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  • diana733 81w

    Yes I am a pain teaser ,
    But not a good brain teaser .
    I can't prevail to settle the recherchè of my own.
    I keep probing from tenebrous dusk till scintillating dawn.

    I am a pain teaser ,
    But not a good brain teaser .
    I think of what to comprehend when affliction is in pain.
    When I stride forth on my way to heals, is it in vain?

    I am a pain teaser,
    But not a good brain teaser .
    I masticate the pain as it pinches me,
    I stab it when it syncs with me.
    Yeah maybe I ain't a good brain teaser now,
    But a maestro pain teaser anyhow!

    Editted version of my old poem Pain Teaser.
    I request u to read the old one, u can find it easily.
    #mirakee #pod #postoftheday

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    Pain Teaser 2.o


  • diana733 81w

    ALERT!! A complete skip! I suggest don't read this one! It's meaningless!

    Here I am, questioning my own existence. I have a very few people to value, no I ain't no introvert, but I always feel that "Am I able to reach the benchmark in pacifying them just the way they expertise in bringing the best out of me even when I am low?" . I have had people before, valued , I was devoted, close to my heart and lost them. Because I realized I never meant anything to them. I do then nothing but sit and choke the gulps while crying like a cry baby, because nothing is in my hand. Once they were low enough to not confront me, what was it that resisted them from telling me? I question. Maybe I wasn't enough for them. I feel damn insecure because I can't keep them alienated in a cell, preserved for only me. They have others too. But I am weak enough to be scared of loosing them. Is it wrong? I can't decide. I imagine dark things. Maybe Madonna's inverted portrait in a tub filled with gold bricks, or a lady in black and white with only that lolipop coloured, or maybe a street in black and white where a man and a woman are running and they find a bridge and jump of it. These things may sound funny ,but trust me they are nightmares to me. I have seen even more darker things , I feel hungover even though I have never ever in my life tasted alcohol. I don't even know a single name . But what is to be done when you look at the sky expecting a clear and joyous day but it starts drizzling and a hurricane pours down?

    Im extremely sorry for wasting your time if you read this!

    #postoftheday #mirakee #pod

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    Darkness Beneath

    But what is to be done when you look at the sky expecting a clear and joyous day but it starts drizzling and then a hurricane pours down?

  • diana733 82w

    The place where I lay,
    Everything pure , nothing gray.
    It's a place where I seek heaven!
    I have imagined it and spoken
    Of it, for the umpteenth time
    I look back , to weave a ryhme,
    To make words making some sense
    Here I am in an utopia , intense.
    This is the place where I belong!
    I behold an open sky
    "You are here, why?"
    They ask me this everytime I confront
    "Because this is a place where my blunt
    Skills are sharpened enough.
    I live on this terrain, so rough.
    'Cause you don't know the value of
    Being victimized, got nothing to show off.
    It gets difficult to comprehend
    Still my heart searches some errands."

    #happy #mirakee #pod #postoftheday
    @writersnetwork @mirakee

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    Happy Place!


  • diana733 82w

    Here I am like a person of nonentity
    Few months are like an entity
    The shine ,the lustre of life ,sort of lost with this anxiety.
    I was cheerful, like Anne before Hitler's reign
    But such a down pour of emptiness, please stop this rain!
    Even my piece of art seems to me all vain,
    I got on the top of my world ,kind of.
    I was treated well like a majesty ,oh! That wasn't smooth, instead rough.
    Gradually from inside ,I grew more empty, dark and pale.
    Even the biggest happiness seemed paltry;the ail.
    I feel like nothing even after achievements' storm and hail.
    Somebody help me. I gotta fill the void and get back to my lost happiness and hope's trail!!

    #mirakee #pod #postoftheday

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    Here I Am


  • diana733 82w

    I had been wandering alone.
    Had not met this alien, yet, I was prone.
    We clicked like friendship at first sight.
    Well, it had took all my might.

    The person who forgets her phone in trial rooms,
    And uses my identity proofs to retrieve it, we were budding blooms.
    We spent hours clicking selfies , locked in rooms and
    Irritated that employee till she shoves us out of there, we blend.

    The girl who can pose with me infront of the mirror, 24/7,
    I have her first braced teeth photo, a sarcastic heaven.
    I was the first to call her on her new phone.
    I loved her phone more than her; "Ugh! I hate you", she moans.

    She sings nothing but cacophony,
    But I am glad to be the only one to hear her and our harmony.
    She would never stop her songs,
    "Me agar kahu tumsa hsi kaynat me kahi bhi nhi", this is where I belong.

    Kept hydrogen in her house, since IUPAC failed
    To find a place for it, this sacrificial girl would be out by IUPAC. Kicked.
    Just stirs the food and says "I made it"
    Though the credits were to be all mine. She is a git!

    Preksha? Oh! She grins at me idiotically
    Even on the silliest matters we would laugh hysterically.
    The girl who dreams stuffs weird,
    She would make a girl marry an alien, yes this is what I heard!

    We talked of compatibility
    We understood each other's complexities.
    In the world of our own, our laughters never end.
    I found another home, an ideal friend. ❤

    This one's for you Preksha!❤

    This girl happens to be the best thing in my life!❤
    Tell me if u got someone like this!
    #bffs #besties #mirakee #pod #postoftheday

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    A Crazy girl

    Had not met this alien, yet, I was prone
    We clicked like friendship at first sight!

