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  • diplim 1w

    In the vastness of the forever,
    Below the strange dark patches of clouds
    Somewhere amidst the spinning dagger of time
    I think of you, your smile and your scent.
    And everything that is lost.

    I loved you ,maybe you loved me back
    I remember the ripples in my heart ,
    The comfort from your voice,
    The feeling of warmth,the magic of those nights
    And everything that is lost.


  • diplim 3w

    Dear vain poetry
    In the world's pragmatic eyes
    You are ornamental.
    In the core of my bosom,
    you live as my God, my reason.
    I have tried to uproot your
    existence from my life,
    I have tried to escape your
    exceptional beauty.
    Yet, then I know,
    I do love you truly.

    You live in my heart like a pleasant smell that
    You live like the obnoxious storm that makes my
    insides tremble.

    You are vain , you are words
    you cannot even love me back
    Yet , you are the one that holds
    my hand at the onset of the darkest hour
    of the darkest night
    You ascend into my soul when brittle agony
    pierces my sanity.
    You don't answer at times, yet you answer at times.

    Dear vain poetry
    If there's love,
    You must know, I do love you truly.


  • diplim 4w

    I left him
    in the rain
    I walked away from
    another toxic man
    I was dying inside,
    I was lonely and scared
    of being alone

    Yet being with him
    only meant being someone
    He claimed he loved me
    Yet , he insulted everything about me

    I had to let him go
    Had to choose myself
    For I had a mother who believed
    in me
    I have a heart that deserves to be
    loved in the right way.

    Someday I will pull myself together
    Someday days won't seem dank.

    Perhaps being alone
    is better than faking it
    Being alone is better than
    being with the wrong person.

  • diplim 4w


    Your fingertips
    grazed my wounds
    as you found
    how deep each one hurts

    You decided to pour acid
    at the aftermath of our
    honeymoon phase

    And like every other
    You called my emotions

    the lingering pain
    increased many folds
    that I have held in my heart
    since long.

    I do not seek to write
    about you
    Your monstrosity has breached
    my body and mind
    And I have transcended into
    a feeling of being numb,
    not towards the pleasure of life
    but towards the concept of you.

    They will mock me as I mourn your departure
    They will mock me moving on
    They are outsiders
    They know nothing of my heart.

    You, my love
    were a flickering flame
    in the land of Hades
    I am Persephone,
    nor Hercules neither Achilles
    can redeem me from the


  • diplim 5w

    Probably sometimes,
    All you need is someone
    Who can say
    "I'll be there for you "

  • diplim 6w

    Every dawn ,
    I collect the pieces of me
    and try to create myself again

    Yet every dusk
    My sanity goes in search of you
    Hoping you would return my affection.

    Dear silent muse,
    Am I asking for the universe
    Or the sun and the stars?

    Your silence kills me each day with leisure
    As I obnoxiously wait for your voice
    How are you still and cold?
    While I am burning for you..


  • diplim 6w

    One day they listen to you
    The next day they forget your trauma
    And expect you to act normal

  • diplim 6w

    I became the poetry

    One day,
    I realised
    I became the poetry
    I was writing

    I became lonesomeness
    I became the endless ocean of longing
    I am looking for a lost home
    A home that was long engulfed by a tsunami
    I am a terrestrial being, dreaming of living with wings and gills.
    The sky is no more a bona fide
    Its a bluff draped in blue blood stolen from the longings of dead poets.
    Perhaps the blue of the ocean is truth and others are lies.

    My blue blood bleeds away in the ocean
    fills it endlessly
    And I am yet not satisfied
    I have more to say
    More chaos to let loose

  • diplim 6w

    In the roaring crowd
    I hoped the chaos of my mind
    would not be audible
    Perhaps I was just wrong

    I hoped a man
    could be honest
    Perhaps I was just wrong


  • diplim 8w

    A fit of rage made me realise
    I am alive
    Other things are full of numbness