the right word may be effective, but no word was ever as effective as rightly timed pause.

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  • divs_brahm 146w

    वक़्त से पहले कई हादसो से लड़ी हूँ!!

    मैं अपने उम्र से कई साल बड़ी हूँ!!

  • divs_brahm 146w

    यूँ जमीन पर बैठ कर क्यूँ असमान देखता है!!
    पंखो को खोल जमाना सिर्फ उड़ान देखता है!!

  • divs_brahm 146w


    Within you, I've found the perfect friend,
    Someone I know will be there till the end,
    And they're not just thoughts I hope will fulfill
    But thoughts that will stand forever still.
    Still as the wind on a hot summer's day,
    Still as your friendship I'll never betray,
    Still as the characters in a photograph,
    Still as your breathless, silent laugh.
    Within you, I've found the perfect friend,
    A mind that I can comprehend,
    A person I see is so much like me,
    A mutual relationship so carefree.
    Carefree as a child who questions the world,
    Carefree as a scream that goes unheard,
    Carefree as an adult blessed with a dream,
    Carefree as water flowing downstream.
    Within you, I've found the perfect friend
    With whom I can be real and never pretend.
    You've always been someone unique from the rest.
    You hold a piece of me no other can possess.

  • divs_brahm 146w


    Before I became strong, I knew what it was like
    To be weak,
    How difficult it is to love yourself,
    To find the wholeness that you seek.
    Before I knew the light,
    I have had my fair share of darkness, too,
    Where my world fell into a hopelessness
    And I didn't know how to get through.
    For I have known the tears it takes,
    The courage to stand up again,
    When you are broken down and bruised
    And you know nothing but the pain.
    You forget to appreciate love,
    If you haven't seen the hate,
    Till you forget the meaning of smile and laughter,
    And your heart is left abate.
    I have known the strength and courage
    It requires to get it right,
    To face the things that hold you down
    And hold your head up and fight.
    Before I was who I am now,
    I was someone I didn't want to be.
    I was lost, battered, and defeated,
    Before I knew how to be me!

  • divs_brahm 146w


    The friendship we have is so rare to find.
    We hate to see each other in a bind.
    We have made each other laugh so hard we've cried.
    We feel each other's pain if we are hurt inside.
    We always can find the right words to say
    To help us get through any dreadful day.
    We have told our darkest secrets with feeling no shame,
    We will tell each other the truth, even if we are to blame.
    Thinking of you not being here makes me feel so sad.
    We will have to look back on our crazy memories to make us glad.
    The miles between us can't keep us apart,
    Because we will keep each other close at heart.

  • divs_brahm 146w


    Together we wrote our stories.
    Together we sang our songs.
    But now it's all gone.
    Stashed away like photographs
    inside my mind
    in a place I have labeled "memories."
    And sometimes,
    when I flip through those pages,
    thinking tenderly of the past,
    remembering who we used to be-
    sitting in class
    having long conversations,
    exchanging lyrics and words,
    or just laughing 'til we couldn't breathe-
    it fills me with a bitter-sweet ache,
    and I just want to be little again.
    Sometimes, random memories-
    a reminiscent word said here,
    a familiar melody heard there,
    a burst of giggles and laughter-
    catch me off-guard
    and nostalgia floods my senses.
    The desire to relive them,
    to create once again
    the everlasting from fleeting moments,
    to feel the love that remains.
    It grips me,
    taking hold of my entire being.
    My heart is throbbing again
    with that sweet ache,
    longing for what once was.
    And that's when I realize,
    it is but the wistful desire
    of a child that never grew up
    and learned just how to be.
    So I had to settle for passing through the moments
    like walking through doors,
    only allowing my heart to flutter,
    to flicker again with the bliss
    I had once experienced.
    It is a reminder
    of a happiness I once owned,
    of the love that remains,
    of the things I no longer have...
    and knowing that it will never come again
    is what makes it so sweet.

  • divs_brahm 146w

    Just saying

    What seeds have you been planting
    In the garden of your heart?
    What will be forthcoming
    When the germination starts?
    Thoughts are the seedlings that we use,
    Of this there is no doubt.
    The fertile soil within our minds,
    We never are without.
    If gracious thoughts are planted,
    The returns will surely be
    A harvest full of beauty,
    Which you will plainly see.
    If your thoughts are dark and dreary,
    You are very apt to find
    That weeds will soon be growing--
    The most depressing kind.

  • divs_brahm 158w

    Butterfly's wings

    Please give to me my sweet butterfly 
    A kiss to me upon your gossamer wings 
    And carry me far away to foreign lands 
    To realms of exotic and beautiful things 
    Lift me up and away from this indigo dream 
    Make haste and fly higher into the sky 
    Led by the light of sunsets, tomorrow awaits 
    Where you and I may have a chance to fly 
    This life seems to no longer holds the joys 
    It's time to leave it all behind me 
    The cherished heart is barren still 
    No warmth to sow the seeds from history 

  • divs_brahm 181w

    Your poem makes me wonder
    If you really loved me or you are just good with words

  • divs_brahm 185w

    My mom's hand

    She's so small, is she ready?,
    To enter this world with a heart so tiny,
    She takes a breath, her cry so low,
    Her mom grabs her close, now she starts to glow,
    Mom takes her home to a nursery of love,
    She believes she's her little angel from high above,
    She continues to hold her oh so tight,
    The beats of her heart, she continues to fight,
    Because her mother's strong love gives and brings,
    The strength to her little mended wings.

    Here we go the first day of school,
    Mom's not ready, but knows she's a fool,
    Because she has waited for this day oh for so long,
    The hard work she's done, she knows she can't go wrong,
    She looks up and says, mom I'm scared please walk me in,
    I'm not yet strong,
    The tears start to fall, the goodbyes start to sting,
    Mom gives her a hug says don't forget,
    I'll always be here to mend your wings.

    She's grown with hardships wherever she's gone,
    Sometimes feeling she's such a worthless one,
    Wonders why mom continues to take the time to fight,
    When her life is now dark, never in the light,
    She knows she can't go on life like this anymore,
    Always feeling like there is nothing to live for,
    She can't understand why she's always pulling at false strings,
    Mom reminds her she's strong, cause from the beginning
    she has mended her wings,

    Mom then takes her hands and pulls them to her heart and
    starts a prayer,
    God thank you for her, for I am grateful she is still my daughter,
    Please allow her to heal and hear the angels bells ring,
    For she can one day realize that mom has always been there to help her spread her mended wings.