Djehane Hassouna is a poet and author, she speaks 5 languages and has a Ph.D. in Romance Languages and Literature from UPITT.

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  • djehanepoetry 1w

    If Women Ruled the World

    If women ruled the world, there might be jealousy
    And discord, but there would hardly be any wars!
    There would be less corruption, injustice, and cruelty,
    And, above all, fewer moral problems to solve:
    Families would be honored and preserved.
    If women ruled the world, they would remember their beloved
    Children’s faces as they planned for a better Earth for them:
    A kinder world, less hazardous and polluted, where integrity
    And justice prevailed. If women ruled the world, they would
    Use their hearts as well as their brains; they would prevent
    Disasters and genocides; they would strive to spread love
    And kindness, to improve international understanding while
    Increasing friendly global interactions. If women ruled
    The world, they would turn it into a perfect planet, unless
    They were intent on emulating men: copying their ambition
    And love of glory, then there would be no improvement, and
    The world would remain as cataclysmic as it is right now…

    © Djehane Hassouna, 2007

    Rainbow of Emotions, page 149

  • djehanepoetry 2w


    Papers and bills, personal notes,
    Credit card statements, all go through
    The shredder, resulting in fettuccine,
    Erasing memories of expenses: rent,
    Shopping, travel, food, and gas bills…
    The basket is slowly filling as my past
    Activities are displayed before my eyes,
    Disappearing gradually into shreds, just as
    Those past years vanished from my life,
    Long ago… Trying to prevent identity theft?
    Who would be willing to steal my Past?
    Making it their very own, carrying the ordeal
    Of my problems, the trials and tribulations
    Of my life! In the meantime, I’m trying to protect
    The uncertainty of my Future, not yet here,
    Not yet mine, but not so distant after all,
    Built upon a shredded past and a shredding present!

    © Djehane Hassouna, 2006

    Rainbow of Emotions, page 116

  • djehanepoetry 3w

    The Sequence of Days

    If you think of life as a necklace, where every day is
    Represented by a bead, you may be able to understand
    The sequence of days! A large bead, a tiny one, a round,
    A baroque, an oval, a seed or a carved one: our days are
    Similar, succeeding each other, each bringing either sadness
    Or joy, at its own monotonous pace until the string breaks,
    And the beads scatter, losing the tie holding them together.
    The Parca’s job is to cut the string of days,
    Thus bringing life to an end…

    © Djehane Hassouna, 2005

    Rainbow of Emotions, page 109

  • djehanepoetry 4w


    Interrupting the uniformity of the golden sand,
    Seashells of all shapes and colors such as calico
    Scallops and banded tulips, scattered on
    The beach, place their mark on the seascape.
    Collecting the sounds of the sea in their depths,
    Adding a bright touch of orange or pink
    To the monotonous beige of the shore,
    Reflecting the waves, evoking the seafloor,
    A reminder of the life they no longer enclose…
    Like a broken necklace whose beads are sprinkled
    Everywhere, like the days of our lives, different
    And yet, somehow similar, like leaves fallen off
    A tree when pushed by a turbulent wind;
    Empty containers of pearls or other treasures,
    Indicating the unpredictable rebellion of an angry
    Sea, battering its shores with waves, hurling colorful projectiles,
    With the persistent violence of a fire-breathing dragon!

    © Djehane Hassouna, 2007

    Rainbow of Emotions, page 58

  • djehanepoetry 4w

    The Divine Artist

    Enchanting the eye, autumn’s colors fill the horizon;
    Today is the first day of cold, crisp weather!
    The sky is turning into a coral reef: huge trees send
    Their colorful foliage all the way up to the celestial Dome!
    Red and gold and replacing the green of summer;
    Fallen leaves form a red carpet on the ground…
    The breathtaking scenery offers jewel-like colors:
    Coral, topaz as well as remnants of emerald!
    Branches are waltzing with the wind; leaves are whispering
    Their soft song to the breeze.
    How could the beauty of trees be so captivating?
    How could autumn’s colors be so fascinating?
    This is the secret of the Divine Artist…

    © Djehane Hassouna, 2007

    Rainbow of Emotions, page 46

  • djehanepoetry 5w


    We all need Light in our lives. Light’s many dimensions
    Illuminate our environment as well as our soul.
    We require Light to observe, discover, analyze, and elucidate
    As well as Light to feel, comprehend,
    Reason out, accept, or refuse.
    We need the Light of Reason and the Light of Love
    To fill our hearts and minds.
    We need the Divine Light of understanding and compassion;
    The Light of gratitude for all the blessings we’ve received.
    Without light we can be so helpless!
    We necessitate the Light of vision, to find our way,
    To tread carefully, avoiding danger while
    Looking where we step, and we are guided by
    Moonlight to attenuate the darkness of the night.
    We require the Light of perseverance to interpret the mystery
    Of the Universe: geographical, astrological, and historical.
    We necessitate the Light of wisdom, to learn from the lessons
    Of the past, to rediscover the future, to assess right and wrong,
    To be able to make decisions. To benefit
    From this vital inner Light, we must never abandon the
    Pursuit of knowledge! And last but not least, the Light
    Of Freedom, representing Human dignity, is as essential
    As life itself! Always Light within and Light without!

