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  • diamondintherough 5w

    Don't Go Unchanged

    Corruption in our youth,
    the government hides
    the lies... Afraid of truth.
    Why do we believe what's
    on TV without diehard proof?

    Is it because the one's
    with hire power get paid
    by the hour. Does that mean
    we have to become cowards?

    Speak up let your voices
    be heard, give hope to
    the less fortunate with
    your encouraging words.

    A Slave... To the pen and
    pad I'm reading books full
    of knowledge, kids in third
    world countries never had.

    It's sad how the economy
    looks down on us, relying
    on fiction to get by. So much
    poverty in the world no one
    cares who lives or dies.

    Why??? Is happiness and
    success far from reach, and
    how to make it in this world
    isn't something schools teach.

    Even though some dreams
    are far from range, all I ask
    is that we don't leave this


  • diamondintherough 27w


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    " It's the scars tht count "


  • diamondintherough 29w

    Over You...

    I road with you
    for so long,
    stood by you
    tall and strong.
    Even through
    the ups and downs,
    I was the only one
    who held you down.
    But you have
    disrespected me
    in the worse way,
    now all I have
    left to say. Is that
    I'm over this,
    over love,
    OVER YOU....


  • diamondintherough 29w

    Imagined Pain...

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    Imagine Me...

    Nobody knows my pain, 
    even if I sit here and describe
    what I've been through to you, 
    you still couldn't imagine me.

    That I stand here before you whole but deep inside what's left of my soul is cold, I don't want to grow old the person I never wanted to be.

    I'm left here In the darkness still trying to be set free. Imagine me leaving this life a disappointment to all because I let myself fall and failed trying to get up.

    I'm left stuck imprisoned within my own mind, confined, running out of time, so I'm taking back whats mine; and giving you the rest of me. Now can u imagine me? Being, FREE...


  • diamondintherough 30w

    My Time Back⌚

    He asked me what
    I expected from him
    and I said my time back.
    Out of all we've been
    through I was willing to.

    Reverse and go all the
    way back before we met
    and forget, forget about
    the love that fades to grey.

    Forget about all the times
    he didn't stay, forget
    about my broken heart.

    Or all the words that tore
    love apart. I just needed
    my time back, so I can get
    my shine back!!!


  • diamondintherough 30w


    His words touched
    my lips like a desired
    kiss before they had
    a chance to escape into 
    thin air, unrequited.

    Each breath cherished
    upon moments of
    sadness, sunsets and
    shadows stretching
    into the night.

    A golden flame burns
    slowly, unbound.
    Unfettered I write in hues
    as my dreams lay sleeping,
    craving moments of golden.

    I walk in the rain and cry
    with it, I bloom with the
    rose and die with it, I rise
    with the sun and set with it.
    As you say goodbye 
    I ly with it; Imperfect.


  • diamondintherough 30w

    If Only For A Moment

    Can I take you 
    Be the one
    you think about
    Can I be
    your fix?
    Personal cure,
    the love you need
    thats sweet
    and pure.
    If only for
    a moment
    let me, save you.

  • diamondintherough 30w

    Fantasy Tuesday's

    His long had d*ck slides
    into my already wet pussy.
    Juices flowing like a river
    as I shiver, my body locks up.
    Damn baby don't stop
    I can't get enough,
    I want it rough pull my
    hair, smack my ass. You don't
    know how bad I want this
    sensation to last. I blast,
    juices flowing out of control. 
    As I grab ahold of his d*ck
    thick and fat. I want to taste 
    his cum, ooow yeah I like it
    like that. He keeps me
    coming back that's all I have
    to say, oh how I Love 
    Fantasy Tuesday's

  • diamondintherough 30w

    Do You?

    It's a void in my heart
    do you feel incomplete
    when your not around
    me? I just feel like it's
    something missing like
    I was always forcing it
    to be more than what it
    was, hell I thought it was
    love. But I always ended
    up giving more then I
    received and at the time
    it was enough because
    your smile made me
    believe. That one day
    you would see what I see
    and just love me for me.
    Do you? Still think of me,
    not as a mistake or
    something you can just
    take back and reverse,
    all the pain the sun didn't
    always shine but even
    through the rain I still love
    you the same. Do u? Long
    for forever like I do or has
    forever drifted away into
    the abyss, and if so it's
    something that I'll truly miss.


  • diamondintherough 31w


    Give me my roses; while I'm
    alive. For when I'm gone you'll
    miss me more then you realize.

    You gave me just the thorns
    so I only know pain I still hold
    on, only the memories of how
    I loved you will remain.

    As you stand there heart in
    hand, ready to take a stand
    and let love reign. You feel so strange, for there's not always
    beauty in change.

    The dawn is near but I'm no
    longer near. I leave you these
    roses, while your still here.