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  • divyaman 6w

    The past of the future

    Everyday we pace around
    Fearing the judgements of our past,
    Keeping in mind , the problems that lie ahead.
    We live our life in an everlasting a contemplating state.
    We wait for a large cause for joy,
    Instead of enjoying the brief moment it actually exists in.

    Sitting down on my chair
    I write these lines of irony ,
    For my words don't match the thoughts I possess .
    Here I am,
    Forever waiting for these words
    To stick to me and guide me to the everlasting peace I seek.

    Happiness is not something
    That should remain forever
    But if happiness doesn't stay
    Neither should the wounds from the past.
    I say
    Let's not fret about the past,
    As the times to come are full of jolly smiles.

    These words might seem thoughtless to you,
    But I have pure intentions.
    All I can do is ,
    Make you believe these are true.
    For our future is something that creates a path for the past.

  • divyaman 27w

    TO ME

    We all think about
    Going to the past and
    Mending our mistakes,
    To lead our story to a better end,
    For us
    The past is everything
    our failure,our happiness
    Our paradise,
    It is where we always want
    to be

    Speaking of the past,
    Let's talk about the future,
    What I think is
    It's not the past that shapes us
    It's the fear of the future
    We all make decisions
    Mostly which avoid any severe consequences for the future
    But that's how we are
    Always scared of the unknown,
    But never backing down

    But the unknown is still something to be feared,
    As Life could be terrible,
    It could be short.
    The future makes us cautious,
    It makes us mature,
    It rips our childhood away,
    It takes us somewhere we don't belong.
    But as ruthless as it may seem,deep inside ,
    it's something we all want,
    Whenever we find ourselves deep in the pit
    We only wish for it to pass faster,
    We just pray for the future to come.
    The past is where our wounds remain
    The future is what heals it
    It's the future that would change everything
    And the past is nothing but a lesson

    So I write the next few lines to the future me
    "You made it,You conquered the unknown
    You're free now"

  • divyaman 31w

    Who would I be

    I often find myself,
    Lost in endless thoughts,
    Thinking about the future
    And the man I should've been,
    Recalling all my mistakes
    And the ones I loved.
    All the happy memories,
    All the things I've learned .

    But after hours of pondering
    A question crosses my mind
    Whose answer I wouldn't know
    Even if I had the provider of knowledge
    Right before

    "Who would I be
    If I wasn't me"
    Would I be a happy man?
    Would I be a sad one?
    Would I be the chosen one?
    Or a the shadow to everyone.
    Would everything I do, be right?
    Or would I always be wrong.

    I take this thought to my dreams
    And plan a perfect path
    Making every choice calmly,
    As calm as a breeze,
    But this breeze would suddenly
    Turn into a storm,
    For the thought of losing me
    Would hit my mind

    So I answer the unanswered question
    But the answer is a riddle itself
    "Where would be the 'me' be,
    If I lost myself."