    I tried hard to compose them
    But all in vain;

    Suddenly I felt some drops rolling down my cheeks
    And I tried searching for a reason within
    But there were uncountable
    My pen felt me but it was also dry;

    Then I saw the darkness prevailing
    Both outside and inside of me
    And the moon waved to me
    Telling me to calm down
    As I was not the only one alone;

    The stars flickered to cheer me up
    So I closed my notepad
    Blew kisses to all of them above
    And returned with their company..

    || ©dove_wings ||


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  • dove_wings 17w

    #love #shortstorythroughpoem
    Just an imaginary tale. Hope its not so cheesy lol��


    It was a rainy night,
    We fell in love at the first sight,
    Sitting on that bench together,
    When I screamed at the thunder out of my fright;

    From that day onwards,
    We started being attracted towards,
    And slowly stole each others' hearts,
    Without any spoken words;

    You started bringing me gifts,
    And talking with me all day in regular shifts,
    We both used to blush at times,
    And our souls were on lifts;

    One fine day by the side of the stream,
    As we sat eating ice-cream,
    You suddenly went down on your knees,
    And in your hand was the ring as of my dream;

    Beaming with boundless joy,
    I accepted you being a bit coy,
    It was purely the feeling of heaven for me,
    Where I had all the rights to enjoy;

    Sometimes I do wonder,
    How that night was a cinder,
    And that moment the loveliest one,
    As the sky got filled with the smell of lavender;

    You entered my heart with so much ease,
    As if only you were meant for it to seize,
    And yes! You found the correct way my love..

    // ©dove_wings //


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  • dove_wings 21w



    My love,

    You held on me
    When I was losing myself
    You made me feel wanted
    When I was feeling rejected by the world
    You made me love myself through your eyes
    When I was hating to even see my own reflection
    You glued my soul in your arms
    When I was falling apart
    You made my heart bloom
    When every emotion inside me was about to die
    You made me rest on your shoulder
    When my inner peace had gone insane
    You were there always for me
    As my shadow


    Till now I still remember
    Those words said by you at the end
    "I'll always be with you, inside you"
    Before you closed your eyes
    And they closed the coffin
    I still remember darling
    The feeling when my fingers
    Were entangled with yours
    Till the last point before they separated

    I've survived with all those
    Memories of yours
    And its been almost a lifetime now
    But my time has never moved on
    From that moment when they buried you
    I'm still there waiting for you

    Now its my time to give up
    And to meet you in that universe
    Because my darling
    Our love was meant to be completed there
    Where the sky meets the ocean
    And the earth collapses into a dot
    There we'll meet
    To provide our love a beautiful destination

    Will you be there for me my love
    Like you used to be always
    And forever
    Will you?????!!!!!

    // ©dove_wings //


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  • dove_wings 24w


  • dove_wings 26w


    I had scribbled it late night, about 8-9months back. And it was in my very old and forgotten draft. I found it 2 days back and thought to post now.

    Hope you all give it a read��
    I'll wait for your kind feedbacks��

    ���� *HAPPY READING* ����


    It was half an hour past two
    The darkness was at its fullest outside
    A bottle of beer in my hand
    And a heart full of your thoughts

    With every single sip from my bottle
    I was requesting the mind to shut off your memories
    But it was in no mood to listen

    Heart was getting more and more heavy
    And I could do nothing but stare
    Blankly to the wall in front of me
    There were you smiling at me from the picture
    With the ever sweet face of yours
    Besides you was also the picture of
    Our one month old son
    The souvenir of our pure love

    A few drops of tears rolled down my cheeks
    And a nostalgia of memories flashed through my mind
    The beer wasn't able to overpower our moments
    I was feeling all of it like before

    How could God be so heartless and cruel???!!
    He destroyed our happy world just within seconds..

    Wish I could've been 10 more minutes earlier that day to the hospital
    Wish I wouldn't have let you both go alone to the park
    Wish I could've canceled my meeting to be with you
    Wish things could've been more easier to digest
    I wish............................

    // Three years ago he lost his wife and one-month old son in a car accident while they were returning from the amusement park.. //

    |[ ©dove_wings ]|


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