Deputy collector UP|civil engineer|Carmelite. In a conflict of space and time, superimposition and entanglement wins.��

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  • dishadinesh 22w

    @writersnetwork @mirakee

    Does it happen to you too? Anyone? anywhere?

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    The colours of imagination.

    Sometimes I think, I like to live with this pain.
    Sometimes I think, I like to feel the emptiness.

    I now and then sorround myself with it.
    I now and then chase the wrong shadows.

    I like the void in my heart and ache in my lungs.
    I like the choke in my throat everytime you flash in my head.

    I suddenly start to feel more.
    I suddenly start to express less.

  • dishadinesh 22w

    Sublimation theory of Sigmund Freud talks about engaging your energy completely into someone or something to divert your energy and attention.

    Many great psychotherapists consider Sublimation as a prominent solution to major life problems.

    Whatever we pay attention to grows.��

    Let's try this too. ��

    Disha ��

    #writersnetwrok #mirakee @writersnetwork

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    Letting go is an art.
    Silence always is beautiful.
    Distance sometimes is ungoverned.
    Memories are the letters from the past to us.
    Pain's mostly a thread to sew your wounded hearts.
    Sublimation is a remedy to give us a new perspective.

  • dishadinesh 22w

    Day dreams and You.

    Because he wants to travel to the Saturn and live in a four dimensional world all together with you.
    Because he wants to solve black hole mysteries and find out the link between quantum mechanics and GTR with you.
    Because he wants to go bagpacking to the mountains and valleys with you.
    Because he wants to fight climate change and learn swimming with you.
    Because he wants to just watch friends all over again with you.
    Is it too much to ask? Do you make castels in the air too?
    You guys need a therepist for sure.

  • dishadinesh 22w

    #writersnetwork #mirakee #pod

    I don't wanna write anymore. Save me from the night ��

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    Dimensionless love.

    I've no concept and understanding of love, it's dimensionless. It's timeless. I wonder, why do people ask if we ever stop loving someone? Why do we carry the songs, the theatre, the movies into our conscious? All I wish is people involved in it knew it's hard and still want to be together.

  • dishadinesh 22w

    Infinity and me.

    .It's another cloudless night and I cannot sleep. The sky was so clear and loud with It's message of what's beyond it. As if it wants to tell me that you're a part of the infinite. As we it was mocking me with the union of life and death. The fragility of my existence with a mere dot on our planet and invisiblity into the universe.

  • dishadinesh 25w

    hope and life

    do you think you will be able to live easy if you've not had hope in your living? what does hope actually signify? it's the nucleus of our cell called life. Hope is the most beautiful thing we humans have. Hope makes us learn to dance in the storm, helps us to believe in what we cannot see, those beautiful things we live for. It strengthen our belief that everything at the end will get better. For all the options you've, choose HOPE. Live for it.

    Hope is the best remedy and a long lasting solution.


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  • dishadinesh 25w

    writing is all I've.
    writing is all I've ever had.
    writing gives me strength.

    you too have something,
    you know it.
    let's find it.

    Motivating lines won't work now.
    we need something more than motivation here.
    We're all devastated and terrified.

    but then what?
    Do you want to give up?
    leave the rest of humanity as it is?

    I know the health system is collapsing,
    we're facing the biggest danger ever on humanity in decades.
    economy, education system, and human development question are secondary now.

    we're all tired, have already done everything interesting we could in 2020.
    our inner strength is on a sea-saw and life on a roller coaster.
    what can we do? what should we do?

    amidst the news of people dying and whaling.
    amidst the chaos of getting positive and vaccination.
    we've to change the approach of looking at this problem.

    let's not fight for a better life but for survival.
    we need to stand up for our family's lives.
    for this humanity and it's inherited culture.

    look things in a bigger perspective.
    like every civilization we humans have made this for ourselves.
    we may be irresponsible and techno centric but we don't deserve this.

    don't you think that a small invisible virus has brought us so much closer to life and death at the very same time?
    don't you think that an enemy of diameter less than our hair has made us realise the value of life?
    don't you think we value people around us and time with our family more now?

    you too have something left.
    now dance not just for a insta reel but for survival.
    maybe you can bring smile on somebody's face and save a life.

    doctors say that COVID 19 is more of a mind Game disease.
    let's boosten our inner surviving instincts and strengthen ourselves psychologically.
    after all we're al cockroaches, we'll survive no matter what..

    we won't give up easy.
    we will fight.
    at least we will do what we can.

    maybe dance, maybe sing, maybe arrange few oxygen cylinders.
    but don't sit and crib.
    the best thing we can do right now is find a reason and possibility.

