I never know what to put here...My style depends on who has the pen, maybe you'll understand. Oh, let's remember: "We Do Recover!" 8-5-2016

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  • dia_noche_8809 1d

    New beginnings are exciting, but starting over can be exhausting... Que Será Será

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    Inexplicably Elicit

    "I want you,
    I want to love and be loved like that!!!"
    Me too...
    Speechless silence, isn't a no
    Why else would I let you so close?
    You make it hard to hold back though...
    Said I'd take it slow
    Don't get tangled in the unknown
    Unable to resist the flow
    Intense and fiery
    Isn't this how it should be?
    Finding out is the only way to know
    Are you a master of your craft
    Playing to let go?
    I mean, take the lead...
    Catch me, as I leap
    Without release
    Aim to
    Be good to me
    Willing to invest in our synergy
    Exhilarating reciprocity
    Inspiration and safety,
    Gifts you gave me
    To good to be true, sounds a lot like
    You and I
    Realize you take my breath away
    "More than friends"
    Doesn't have to end
    Find myself hoping you stay
    Clearly it's early,
    Leery of the queries in my mind
    Simultaneously feeling like,
    You're dreamy by design
    We could stretch this moment in time
    Wouldn't that be divine?
    I want you to be mine
    Not like an object,
    I want to be yours
    An item - I suppose,
    Water each other, See where this grows
    I agree, we'd make a great team
    Plenty of air to breathe
    Elevated to the throne
    Maybe we've arrived home?
    Just enjoy the ride.
    Captivated in our connection
    Enamored with your charm

    All the right words, sound so delightful

    "I'd never do you harm"

    Paired with actions so thoughtful...

  • dia_noche_8809 1d

    Just a little something from a while back.

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    Too Little, Too Late

    I see you trying
    I feel us deteriorating
    "Rome wasn't built in a day"
    Tired of your clichés
    Progress was made
    Their fateful collapse
    We're done here
    Our time has passed

  • dia_noche_8809 2d


    You were my rock
    You threw it at me
    Now I see
    Your smile is a lie
    Intensified by the facade you played
    Years, I stayed
    Lost grip of your masquerade
    I'm no longer spell-bound
    Don't even miss having you around

  • dia_noche_8809 5d

    Dopamine Concerto

    Moonlight symphonies
    Swinging in the crisp breeze
    Wind chime melodies
    Sweet Rhapsody
    Of you and me
    Euphoric company
    Blissful consonance
    Enchanted orchestra
    Our dancing lips
    Rhythmically entwined

  • dia_noche_8809 2w

    Daylisha Not Delicious

    My name is Daylisha
    As a child, often dismayed
    No pencils engraved
    Mispronunciations like
    Duhleesha, Daylaysha, Delicious
    No, it is Day•Lisha
    How hard is that to say?
    No, you can't yet call me Day.
    With a name so unique
    Searches hold no meaning
    Numerically it's seven
    Divine perfection
    So what does my name mean?
    I'll make it up as I go along
    By imprinting my mark on earth
    As I find my way to heaven
    Daylisha will mean something
    Maybe then you'll get it right,
    My name is worth knowing.

  • dia_noche_8809 8w

    My Sun Shawn

    My baby boy is growing up on me. He now identifies as a "Man-Boy" This past year he's matured so ridiculously that I'm proud and bewildered, simultaneously. He made a personal choice to stop eating meat 11/17/2020 and stuck to it. In the blink of an eye, his cuddly chipmunk cheeks transformed to more chiseled features and a dang on mustache. He's excelling in 6th grade, recognized as gifted & talented in Literacy, yet, totally rocking all his courses while becoming more responsible with his school work. He achieved Honor Roll this grading period. Today he even went to work at his own seasonal job! Though this year has sprung forth countless changes, his empathetic nature & spiritual gifts remain untainted. Oh! His persistence is still relentless to the max **though that drives me crazy at times, I know it'll drive him far and opens opportunities to discuss boundaries.** 12 years later and it's still surreal that I was gifted such an amazing Sun. My every day reminder that miracles not only exist but GOD allowed me to assist in creating one.

  • dia_noche_8809 13w

    I wrote this a while back after finding the courage to leave yet another Toxic relationship. This one was tough because, I felt bamboozled. I honestly thought it was healthy until I realized it wasn't. Once again, manipulated and gaslit. What I can take away from that lesson, is that I was healthy, I was authentic and when I'm ready again, I'm one step closer to the right one and another heart ache wiser. #KnowYourWorth #StillHealing

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    Be Still and Know

    In too deep to surrender
    Running to God knows where
    Damn, I really thought you were a winner.
    Refuse to give up the fight
    Forcing myself to write
    Everything feels like winter in June
    I am the sun to your moon
    Conflicted with wounds you've inflicted
    My eyes beg to leak what my heart can't speak
    Resisting the weep has caused me to seep
    I've gone for broke in the love you awoke
    Can't afford to seem weak
    It's too late
    Barely paying attention
    Haven't had balance for weeks
    Pieces of peace flutter just out of reach
    Betrayed by your deception
    Neglected of your affection
    Abandoned in what we were
    Sensing our fate
    Synchronicities blur my perception
    A soul tangled in tension
    Avoiding my emotions, juggling these motions
    Struggling for words here
    Amongst the hurt I can only find tears
    I'm trying to say:
    I can't articulate my pain,
    Knowing I can't stay,
    You've left a void in my way.
    We never birthed any plans
    This unviable load too toxic to bare.
    Miscarrying, all over again
    Give it to God!
    God gave me you!
    Oh Lord, what am I to do?
    © DaylishaAyers2021

  • dia_noche_8809 14w

    Just sharing. I promise I'm good, and no I'm not just saying that. ���� If you relate; I hope you know, you don't have to masquerade behind a smile with me.���� #EradicateStigma #MentalHealthAwareness #RecoveryAwareness #WeDoRecover #OneSmileAtATime

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    Ear to Ear

    "Aww you look so happy"
    "You've got the best smile"
    "Your smile brightens my day"
    "I just love your smile"
    "Look at that smile"

    That's what they say,
    The bigger the grin-
    The more shit I'm in.
    So I don't fadeaway;
    Not wanting pain to win
    I smile anyway,
    I AM DAY
    © DaylishaAyers2021

  • dia_noche_8809 44w

    Building walls is easy. Disarming my fort was the hard part. Choosing to lay down my armor was even more difficult as I slowly began to realize not everything is a battle ground. Naked and vulnerable you chose to throw my bricks back at me. Instead of picking them up, I decided I enjoy the weightlessness and chose to rise.

  • dia_noche_8809 62w

    I haven't written in so long. I wanted to do more with this, yet I realize it is enough. As is. Just as I am enough. #OnlyByTheGraceOfGod

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    I Have Survived

    I have survived.
    I have survived.
    I have endured
    Oh Lord,
    Have I endured.
    I have risen
    From deeper depths than you have known.
    I wanted to die time and time again.
    Parts of me did.
    I chose to live.
    I have lived!
    I have lived unspeakable tragedies.
    Yet, you won't quiet my lips.
    You won't stifle my expressions
    With your limited perception.
    I'm alive to tell it!
    You won't belittle my testimony!