dilseman juda h or kavitaon se hum..

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  • dilsewrite 2w


    Khula h ye aasman sabke lie ,sabko h haq ,
    Isme khul ke udaan bharne ka, phr bhi ku ,
    Koi jhijhak si, koi uljhan ,sharam si h in ankhon me , ek br kholke to dekh in pankhon ko , kitna bda h ye assman jo koi fark na krta h panchi ke kad or udaan me bas pankh fela or udjaa...is nile swait gagan me ...karle apne man ikbr to e panchi..️

  • dilsewrite 3w


    Our sins are not deep down inside us. They are superficial. They are not even skin deep. That is why in ancient India there is a saying, “If you have done something wrong, go to the Ganges and take a dip. Like soap washes away the dirt from you, sin is so superficial it will get washed away."
    However the past has been, whatever mistake has happened, in the present, do not consider yourself to be a sinner or maker of that mistake, because in the present moment you are again new, pure, and clear. One heartfelt, sincere prayer can relieve you of your sins.

  • dilsewrite 3w


    Zindagi ke safar ko ase jite jaeng ,
    Kabhi na hare ye man itna mazboot krte jaeng , kitni bhi ho kathinaiyan har bar uth khade hoke dikhalaeng, bas itni h dua h rab se ye mati ke shareer ko bnaya hto isme himmat bhi dete jae...or ase ye zindagi ka safar haste muskarate Kate te jae ..

  • dilsewrite 3w


    Jinke hone se ghar me rehti h raunak, na jane kese waqt se phle ye badi hojati h, har adat har bat hume hmara bchpan yad dilajati h, ye betian h to h jo ek ma ki kabhi saheli, pyari si gudiya or ek zimmedar ma bnjati h...

  • dilsewrite 4w

    Everything changes

    Sometimes you feel that you have not harmed anyone in your present life, or even thought ill of anyone, yet you are suffering and going through misery. Y ?

    You should always remember that people’s ideas, emotions and opinions keep on changing. Everything changes. Many friends become enemies and enemies become friends . This friendship and animosity works on a deeper principle called karma. People also suffer because of their own foolishness, and because of their ignorance. If someone says, ‘I am very good and noble’, and then goes and puts his hand in fire, then he is bound to get burnt. You should also have a presence of mind and use your intelligence before you act. When you see this from a bigger perspective, great inner strength dawns within you and you are able to smile through any situation.

  • dilsewrite 6w

    Ma /guru.

    Jisne janm se pehle duniya ka bodh karaya, is duniya se ladna sikhaya, siksha ka dwar usi neto bataya , guru kya hota h usne h sikhaya , Vidhyalaya meto har kaksha ke sath guru badle, par wo ek" Ma" h aesa guru h jo zindagi bhar na badle. Happy teacher's day.

  • dilsewrite 8w


    Mehtav insan ka nahi,
    Uske ache swabhav ka hota h,
    Koi ek pal me dil jeet leta h to,
    Koi zindagi bhar sath rehkar bhi,
    Nahi jeet pata. ❤️

  • dilsewrite 8w


    Jo bhara nahi h bhavon se ,
    Behti jisme ras dhaar nahi
    Vah hridya nahi h pathar h ,
    Jisme apno ke lie pyar nahi.

  • dilsewrite 11w


    Mitrata divas..doston se har bat boli jaskati h, har chiz banti jaskati h,har dukh sukh ...ka sathi wo Banjata h. Or kab wo meri "Ma" se "Mitra" banti gyi ye ehsas ab samay ke sath hotajata h.

  • dilsewrite 11w


    The real test is being kind
    to unkind people...