    I'm more human now,
    I'm more empathetic now.
    I'm kind and smile more.

    after all HOPE is all we've,
    maybe best of all the things.
    Maybe the most beautiful of all things.

    humanity won't give up easy.
    do what you can.
    we've got this.


    @writersnetwork @mirakee

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    don't you think that a small invisible virus has brought us so much closer to life and death at the very same time?
    don't you think that an enemy of diameter less than our hair has made us realise the value of life?
    don't you think we value people around us and time with our family more now?

  • dishadinesh 31w

    Ohky being furious enough,
    the cat in the balcony told me,
    something's wrong been lately.

    Is it am overthinking,
    or every picture in my room is aligned at the same angle
    but definitely not straight.

    Ohky,Need to hold control of self,
    Anecdotes and notes ready,
    Crisis period, now people poverty.

    I Need a room full of people,
    With ample amount of oxygen to breathe.
    Adrenaline rush, time to mediate and preach.

    Need smiles and bouquets from random people nearby,
    Want to go bananas in parties,
    Not even thrown for me anyways.

    Need chocolates and chocolate icecreams,
    Oo want to bake a chocolate cake.
    Chocolate is not a colour, aren't you making notes?

    I want to meet the targets,
    Match the unmet deadline.
    wtf, who like white wine?

    Looking for friends in the lonely midnights,
    Yet cannot get out of old school routine,
    Need some extra Pilates, plank and yeah some proteins.

    Been a lot into Einstein,
    Been into plank, Stephen and Newton.
    I'm so drunk please get me a copy of Sapiens.

    I'm drowning into amazons,
    Heck need to brush up my geography.
    Oo let's think names for my autobiography

    Please help me out, oh yeah definitely you cannot.
    For that You need to speak out to me
    and yes for sure you cannot reach out to me.

    Locked myself into room of self-conscious.
    self love is prioritised by me,
    but want back my days of candle light dinners I went for free.

    oo uniform guys are cool,
    patriotism and strength in bed both gauranteed.
    I really need to stop writing since these words have stopped making sense even to me.

    Shit I'm so eager to hug someone,
    Oh no don't come so damn close to me.
    i'll imagine myself hugging you and fix that in my memory.

    why are you standing so far away,
    Wanna go sightseeing with me?
    forget it, let's watch an astrophysics documentry.

    Hey you're intresting,
    I like you but won't look at you.
    Oh it can be the society i'm scaared of, but I'm not sure.

    I want to write about the trees,May be the birds chirping around
    But then there's people added in my watsapp,
    Posting pictures of icecream with captions of eating icecreams all around.

    I need to understand the space time dilation,Need to get what Einstein actually understood,
    Oh my imagination is beyond imagination.
    Trust me it's the knowledge part I've overlooked.

    I want to eat street food,
    tikki,chat, pakode and dahi bhalle.
    give me some money, or a job per se.

    Been geeting up on the wrong side of bed lately.
    Nobody asks me my health.
    Oh yeah sorry I'm not interested. Go away please.

    I've read books and pages,
    Waiting for some announcements I actually should not.
    I'm into bhagwat gita, is Ekta's brother hot?

    Why did people don't care about feelings.
    Tell me I wanna go on a date.,No please you stay away,
    I'm waiting for lionardo decaprio to turn down age.

    You think people are indulging in for better,
    Oh no you're quite wrong
    Everyone's fucking there lives ,That's what are humans for .

    I'm sick of nasty little games and You think you're being played
    Ask the girl on the street
    For couple of Penny's, she just got laid.

    @ hybridtheory

    Doesn't it happen with you?
    Like all the thoughts are rushing and you're out of control of your perspectives. You've had a pretty normal day but you wanna eat icecreams just because you don't care. You stop giving freaks about 90% of the world but the very important ones. Life's an art of meaninglessness. Ha..ha..


    Please don't read it. It's a complete mess. Wrote it in couple of minutes to just pour everything and anything. It doesn't make any sense. Still posted it for no apparent reason.