    © Djehane Hassouna, 2005

    Rainbow of Emotions, page 36

  • djehanepoetry 6w

    The House of God

    The House of God is not a building!
    The House of God is my heart: this is where I pray,
    Where I meet with my Creator, where I express my gratitude
    As well as my deepest convictions. This is where I examine
    My most harrowing doubts. This is also where I seek advice,
    Ask for forgiveness, and reconnect with my hereafter..
    Yes! God lives in my heart, so I have to keep it pure and
    Welcoming, hospitable, generous, and free of sin…
    God lives in my heart, and this is how I can have
    Uninterrupted conversations with Him!
    I pray, and my prayers find their echo in my heart!
    My fears find immediate comfort and reassurance…
    How can God possibly be any closer?
    I do not need to travel far away to find God!
    I do not need to shout to reach Him! A whisper
    Is sufficient! As I breathe, I communicate with Him!
    He has filled my soul with a yearning for perfection!
    Thanks to His presence in my heart, I radiate confidence
    And peace of mind, no matter how great my problems are!
    How wonderful it is to always be with Him!

    © Djehane Hassouna, 2007

    Rainbow of Emotions, page 23

  • djehanepoetry 6w

    Black and White

    My origins combine both Turkish and Egyptian lineage:
    Thus, I’ve experienced being both black and white.
    Black in Summer when, on the beach, the scorching sun
    Is intent on barbecuing everyone on sight, especially me!
    White, as winter’s cold weather fades every trace of tan;
    Black, during the long and leisurely vacation by the sea;
    White, when sitting in the classroom during the school year;
    I accepted myself as I was: either pallid or sunburned
    To the extreme, I resented being labeled according
    To the seasons, and to the onlooker’s preferences:
    Briefly, I was praised while white, and blamed while black;
    My family who was supposed to accept me as I was,
    Disapproved of my looks: instead, they admired
    Blue eyes and blond hair, while I was always shunned,
    And spurned; I convinced myself that I simply was not one
    Of the beautiful people; I ended up considering myself
    A failure, since I did not succeed in pleasing others.
    “Don’t believe anyone who tells you you’re beautiful!”
    I took their advice to the letter, rejecting compliments,
    And disregarding any flattering remarks on my looks...

    © Djehane Hassouna, 2005

    Rainbow of Emotions, page 4

  • djehanepoetry 9w

    Do You Speak Art

    Art is the perfect expression of an imperfect world!
    It improves Reality, adding finishing touches to
    Unachieved moments, completing them, turning
    Them into an accomplishment: bringing to fruition
    The artistic vision of a painter, conveying her perspective
    To an unidentified audience, being able to touch them,
    To convince them, to win them over, through her choice
    Of colors, her brushstrokes, her scenery, her ambiance!
    The artist’s eye is the lens through which all creation
    Is envisioned, and subsequently expressed!
    Sunrise and sunset on a canvas can encapsulate
    The day and night of the artist and her subjects!
    The artist shares with the world her view of things,
    Her very own perception; she chooses a slice of life
    As she conceives it, frames it, and presents it to
    The onlookers with refined details so they can
    Reflect upon it and ponder about its meaning…
    Art is, undeniably, a universal language!

    © Djehane Hassouna, 2006

    Rainbow of Emotions, page 84

  • djehanepoetry 16w

    The Invisible Enemy

    Death is roaming around…
    Riding on the wave of the corona virus,
    A deadly disease actively aiming at ending humanity.
    It is deliberately wreaking havoc on the world, thus fulfilling its mission of terror.

    The virus is causing suffering in every corner of the world:
    People fear what they eat and drink;
    They fear what they touch;
    They fear the air they breathe;
    They fear each other;
    Keeping their distance, avoiding crowds,
    And washing their hands hysterically.

    The virus is rapidly changing the state of the world:
    Cities are becoming ghost towns;
    Economies are crumbling;
    Businesses are closing their doors;
    Friendly faces are hidden behind unsightly masks.

    Once it captures its prey, the virus does not let go easily,
    Causing hospitals to be overwhelmed,
    And doctors to send patients away,
    Converting recovery into a slow and difficult process.

    This tiny enemy is bringing the world to its knees.

    We pray God to save humanity:
    Please Lord bring healing to those affected by this pandemic!
    Please Lord keep us safe and protect us from the deadly virus!
    We have enough problems without it…

    © Djehane Hassouna, 2020