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  • dhrubotaraa 106w

    When she decided to set herself free

    She was holding on too tight, too long, like a budding bud refusing to bloom.
    Until that day when she opened her fingers one by one, like a flower blossoming out of a womb.
    And that moment she let go of her dreams, of her expectations, let go of him whom she was clutching on so hard.
    In that pause of Life, she is free, breathing again, living again, spreading her fragrance and colour, like the songs of a Bard.
    She is the Nightingale and the Robin and the bursting colours of a million rainbows.
    Do you see her? The Touch me not? Glorious in full bloom, igniting verses and poetries and love that keeps the dead heart aglow!

  • dhrubotaraa 106w

    The blackened heart

    And he cursed me for my blackened heart.
    And shunned me for my tears.
    He forgot that he was my pillar of strength.
    And shield to all my fears.
    My wall, my fall, my high, my low, my everything was he.
    My joy was his to snatch and taste, but my holes he could not see.
    I run, I crawl, I stumble and crumble, and struggle to find my poise.
    My mirror is cracked and laughs at me and my screams devoid a voice.
    He looks down and dares to ask me of where my positivity has gone.
    But doesn't he know I am that Black Hole from where his life breath is drawn?

  • dhrubotaraa 125w

    I love you, My July

    Will you be my July?
    And teach me how to touch the sky?
    Splash the Russet, Green and Red upon the dulcet canvas of my life.
    Oh! The pretty Larkspur and Waterlily you give to melt away my strife.
    Engulf my algid soul with the warmth of your brightest sunshine.
    And then again drench the arid sod of my life with your showers divine.
    The nightingales sing the death song; yet you paint the brightest rainbow over each storm cloud.
    Filling the voiceless void with your balmy breeze, oh my rock, you stand tall and proud.
    Herald everything good, touch the zenith, take all my love, my July.
    Spreading the dreamwings there we go, soring up and high!

  • dhrubotaraa 128w


    "So tell me poetess, what colours of love are you going to show me tonight?" Asked Life.
    "Are you going to snatch some colors from the rainbow above? Or capture the shine from the twinkling stars of the night?"
    "Gray", she said demurely. "Thats the colour of love nowadays.
    Gray. Just like the city skies with a layer of smog thick with falsity and its haze."
    "Why?" Asked Life. "Because love doesn't understand the colour of emotions."
    She sighed. "Love is all about compromise, detachment, gloom and depression.
    The vows we take fade and merge with lies while the length of forever shortens.
    So my dear Life, if you want to encounter Love then get ready for your skies to darken."
    Life looked straight into her eyes, not daring to search for the hidden truth and wandered off to new direction.
    Little did Life know that the Poetess yearned for Life to favour her, while Life always searched for Hope, who was the eternal illusion!

  • dhrubotaraa 130w

    My Moon of Serendipity

    Why don't you spend the night with me and come inside my room?
    We will drink together and sleep on my bed.
    Why don't you shine on the walls of my darkened heart?
    And cleanse it with the silver of hope instead.
    Why don't you let me come close to you oh Moon.
    Let me gaze upon with awe on all your flaws.
    Why don't you be mine, my Moon of Serendipity, for just one night.
    Cause I am a ditched lover bound to be forever yours... forever yours!
    Why don't you come inside my room?
    And be mine my Moon!

  • dhrubotaraa 132w

    Without Me

    Just how long can your heart hold on?
    Just how long can I pretend to be strong?
    Darling, tell me, did your eyes start to precipitate?
    Mine here have dried up its tears and started to desiccate.
    Do you walk through your days and feel one with your zen?
    Or like me, you stumble, bones crumbling stuck in a glen!
    Do you bewitch innocent hearts still, with your dazzling smile?
    While here I survive, somehow, when I forget to breath for a while!
    I promise to catch shooting stars for you, praying for your happy bubble.
    And me? Oh you have taught me to be strong and walk my own struggle.
    But my dear, try not to break when you don't find me beside you to walk.
    I love you still and love you will, but this time I ain't coming back!
    Don't call my name then, just this time I am not looking back!

  • dhrubotaraa 134w

    Let Peace Prevail

    What do you when all you hear is the silence that follows the storm in your heart?
    You lay your ears and feel the beat of your pulse, ride the waves of your breath, let bygones depart.
    The stoic darkness blending with the rigid thoughts, soothing and calming, slowly setting you free.
    Even blinking seems an effort, lips sealed, glassy eyes staring away at the farthest tree.
    You listen, and listen, loving to give in to the overwhelming sound of the silence.
    And you let peace prevail. Let it prevail this time, for once.

  • dhrubotaraa 135w

    Lost Love.

    Lost Love.
    Drained eyes.
    Scorched heart.
    Soul survived.
    Brain dead.
    Yet wings spread.
    I soared above.
    Gathered breath.
    Threw the pain
    Running through my veins.
    Clouds of despair.
    Raining hopes bare.
    Cleared the mess.
    Crushed regret.
    Now I am mine.
    With my soul divine.
    Yes, I lost my love.
    To gain back life.

  • dhrubotaraa 142w

    Hey Woman

    Be compassionate, be caring, but stay strong.
    You are not here to make right their wrong.
    Give them your heart when they give you their smile.
    But don't forget for yourself to walk that extra mile.
    Make their lives worth living but be sure to live for yourself too.
    You create generations, it's yourself that you should woo.
    Love hard, love passionate, let them reside through every inch of your heart.
    But when their selfish love dry up your tears, from your life just tear them apart.
    Let them put you up in an altar but be ready when they throw you for their gain.
    Pick yourself up, wing your eyeliner, and climb back on that altar again.
    You enhance, you glorify, you magnify, in your magic you enwrap.
    So be sure to dish out shit to them when they start giving you crap.

  • dhrubotaraa 145w

    We will remember

    For all the young bravehearts who put their fathers to rest... We will remember you.
    For all the mothers whose tears will never dry again... We will remember you.
    For all the fathers who are ready to send their younger sons to replace the void left by their martyred sons... We will remember you.
    For all the parents who lost their support to old age... We will remember you.
    For all the wives, fiancés, girlfriends who will be never able to see their valentine again... We will remember you.
    For all the sisters who will continue to feel that their Rakhee threads were not strong enough... We will remember you.
    For all the times we try to find God among various brick and mortar walls... We will remember you.
    But most of all we will remember you, dear Jawaan, for ourselves... We will remember you because we can never forget to breathe!