Djehane Hassouna is a poet and author, she speaks 5 languages and has a Ph.D. in Romance Languages and Literature from UPITT.

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  • djehanepoetry 2d


    I grew up surrounded with Poetry, and I loved it!
    It opens up the doors to a world of Harmony, since
    It is the vehicle for immortal things par excellence.
    Poetry seizes a particular moment and frames it,
    Thus converting it into a lifetime!
    Poetry allows you to share your personal
    Experience with others! To communicate
    Your feelings and impressions to the world at large!
    Poetry conveys each and every feeling known to mankind:
    Joy, despair, hope, bitterness, and peace of mind...
    Poetry expresses every sight and sound worth recording:
    Poetry captures a momentum on the wings of butterflies,
    Dewdrops on the petals of roses, waves splashing in the sea,
    The sky turning pink at dawn, and the golden tint of a sunset.
    Yes! Poetry is the language of Beauty, Happiness,
    Grief, Guilt, and Fear! It is indeed a universal language!

    © Djehane Hassouna, 2006

    Rainbow of Emotions, page 73

  • djehanepoetry 2w

    The Power of Prayer

    While might is a Divine privilege,
    Frailty is a human attribute; if you are fragile,
    You need strength to buttress your weakness,
    To reinforce your spirit, to brighten your mood!
    You need strength to be able to fight evil, corruption,
    Injustice, and to promote kindness and compassion;
    You need strength to continue being yourself,
    To stand tall against prejudice, and to avoid being crushed;
    You need strength to face adversity, to reject
    Intolerance, to seek freedom, and to apply yourself to
    Good deeds! Yes! We all need the strength of
    The Supreme Being, the consolation of Prayer,
    The solace of Hope, the light of Divine Guidance,
    The everlasting support of the Heavenly Realm!

    © Djehane Hassouna, 2006

    Rainbow of Emotions, page 24

  • djehanepoetry 3w

    Sky of Blue

    A cloudless azure sky
    Is hanging over my head.
    A clear sky, lit by the sun,
    As deep as the ocean.
    It is also hanging over the trees,
    Over the buildings on the hills;
    My gaze reflects its clarity
    As well as its ethereal quality.
    Am I going to sink into that
    Sky of blue, where, at night,
    The moon and stars navigate
    On imperceptible dark waves?
    The celestial Dome is a mystifying
    Space to which my soul gravitates
    Up and down, between Earth and sky,
    Pretending to be a bird or a butterfly...

    © Djehane Hassouna, 2005

    Rainbow of Emotions, page 37

  • djehanepoetry 7w

    Merging with Nature

    The Desert beckons and I respond! Sifting the golden
    Sand through my fingers, I go from mirage to mirage,
    Imagining an oasis in the parched landscape, dreaming
    Of green trees with lush foliage, contemplating fields
    Of red hibiscus flowers and golden wheat, envisioning
    An abundant and inexhaustible source of water…

    Green gardens beckon and I respond! I follow butterflies,
    Fluttering my wings, going from one flower to the next,
    Pleading for more sweet nectar… My dance is a rainbow:
    Cherry, tangerine, lemon, emerald, sapphire, amethyst…

    Birds beckon and I respond! I interpret the meaning of
    Their chirpings, becoming their herald or their spokeswoman.
    As their sweet songs reach my ears, I imagine what
    They’re trying to say, what they’re wishing to convey…

    The blue sky beckons and I respond! Flying like a bird
    In the firmament, I flap my newly acquired wings among
    The stars and the bright crescent, whether navigating
    Up and down the clouds or riding on golden sunbeams!

    The clouds beckon and I respond! “What do I see?
    I see a ship, a camel, a rabbit and a duck; perhaps
    I also see an elephant.” And I float in the sea of clouds,
    Bathed in sunlight, and listening to the music of Angels…

    The rain beckons and I respond! I remain covered
    With droplets, unable to move in the stillness.
    Of the humid weather, I savor the raindrops,
    Quenching my thirst for the taste of Heaven.

    The snow beckons and I respond! Mesmerized by a continuous
    Flow of snowflakes descending from the sky above and
    Covering the ground with a soft, immaculate carpet.
    I tightly shut my eyes and my mouth to keep the cold,
    Fine, white particles out of my freezing soul…

    The sea beckons and I respond! I float endlessly,
    On the crystal-clear surface, embracing the waves,
    Pushed by the wind as I become salt and sea foam or
    Even fish, shrimp and seashell, scattered on the shore…

    © Djehane Hassouna, 2007

    Rainbow of Emotions, page 34

  • djehanepoetry 8w

    Celestial Fury

    The sky is turning dark before sunset. A roaring
    Thunderstorm expresses its outrage and dismay
    At the way the world is going. Each thud is a
    Loud protest against an overwhelming problem.