    Been reading:
    ✓ 21 lessons for the 21st century by Noah Harari
    ✓ Bhagwat Gita as a literature.

    Been watching:
    ✓random astrophysics documentaries
    ✓ walls of my room. They're neither salmon pink nor oldrose pink Damn.

    Been eating
    ✓ icecreams & chocolates
    ✓ my own nails.
    All the best for your lives. If you really, really wanna live��

    With a packet of quantum photons,

    @writersnetwork @mirakee
    #ceesreposts @writersbay

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  • dishadinesh 32w

    We die, we all do.
    Energies live, our names survive.
    Our experiments sustain,
    and our contributions if not futile.

    We die, we all do.
    Love live, memories fill the void,
    Our children breathe the same gaseous molecules,
    as oxygen on which we survived.

    We die, we all do.
    Our frequencies survive, those old glasses we wore,
    Our believe system sustain,
    Our way of living leaves a mark for sure.

    We die, we all do.
    Stories live, those small love gossips you shared.
    Or the grandma stories of Ghost and witch,
    Or the dwindling family values you sewed and stitch.

    We die, we all do.
    Maybe we don't, maybe we do.
    Surviving into yet another dimension,
    not yet discovered, waiting to be known.

    We die, we all do.
    Let's just believe this as far as we know.
    Or, you're being called by you,
    Hey,a book just dropped into your room.

    We die, we all do,
    Our body is in the mind, or mind's into the body?
    our Souls likes to switch bodies,
    Or the souls are nothing else but energies.

    We die, we all do.
    Forever remains yet nothing,
    Our presence is felt nowhere,
    Or we get to live life everywhere.

    We die, we all do.

    Concepts I tried to assimilate:
    1. Bhagwat Gita.
    2. Einstein's theory of special relativity
    3. Christopher Nolan's Interstellar(movie)-direct reference
    4. Luc Besson's Lucy(movie)-direct reference
    5. Noah Harari's Sapiens
    6. Zen Buddhism
    7. A tint of physics and chemistry
    8. Concepts of society and oneness
    9. Shri Shri Ravi Shankar's philosophy in his book celebrating silence.
    10. A touch of anonimity by me.

    Oh, been long haven't written lately. Trust me. It's not a habit of mine. I do it when I'm out of schedule. Let's admit the fact how much we writers adore writing. I absolutely love it. I can fill pages in minutes if I'm furious.

    Ohky, quick updates,

    Been reading:
    ✓tao of physics by Fritjof capra
    ✓ A breif history of time by Stephen Hawking
    ✓ why I'm a hindu by Shasi Tharoor

    Watched lately:
    ✓ National geographic's Genius
    ✓ Fleabag all over all.

    A pending list and several scrabbled notes to follow, no time out of strict schedule. Hope you guys will relate with it.

    Drop love, hope and philosophies.

    Picture credits to the rightful owner.

    Audios Amigos.

    @writersnetwork @mirakee

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  • dishadinesh 37w

    The Glow Of Hope.

    I want women to feel the deepest scar on their belly bottom,
    a scar to determine motherhood or a scar at the battlefield.

    Their courage to stand with the glow of hope,
    and Unravel their miseries with the vivid luminosity.

    To enlighten the room just by their scintillating face,
    the drapes of their saree holding the diversity they embrace.

    I want women to stand as corals in the cyclones,
    shelter in the rainforest, as the Himalayas against the western disturbances.

    Their strength to balance the life and death nexus,
    their traditional remedies and artificial intelligence access.

    Women need to stand like the great wall of china against societal adversities,
    they need to confront the misunderstood yet adapted western modernity.

    Women need to be at the forefront of Atma Nirbhar Bharat,
    They need to grab the small scale opportunities and diplomatic pivot.

    I want women to face the worst of their fears,
    To learn the unknown and master their tears.

    Women to break up with unauthentic traditions and futile feelings.
    learn the rationale and objectives of government policies prevailing.

    I want women to embrace their sensitivity,
    Feel every touch and stand for equality.

    I want women to be just women,
    I want them to embrace who they're.

    The famous WOMEN WITH THE LAMP alternatively called the GLOW OF HOPE painting by S.L. Haldankar is a true masterpiece in itself. This is my portrayal of the painting and the way I see it. The way I imagine and future it. Hope you'll like it.


    @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld @mirakee @writersbay @writerstolli

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    The glow of hope.