what if you fall?? oh! darling what if i fly����

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  • dikshya 173w

    " Stop Being The Pluto Of Someone's life. You Will Keep Revolving Around Them All Your Life And At The End They Will Prove You Not Capable Enough To Be A Planet " !

  • dikshya 179w

    She is a star. If she isn't shining, understand that it's daytime, not showtime!

  • dikshya 179w

    Strangest irony is : People need distance to come closer!

  • dikshya 181w

    ...and on many days, we just feel dead inside...
    With a beating heart...

  • dikshya 182w

    People are not rain, snow or autumn leaf. They don't look beautiful when they fall!

  • dikshya 182w

    Poetry is just bunch of words with feelings
    You live in thoughts, heartbeats & mind!

  • dikshya 196w

    If you want to be with someone, be with them! Don't make excuses, cause drama, or make them fight for a spot in your life. Express your love and commitment with words and actions. And if you don't feel inspired to show your love this way, be kind enough to let them go... so they can find someone who will.

  • dikshya 197w

    छोरा पढाउ!
    छोरी बचाउ!!! #standagainstrape

  • dikshya 198w


    Might have drowned, but will swim again..
    Oh life! You see, i will win again! Gdnyt!

  • dikshya 199w

    Me : I am done with my life!
    Life : First, at least do something!