  • diana733 82w

    I........ need a friend
    In my world of own and our laughters never end.
    A friend to grin at me idiotically
    Even on the silliest matter, we would laugh hysterically.
    A friend who doesn't needs any invitation
    Instead someone who invades my privacy, a perpetual irritation.
    A playsome and frolicsome person
    To be with whom I don't need any reason.
    A friend to make me laugh when I cry
    And a friend to cherish my happiness by just presence, not a lie.
    A friend with whom , when I look at, all my worries evaporate
    Who caresses me and let all my happiness, back condensate.
    A friend who not just pretends to have rights on me
    But actually owns me!

    Hey guys! Again after a long!
    Well hope u all r safe and sound!
    Anyways, did u found that friend?
    Because I am glad to have one!��������
    Have a nice day!
    #mirakee #pod #postoftheday #friends #besties #bffgoals

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    Ideal Friend

    In my world of own and our laughters never end!

  • diana733 84w

    In the mauve hues was the sky,
    Pretending to be high,
    Yet the tips of it touched the petals.
    The sunflower out there, stood swaying and dancing with rattles.
    The wind was fine, it's direction defined.
    The sun stanced just above, the sunflower beholding it bewitched and entwined.
    "You ,the greatest source of affirmation,
    The reason of my existence and exhilaration,
    Do me a favour", said the flower to the sun, "to me
    Never let yourself be over me."
    Underthe warm shades of your light's beams
    I glow and stand erect, rooted to the grass and greens!

    Hi! How are you all?
    Hope you'l are fine!
    Thirs piece is just another musing of mine as the previous! Hope you guys like it!������

    #mirakee #pod #postoftheday #sun #sunflower

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    The Sun And The Sunflower

    You, the greatest source of affirmation
    The reason of my existence and exhilaration

  • diana733 84w

    I am lusted to this zephyr
    Come O' come the breeze
    Enhance my petrichor
    Because I don't want to be like wannabes

    So guys! This is just a mere musing .
    When the Nisarga cyclone was hitting by in Gujarat ,
    I was sitting in my balcony and enjoying the fragrance of rain, the weather was so elegant and enchanting.
    I have got a frangipani tree in my backyard garden, those flowers were swaying in rain as the breeze hit them by and gave me an aesthetic thought as this!

    Hope you all are doing good! Stay safe!
    #pod #postoftheday #mirakee #wind

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    A Frangipani To The Wind


  • diana733 85w

    Obviously it's a fiction, just thoughts of a mere 16yo teenager. I hope it creates a vivid image in your minds!��

    My body turns to ice,
    Maybe I am in paradise.
    I inhale the fragrance of a giant hydrangea, and
    A dew drop pours over me , washing me throughout, void of sand.
    I behold an orchard,
    Chrysanthemums, water lilies, petunias and peonies; breathing them feels like a drunkard.
    I face the truth that I am a liliput
    I slide down a slender leaf, like a pixie, my voice meek and mute.
    The VIBGYOR was never this elegant,
    I met a leprechaun with a clover leaf, his stupor bent.
    Puff! Came a sound and he was gone.
    Leaving behind a pot of four leafed clovers instead of gold, prone.
    The nymphs and dyrads carry me under an open night sky.
    I sit there stargazing and suck in the beauty of night, whom I personify.
    Time slips by, I lay there, unaware.
    Nostalgia hits me, my soul bare.
    The grass beneath gets fabricated,
    I am now on a bedsheet in my pastel room, elated.
    Exuberant but somewhere hypnagogic,
    I realize it was a dream, no need of logic!

    Thanks for reading! Writing after long time! So please bear my words! I knw they are way to fictional but still! I tried to make it aesthetic! Hope u like it! ��������

    #mirakee #pod #postoftheday #writersofmirakee
    #dream #aesthetic

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    Time slips by, I lay there, unaware.
    Nostalgia hits me, my soul bare.

  • diana733 85w

    I'm trying, but I keep falling down.
    Failure accompanied by despair's crown
    Ornamented and adorned me now, macabre shown.

    I had stood back again with dexterity upon my knees,
    Weak enough to to stand on my toes.
    And it ran out, triumph out of my reaches.

    I stood on a cliff edge, but I fell off, anchored heavy, amiss.
    Free falling into a rabbit hole, constantly falling in abyss.
    While falling, I learned to float now, though I knew I would perish.

    Asphyxiating under the burdens of expectations ,
    No happiness to twerk on beats of glad smiles, a pure negation.
    Crossed my heart, hope to die, I closed my eyes, with no second thoughts or intention.

    In my mind I replayed it for the umpteenth time, the act of my savior.
    Procrastinated the evil. Demeanor and behavior
    Of anticipation were losing against my will, it grew shabbier.

    It stood in front of me, at a pace.
    I pulled the rug, it fell flat on face.
    At last I conquered it and had my ace.

    #falling #rabbithole #abyss
    #writersofmirakee #postoftheday #pod #mirakee

    So yes guys I was on a kind of hiatus, but i have come back, maybe i still be a little slow to write and post, but I'm always there to read ur works!!

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    The Fall

    Free falling in the rabbit hole, constantly falling in the abyss.