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  • divyanshi28_03 13h

    23 November 2021

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    Unspoken Pen

    The words hover on the paper

    when see holds her pen.

    The words sing in night

    when her pen dances on 

    her fingertips.

    The words play around her

    when she dreams like a child.

    Unspoken, speaks soul.

    Spoken,never speaks her mind.

    Unspoken pen speaks the most ❤️

    She is a cupid I know and inks romance on paper.

  • divyanshi28_03 13h

    @telepathy123 you know exactly what I mean..you are bea....poetess ❤️22 November 2021

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    As the name says,

    so shall the pen say.

    Thoughts shared ,

    Wishes exchanged,

    Darkness borrowed,

    Smiles lended.

    That's how she read the hearts.

    That's how she speaks to us.


    Speaks her thoughts, sent them through brain.

    Telepathy ❤️

  • divyanshi28_03 21h

    To Younger self

    Dear Little Divyanshi,

    It's okay to dream for yourself,
    It's okay to be scared to the unusual crowd there,
    It's okay to have forgotten the not so remembered days,
    It's okay to have celebrated your evenings without them,
    It's okay to have had wished for stars on a dark night,
    It's okay to have yourself loved more than others for you.
    It's okay for all your not so mistaken mistakes,
    Be humble,
    Be strongly desirous,
    Lighten up your heart,
    Walk longer,
    Crawl a little.

    From Not So Aged Divyanshi.

  • divyanshi28_03 22h

    An advice to Younger Me

    The most you travel,the most you can explore,
    The most you embrace,the most you can own,
    Learn to own your flaws hidden within You,
    before the world comes to define You.

  • divyanshi28_03 22h

    Hey Girl!Get Well Soon!

    Hey girl!Get well soon!
    Look at the evening sky,
    in the end of a day,still silvery clouds sailing by.
    Hey girl!Get well soon!
    Look at the milky white moon,
    in the whispers of night,carry unabashed scars
    and shining along to the sleepy souls.
    Hey girl!Get well soon!
    Look at the morning sun,
    Hopefully waking up, brought warmth of love
    still knowing the truth some won't wake up.
    Hey girl!Get well soon!
    I pen this to myself,
    Recall that hopeful youth in you,
    Followed your curiosities to
    work upon you.
    In a jigsaw puzzle, don't be the fitted piece among,
    Be a song for yourself,be a song unsung.
    Hey girl!Get well soon!


  • divyanshi28_03 1d

    Aging Old or Growing Wiser

    Aged old and grey,
    Memories of yesterday,
    Mind walking slow,
    though heart growing at its pace,
    Shaky hands,shaky legs,
    Still hoping,
    Still dreaming,
    Less stronger,more wiser,
    Once a word,
    now a sentence,
    drawing near to eternity
    for rest.

  • divyanshi28_03 1d

    yellow berry ��
    22 November 2021
    Each day I celebrated the most and words were my saviour then.Berry so far,whenever I came across to you,I have had the most beautiful vibes of your thoughts no matter if they are dark or sombre sometimes ✨✨❤️

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    Shadow Of Thoughts

    Preached more,

    Reached the most.

    Turned every bit

    the poetry for most.

    She was a mystery of words

    yet deciphered by the most.

    Her metaphors followed 

    down in the heart,

    for she knew she could 

    still cast her shadow of thoughts.

    ~~Someone who shared smiles anonymously.Someone who stretched her arms out to share her thoughts for all.
    Shadow of thoughts❤️

  • divyanshi28_03 1d

    You have been waiting to read this.@libra_fey
    21 November 2021❤️

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    Libra Fey

    World got you extroverted

    so I got you with me.

    Brave head held high,

    she stood with me.

    Strength crowned upon her,

    she drew her stories upon me.

    Wide smile,wide charm,

    My Hermione,is still in my heart.

    Always into magics and mysteries,the little got me always smiling ,touched my dead words and 
    now they are breathing.❤️

  • divyanshi28_03 2d

    All this while, when I wasn't here on miraquill,I wrote about few ,whom I have interacted at the extent of sharing my heart with,sometimes like Harry Potter stories, sometimes about magics ,sometimes about our wish for Hogwarts journey.So much of I shared.
    Sam this one was for you 21 November 2021.
    @maiatamarain I still remember why the pen name is maiatamarain ☺️
    Thank you @writersnetwork you read this one❤️.This time it's special

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    Dreamer,a greatest sailor on the land,

    Once a girl,once a boy,

    Saviour for family,yet a disguise for others,

    Magic laid by her side,

    the moon ,the stars ,the sun ,the land,

    witnessed the magician ,

    holding the wand.

    I met a Mage Vampire.A little girl got few of the traits just like Vampire.She healed me so quickly.Her words  touched my skin and poured their essence.I remember her and I shall remember her for my heart knows she captivated me.❤️

  • divyanshi28_03 2d

    Walking Through

    I learnt to walk in dark,to celebrate my tainted heart
    for life once taught me,
    you shall hope for light
    only after walking through
    old and grey,aged thorns.