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  • diamondintherough 40w

    My Hand ✋

    You were always there
    for me through thick
    and thin, you were my
    first lesson, my love
    and my best friend.

    You were my life long
    partner, you showed
    me right from wrong.
    I'll forever remember
    your touch, your smell
    and your favorite song.

    The roads so long
    won't you please take
    my hand, and hold me
    close because in my
    heart is where
    I'll need you most.

    In Loving Memory
    of Vera Rider!


  • diamondintherough 40w

    Where Were You?

    My days are cold
    and so are my nights,
    my heart is filled
    with pain and strife.

    Tired of trying to adjust
    to this thing called life
    and reassuring myself
    everythings alright.

    I know I told you
    I wasn't gonna give up,
    but it's hard when
    your on your own.

    With no place to call
    home, so my soul roams.
    Searching for the love
    I thought was true.

    But all I can say now
    is where were you,
    when I needed you?

  • diamondintherough 40w

    Pain is real even if nobody knows!


  • diamondintherough 40w


    the light upon your brow
    is dim and soft.
    As you stand in the doorway
    between staying and leaving,
    between sight and sound.
    With thoughts the color
    of shadows on your lips.

    the dawn shall not come
    only to find you gone.
    life has not lived only
    to die without you.

    the curtain between my world
    and yours
    is open,
    I await....
    I have not come
    this far only,
    to hear shadows.

  • diamondintherough 40w

    Till It Ends...

    Slowly, if could do it all
    over again. It will still be
    me and you till the end.

    Me and you my reason
    for living, me and you
    making it through.

    Dreams, goals, everything
    ours hearts ever desired
    me and you till the end.

    I'd travel the world just
    to be near you again.
    I can't pretend I'll aways
    fight for me and you,


  • diamondintherough 40w

    I Cried For You Today...

    I cried for you today, like
    I never did before.
    I guess it was the thought
    of never seeing you anymore.

    I cried for you today, in fact
    I cried all night. It hurts so
    bad knowing we won't be
    greeting in the morning light.

    I cried for today, I've never
    felt so much pain.
    But I know the sun always
    shines after the rain.

    I cried for you today, visions
    of you I hold close.
    I needed you here with me
    but he needed you most.

    #RipFabian Sept09-2016
    #RipZaniah Dec12-2016

  • diamondintherough 40w

    To The Friend I've Outgrown

    I've carried this burden for far to long! From the constant drama to the unnecessary fights. I've looked out for you, even when I knew you weren't right.

    Now I must face the light, inspite
    of what we've been through
    I have to face reality and you do to.

    To the friend I've outgrown to be
    honest nothing good lasts long, and as time goes on I realize every negative action doesn't need a reaction so I sit back an let whatever happens, happen.

    I really do hope you win and I say this knowing we can no longer begin, again. But to the friend I've outgrown the road will be long because your friendship fake or real, is all I've ever known.

  • diamondintherough 40w

    More Than Me

    I keep your pictures
    on the wall your shoes
    next to the bed, the
    way we use to talk
    and laugh plays over
    and over in my head.
    I dream about you
    when I'm woke even
    more so when I'm sleep,
    I fell in love with a
    damaged soul for your
    love I've always had
    to compete. These
    wounds cut so deep
    I think there gonna
    scar I'd follow you
    till the end it doesn't
    matter how far.
    The hardest part is
    letting go but I set u
    free, just so you could
    see. That I loved you
    more than me!!!!

  • diamondintherough 40w

    Where You Left Me...

    I haven't moved from this
    spot where you left me I'm
    still waiting to see you again.

    In my mind you were
    everything I'd imagine love
    to be. You loved me for
    everything I was and wasn't,
    you loved me for me.

    But I can no longer see your
    face when I close my eyes,
    the light that once shined
    in me has died.

    And time is neither patient nor
    kind so I must finally say my
    goodbyes, as I walk away with
    pride and leave it all behind.

  • diamondintherough 40w

    Green Not Gold

    Like the dew falls
    upon the meadow,
    I fell hard for you.

    As the light shines
    upon the evergreen
    there was a beauty
    in you I've never seen.

    It was then very clear
    to me you were very
    dear to me, forever
    with you I longed to be.

    But you played with
    my heart, it was over
    before the start.

    Leaving me broken
    pain unseen, lying in a
    field of green.

    My love grew cold and
    even though you shined,
    you weren't gold.