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  • divyansha 7w

    Love is a feeling!!

    What do you think love is ?!
    For my belief,
    its the feeling that can come and go..
    Feeling that can be false or true..
    Identity that can be real or fake..
    Heart that can be sweet or rude..
    Person that can be caring or cold..
    Emotion that can be sadness and happiness..
    Reason that can be to live or die..
    Words that can be said or compressed inside..
    Desire that can be fulfilled or not..
    Dream that can be seen or not..
    Love is the moment you realise that you are important..for someone or for yourself..

  • divyansha 30w

    On the spring morning ..I was walking by the sidewalk.Feeling the cold breeze touching by bare skin.I heaed dome leaves rustling on the ground..I looked up to see who is coming my way..
    You pass by me..our gaze met for few seconds..you smiled at me and I froze at my place..I was lost in my thoughts..i just looked at your face amazed by brighlting eyes The morning sunlight falling on your face made it look so angelic..when i came out of my thoughts I smiled at you and just looked down and continued walking..

    You noticed me passing by you and continued your walk..I choose to visit the near by park..I saw one bench and took seat I saw the morning sun hiding behind a big trees..I was just lost in the beautiful scenery in ftont if me when I felt that someone sat by me..It was you..you gave me a warm smile and turn your gaze to the scenery in front of you..after a long staring you turned you head towards me and asked"Are you okay"?!..though I did't know you I nodded my head and sigh..It was strange that the people who are always with me did't ever notice my sadness but you did..you tried to make me feel comfortable..you heard all my worries and suggest me to face the situations..It was really worthy..you hugged me to comfort me and I think it was needed to realease my stress..
    Thanks for noticing the ynexpressed emotion and hearning the unsaid word..

    We pass by many people in our day..but little do I care for soneone..little to I ask someone about worries..but don't you think that just asking a person about their life and worries or just wishing them good morning or have a nice day can bring a smile on thir face and can make their day..
    Maybe you can make them feel that you are worthy and someone is their who would understand them..so lets try to make someone's day better by just wishing them or asking how are you..maybe socially you ask many people that how are you or howz doing...but you need to watch people around you ..lice in the real world once a day and make someone's day better����

    #stranger #firstmeet����

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    Dear stranger

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  • divyansha 30w

    Writing after so long..it may be little awkward ..just read it and express what you feel

    Love is your strenth and sometimes weakness too..but don't make it as a excuse for your loss..����

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    By you side!!

    Sublime smile on your face after crying..
    The simple words of relief you said..
    After the worthy lieing...
    The strange happiness I got..
    After seeing you trying..
    Giving up is not the option for you..
    Becoz you are made for flying..
    Yes you try once or twice...
    I know you ended up losing for thrice...
    But don't stop here for wise..
    Give time here for fair..
    I bet yòu will climb the success stair!!
    Just don't lose your hopes here...
    You would get loud claps and praises..
    Watch out in the corner I would be there..
    I m always with you for ups and downs..
    Whether you loses or get victory crowns..
    I here by you side always..
    Just don't give up..

  • divyansha 54w

    Happy bday baby mochi, chimchim , jiminieee...just lots and lots of love on 25th bday..stay happy amd healthy..love you jimin����
    @chinu27 @zoi659 @saloni__ @ak_anjali_daydreamzz @dove_wings

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  • divyansha 59w

    #emotion # feelings# mood

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    Sometimes even word fails to express the feelings...

  • divyansha 66w

    #suga#bts#sketch...min yoongi..a perfect person drawn with some imperfect skills!!
    @btslove @chinu27 @arya_abhipsa @dove_wings @eternallypurple_starstruck

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    Min yoongi

  • divyansha 66w

    #hwarang #myhero#mylove#myfavouritedrama����
    Heyya army can you identify who he is? ...he is my hero..everyone's hero...pure soul..or whatelse i can say i have no words������
    @eternallypurple_starstruck @btslove @_nikithasharmabts_rare @v_smita_v @ak_anjali_daydreamzz

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  • divyansha 68w

    World wide handsome

    Kim seokjin

  • divyansha 68w

    Yes it rained!!
    Was it the sky crying with me!!
    Or its way to make me happy...
    The birds in the corner...
    Watching me out...
    Were they enjoying the rain drops?
    Or trying to console me up!!

    The tress shedding the petals..
    Wet with the droplets..
    Were they dancing with tge wind..
    Or trying to distract my thoughts..
    I saw the childrens playing in the rain..
    Were they the sign of happiness or joy!!

    Is all this just my thinking!!
    Or that was the way of god..
    To help me forget my worries..
    To reduce my inner grief..!!
    Everything was soo charismatic...
    It may be just a coincedence...

    But still it was successful...
    It consoled my inner grief...
    The drops falling on my cheeks...
    Cherished all my worries...
    The eyes that were breamining with tears ...
    Are now all crystal clearrr...

    Beauty of the nature , yes I enjoyed...
    Voice of the rain, yes I heard ..
    Conscience of the earth, yes I respect..

    Rain is over now,but left something behind..
    Rainbow with seven colors...
    Symbolises the color of life..
    Happiness, grief, anger and peace ...
    Are all emotion of the life...
    Lesson the nature taught today!!
    Was it the magic or miracle..
    It was the charisma of the god!!������

    Thanks for reading...����������...!!!!
    @writersnetwork @mirakee @eternallypurple_starstruck @btslove @redheart161

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    Rain drops!!

    Voice of the rain..
    Sitting to hear it...
    Was it the miracle or magic!!
    It was tge charisma of god!!
    Did you enjoyed it..
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  • divyansha 69w