    Boom! For every innocent death!
    Boom! For every hungry child!
    Boom! For every injustice, every crime, every
    Exploitation! Boom! For every senseless kidnapping!

    Boom! Boom! For every desperate human being
    Facing a hopeless future with a heart full of sadness!
    Boom! Boom! For every person deprived of human
    Rights: freedom, hope, and the right to express an
    Opinion! Boom! Boom! For every drunken and drugged
    Being, choosing to isolate himself from the chance
    Of living fully! Boom! Boom! For every tear, every
    Grief, every suffering!

    Boom! Boom! Boom! For every
    Feeling of guilt, for not doing enough for others,
    For not being thankful for all the blessings received!
    Boom! Boom! Boom! For every time I think “I” and “me”
    Instead of “we” and “us”! Forgetting the rest of humanity…

    © Djehane Hassouna, 2005

    Rainbow of Emotions, page 155

  • djehanepoetry 9w

    If Women Ruled the World

    If women ruled the world, there might be jealousy
    And discord, but there would hardly be any wars!
    There would be less corruption, injustice, and cruelty,
    And, above all, fewer moral problems to solve:
    Families would be honored and preserved.
    If women ruled the world, they would remember their beloved
    Children’s faces as they planned for a better Earth for them:
    A kinder world, less hazardous and polluted, where integrity
    And justice prevailed. If women ruled the world, they would
    Use their hearts as well as their brains; they would prevent
    Disasters and genocides; they would strive to spread love
    And kindness, to improve international understanding while
    Increasing friendly global interactions. If women ruled
    The world, they would turn it into a perfect planet, unless
    They were intent on emulating men: copying their ambition
    And love of glory, then there would be no improvement, and
    The world would remain as cataclysmic as it is right now…

    © Djehane Hassouna, 2007

    Rainbow of Emotions, page 149

  • djehanepoetry 10w


    Papers and bills, personal notes,
    Credit card statements, all go through
    The shredder, resulting in fettuccine,
    Erasing memories of expenses: rent,
    Shopping, travel, food, and gas bills…
    The basket is slowly filling as my past
    Activities are displayed before my eyes,
    Disappearing gradually into shreds, just as
    Those past years vanished from my life,
    Long ago… Trying to prevent identity theft?
    Who would be willing to steal my Past?
    Making it their very own, carrying the ordeal
    Of my problems, the trials and tribulations
    Of my life! In the meantime, I’m trying to protect
    The uncertainty of my Future, not yet here,
    Not yet mine, but not so distant after all,
    Built upon a shredded past and a shredding present!

    © Djehane Hassouna, 2006

    Rainbow of Emotions, page 116

  • djehanepoetry 11w

    The Sequence of Days

    If you think of life as a necklace, where every day is
    Represented by a bead, you may be able to understand
    The sequence of days! A large bead, a tiny one, a round,
    A baroque, an oval, a seed or a carved one: our days are
    Similar, succeeding each other, each bringing either sadness
    Or joy, at its own monotonous pace until the string breaks,
    And the beads scatter, losing the tie holding them together.
    The Parca’s job is to cut the string of days,
    Thus bringing life to an end…

    © Djehane Hassouna, 2005

    Rainbow of Emotions, page 109

  • djehanepoetry 11w


    Interrupting the uniformity of the golden sand,
    Seashells of all shapes and colors such as calico
    Scallops and banded tulips, scattered on
    The beach, place their mark on the seascape.
    Collecting the sounds of the sea in their depths,
    Adding a bright touch of orange or pink
    To the monotonous beige of the shore,
    Reflecting the waves, evoking the seafloor,
    A reminder of the life they no longer enclose…
    Like a broken necklace whose beads are sprinkled
    Everywhere, like the days of our lives, different
    And yet, somehow similar, like leaves fallen off
    A tree when pushed by a turbulent wind;
    Empty containers of pearls or other treasures,
    Indicating the unpredictable rebellion of an angry
    Sea, battering its shores with waves, hurling colorful projectiles,
    With the persistent violence of a fire-breathing dragon!

    © Djehane Hassouna, 2007

    Rainbow of Emotions, page 58

  • djehanepoetry 12w

    The Divine Artist

    Enchanting the eye, autumn’s colors fill the horizon;
    Today is the first day of cold, crisp weather!
    The sky is turning into a coral reef: huge trees send
    Their colorful foliage all the way up to the celestial Dome!
    Red and gold and replacing the green of summer;
    Fallen leaves form a red carpet on the ground…
    The breathtaking scenery offers jewel-like colors:
    Coral, topaz as well as remnants of emerald!
    Branches are waltzing with the wind; leaves are whispering
    Their soft song to the breeze.
    How could the beauty of trees be so captivating?
    How could autumn’s colors be so fascinating?
    This is the secret of the Divine Artist…

    © Djehane Hassouna, 2007

    Rainbow of Emotions, page 46