I am mbbs doctor with some poetic skills,,Fan of nivin paul .........

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  • doctorpoet 17w

    Idea of love

    From no idea where you came close to me .......


    Everyone else in this world became an ALIEN to me .....

    Every breath and every Second of mine has begun to live for you ......

    I remember you in my prayers to keep the taste of your mention on my tongue

    I will keep good deeds for yourself in my boxes of heart .....

    I will take your darkness , and you have become shining star now onwards

    No tears , no sadness , ONLY blessings ✨ my love .....

    " I am turning my mornings into night so easily by sitting peacefully in your HEART ❤ "


  • doctorpoet 17w

    Today's relationship

    Many relationships are no more today .......

    Only because of more unessential qualities

    Like hatred , jealous, over possessiveness, nill caring , affairs , cheating ,negligence ,too much restrictions etc etc

    But missing one major essential element in our life ....

    That's " LOVE " .....

    Love can heal anything....just develop a habit of loving imperfections also....

    Love is amazing if we can feel ... dont spoil that for their selfish benefits .......,


  • doctorpoet 17w

    In life we will love someone so madly much means .......

    She can change her attitude for them

    She can change her dressing for them

    She can change her goals for them

    She can change her dreams for them

    She can change totally only for them

    But they didn't change for us ...they just only want their satisfaction

    They can play with our feelings .. they will cheat us , spoil our career

    People will understand the other persons mindset, character in the starting of relationship.....even after years of relationship,if there is disturbance means ...its lack of understanding between them

    Once lost means lost ,.... people can delete messages , pics ,,screenshots etc

    Y can't our memories ,......???


  • doctorpoet 22w

    Freedom cry

    Girls can't share their pain to
    - parents
    - friends
    - relatives
    Because everyone gonna judge her one fine day
    * two best friends for a broken girl 1. Pillow 2. Bathroom
    At night she will cry and cry ,pillow receives those tears and consoles..
    Safest place for a girl to cry heartfully was her bathroom ,
    She don't want to share her sadness with anyone , she don't blame anyone for her FATE ....
    Girls are sensitive things .. will hide so many things in her soul , cries silently
    Even there is no freedom for a girl to cry ...


  • doctorpoet 22w


    Complaining means focusing on the problem.........

    Concern is focusing on the SOLUTION.....

    COMPLAINING depletes our energy because we are thinking about
    what is " NOT IN OUR CONTROL "



  • doctorpoet 22w

    For "some " Men

    Some men care a girl like a PRINCESS .......

    SOME men care a girl after scolding and beating her

    Dont believe the second type caring ...

    They will beat you with slipper and within seconds they will keep crown on you ...

    Is it a Love ???? , not at all

    Girl can bear sadism and allot them some thousands of chances to CHANGE

    If u cross your limits ... girls will cross limits by leaving you permanently ...mind it

    Marriage for a girl is like adopting some one who can't do their works properly

    Every men depends on girl from day to night in the name of Mother , sister, wife ...

    respect them ... dont blame them for your egoistic mistakes .....


  • doctorpoet 23w


    Rivers flow always forward , Never backward.....

    In the same way persons thoughts must be forward , never towards back (past).....

    Try to live like a ""River ""

    Forget your past and focus on your future ...Never look back ....

    Trust the timing , Things happen for a reason


  • doctorpoet 24w

    Gud bye BLACK DAY...welcome WHITE DAY

    When I remember u ,

    I went back to past ...

    I remembered how you hurt me ..

    I remembered how I cried throughout the day ..

    I remembered how I neglected food ,carreer, ambitions ,self care ,....

    I remembered sleepless nights ,weird dreams

    I remembered your abrasions on my soul ..

    If that abrasions on my skin ?? Took 7 days to heal

    But it was on my soul ...can't heal untill my death ....

    I remembered your negligence, ignorance , hatred ,.....

    Hurt hurt hurt ....

    Whats the use of remembrance

    If you remember u will get hurt and you will cry for that past

    "" Its a cycle of remembrance and hurt ""

    So better Try to neglect that past ....

    If you neglect your past ...FUTURE will BLOSSOMS..........






  • doctorpoet 24w


    In my childhood days ,
    We friends spent lots of time playing together
    Little things makes us very happy
    I still remember how we clapped when we saw rainbow
    We don't know what's that
    Everyone thinking and making jokes of clouds are playing Holi
    Such a beautiful rainbow was just colors to us in our childhood

    Years passing away
    Same friends whom I had spent my childhood,, met one day
    Everyone asking questions, how's ur life etc etc
    Some one said I am happy with all colors in my life like rainbow
    Some one said they are unhappy loosing their parents
    Some one said I have everything but some colour is missing In their life
    Time passing away ...its send off time
    Suddenly my voice raised , what's the meaning of rainbow ???
    Everyone whispers ....
    I said while we are in our childhood days ,it's just some colors for us
    But listening to everyone's problems we can correlate our life with RAINBOW

    Rainbow is same in our childhood days and at present also ,...
    But our mindset changed as we grown up
    Everyone have problem ,have you seen anyone with nill problems ? Never .....
    Rainbow is a symbol of faith and hope
    Every color in rainbow denotes something important for life...
    If one colour missed ?? Its different
    Even in life .. we must have faith ,harmony,art,peace ,healing power,strength, Love ...
    All together makes a life beautiful like RAINBOW
    We have to see rainbow and have to check ourselves...that "any color missing in our life ??
    We have to refill everything that's missed
    My friends did clapping as we done in our childhood
    We recollected our memories through rainbow

    Everyone must use RAINBOW to symbolize our precious moments in our life
    Because in anyone's life Rainbow is not just colors ...its more than an Emotion .......

    For me Rainbow is not just rainbow ...its a " RAIN OF EMOTIONAL MOMENTS "


  • doctorpoet 24w

    No body knows the exact meaning of LOVE ....

    Love is something which cannot be defined by words ....

    The word LOVE has been USED from centuries for their benefits...

    I love you , a simple word using by many people for temporary attractions

    Love must be shown by a person from every part of body with pure thoughts

    Love don't see caste ,religion , colour, height ,personality, rich ,poor

    Love can be only seen through ACTIONS of a person shown towards another

    Think many times before entering into a relationship


    Love is not a GAME ....Love is LIFE