I'm a rhyme addict, and somehat of an introvert...My faith is Catholic. Instagram: dieudonns01

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  • dieudonnesong 3w


    Many are the days that come and go.
    Many are the moments we come to know,
    Seasons of our lives that change as we grow;
    Beacons for our lives; lessons for tomorrow.

    There are days of success; days of fun.
    Days we progress, with a tres bon;
    And of course we thank God, our hearts overrun
    With praise and thanksgiving, for all He has done.

    So too there are days, where success is not;
    When hardships descend and life is all naught.
    Days we are stranded, in a difficult knot;
    With wants and needs, that we can have not.

    As these seasons come and go;
    The pains and joys we come to know,
    Remember are lessons for tomorrow
    And always thank God, for they make you grow.

    Inktober 4th, 2021Challenge

  • dieudonnesong 6w


    Kissed by the sun;
    Nature's design.
    A woman worth gold;
    Africa's pride.

    As the tribal drums roll
    Let everyone know,
    That woman of gold,
    Is a treasure to hold.

    Oh Africa's pride,
    Our hunger you feed.
    Though it costs you your back,
    Yet you bend and work hard.

    Her feelings are strong,
    Her beauty's not wrong.
    Though tanned by the Sun,
    Her beauty must be sung.

    Her offsprings should know;
    Young girls of the Sun,
    That black is beauty,
    Not cream's robbery.

    Sept 16, 2021

  • dieudonnesong 6w


    I write this for you,
    My muse and my hue.
    My heart yearns for you,
    It's feelings are true.

    Sometimes I do dream,
    Of a lifetime with you.
    Full of joy to the brim,
    In an embrace with you.

    My mind paints a picture,
    Of us at sunset;
    In a heartwarming posture,
    One to never forget.

    Together with you,
    I'd like to watch the stars;
    Together with you,
    I'd love to travel far;

    To a world that makes us,
    Bloom like the rose flower.
    As of now, my heart's lost,
    Parce que tu me manque.

    Sept 15, 2021

  • dieudonnesong 6w

    My lady A.,
    I miss you than I can say.
    Oh my Lady B.,
    Close to you, I want to be.
    My lady C.,
    Your smile I wish to see.

    The reason I love you,
    Is as simple as A B C .
    Allow me to show you,
    How simple I do mean:

    A : You accept me,
    For just who I am.
    B : you are beautiful,
    Yet humble and kind.
    C : You are caring,
    Your smile gives me peace.


  • dieudonnesong 6w

    On a rainy day in March,
    We gathered round a fire.
    At every lightning's flash,
    Our fear was set afire.
    With haste we made a prayer;
    A quick sign of the cross.
    And listened on however,
    To our grandma teach us.

    "Listen up my little ones;
    There's something I must tell.
    It's a lesson about life,
    So listen up very well.
    The cycle of life you see,
    Is made up of you and me.
    Though young you are today,
    Like me, you'll be old someday.

    Before those days come;
    Do always reckon,
    To let your deeds be fair,
    And to others, show some care.
    Still you must remember,
    To do that which is right;
    For when you're old without sight,
    The wrong you did will rob your light."

    Sept 14, 2021

  • dieudonnesong 7w

    Would you choose freedom or comfort? Would you take the chance of merriment if it means you don't get to do want your heart really want and knows is right?
    Here's my personal answer...

    Freedom or Comfort

    I want my freedom;
    For it you cannot pay.
    You cannot buy it,
    "It's your pride" I heard God say.

    Of what good is comfort,
    If our freedom has been bought?
    What type of happiness
    Can exist without freedom's power?

    Having comfort without freedom,
    Is like a bird within a cage.
    With lots of food in it's kingdom,
    Yet with wings not disengaged.

    I want my freedom;
    I want all that sets me free,
    Even if my comfort's on the line,
    My freedom is my happiness.


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    Freedom or comfort?

    Je veux ma liberté;
    For it you cannot pay.
    Tu ne peux pas l'acheter  ,
    "It's your pride" I heard God say.

    A quoi bon le confort,
    If our freedom has been bought?
    Quel forme de joie,
    Can exist without freedom's power?

    Having comfort without freedom,
    Is like a bird within a cage.
    With lots of food in it's kingdom,
    Yet with wings not disengaged.

    Je veux ma liberté;
    Je veux tout ce qui me libère,
    Même si mon confort est en jeu,
    Ma liberté est mon bonheur

    Sep 5, 2021

  • dieudonnesong 8w

    There’s this little word;
    Four lettered and called “LOVE”.
    It flows without being girded,
    And springs from up above.

    It is little, yet complex.
    It’s filled books and bibloteques.
    Often sought, sung of and penned.
    Yet in ink it often remains unshared.

    I’ve seen it in the fields;
    Running free, calling me.
    “come and share in my peace,
    Which is found in sharing me”.

    In the beginning was love.
    Her expansion gave and gives us life.
    Every thing was built from Love.
    Let her expand again, this time, from your heart.

    August 27, 2021

  • dieudonnesong 10w

    The pain behind my smiles

    You've known me for a while
    And I bet, you've noticed my smiles.
    But behind these smiles you see
    Lives a pain that you can't see.

    I've seen selfishness destroy friendships;
    Divorces that brought children hardships;
    Merciless killings, hatred and envy;
    Uncontrolled anger, lies and cruelty.

    Many are the evils under the sun.
    Many are the sins that man has done.
    No one's perfect, everyone's tempted;
    But a moral decision by our conscience is requested.

    Though the sins of mankind are many;
    She's blessed with a heart to love uniquely.
    That's the reason I smile daily
    Because as human, I find peace by loving.

    August 14, 2021

  • dieudonnesong 10w

    Hail Mary; Mother Divine
    Full of grace God's made you mine.
    Lead us who trod here below,
    And give us Grace to patiently follow
    Your footsteps; Your precious ways
    That drew God's Glorious gaze,
    To choose you as His Mother.
    And so to You oh dear Mother,
    We bend our knee in reverence;
    And like Gabriel, with exuberance
    "Ave Maria" we joyfully sing;
    For God has lifted one of us above sin.

    August 15, 2021

  • dieudonnesong 10w

    I miss you

    My dear one, it's been a while
    That I've seen your beautiful smile.
    Distance does keep us apart
    Truth be told, it aches my heart.
    Our phone calls are fun;
    Our text messages and puns
    Yet I must say my dear,
    I miss you very much.