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  • dhimma 15w


    It hurts
    My head hurts with constant thoughts of the unknown
    Like whirlpools of the ocean ~ one thought tries to overcome the other
    Leading to a splitting headache of the mortals
    It's takes no pity on me and kept on hammering in my head
    Feasting on my weak vitality
    Thoughts of the unknown are like worms in the head
    It will eventually ruin me if I don't fight it or find my cause
    Thoughts of the unknown like what the future will bring with synchronous fear of what I will become.
    Whispers of how i can't control my fate and purpose moves in air i breathe in
    What fate? what purpose?
    Thoughts of the unknown will continue to hunt me until I find my purpose.


  • dhimma 17w

    I recently watched a movie called Manikarnika (The queen of jhansi)
    And I realized that in WAR you don't fight for yourself but for the future.
    And In every fight be ready to die in a sense that when you are ready to die that is when you will survive.

    The war strategy in the movie is like a book I Know (The art of war) by *Sun Tzu* a renowned War strategist. You can give the book a try and it will surely help you in many aspects of life.

    For the Female Gender
    Don't ever limit yourself as a WOMAN, God has given each and every woman a gift and that is the gift of child bearing(Motherhood) but that not all it is ~ it the pain of you seeing your child's future burning right in front of you and you do nothing to fight for it.

    Useless isn't it?

    So know this it's when you join the War that's when the war turns sweet and that is when Victory can be determined

    "What is the question again?"

    Oh! About losing

    Then let this stick to your memory ~ Even though you lose the fight, your enemies will pen down your name as the bravest warrior they ever battled with. (The Queen of Jhansi can testify to this)

    Well well Manikarnika is a movie you should definitely watch cause individuals I feel like warrior now and I'm ready to battle till it's over.


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    The Bravest Warrior ( For the love of Manikarnika)


  • dhimma 21w

    Nature Calls II

    Left over dews that fell on the window panes, evaporating because they know their time is up
    The Trees Wriggling and shaking off the left over dews
    The song 'Chirrrrrrp' that the Birds bless our ears with
    The AWW! Hawk produced in other for humans to notice its existence
    The Dark Clouds finally getting their light back
    The sudden disappearance of the Night Walkers, only their foot step could be seen
    The Bats going back to their hiding place cause they are afraid of light
    The Cool Atmosphere that gets irritated by human daily activities
    The Early Morning Sleepers, still on their bed after putting off their alarms a dozen times~ their drools soaking the sheets
    The Early Morning risers, disturbing the Sleepers with their daily activities
    Sleep Walkers wondering how they got to the middle of the street

    With the attractive feature of the Preacher of Gospel, that wants every human to know that Jesus is Lord.

    Makes the world an interesting place in the Morning.


  • dhimma 21w

    Nature Calls

    The Croaking songs the Frogs produce,
    The Clicking strings of the Bats,
    The Chirping siren of the Crickets,
    The Musical waves the Trees make,
    The Shadows of the Unknown Night Walkers ~ with the soft tap of their foot on the ground,
    The wind that carries their whispers into the Air,
    The Moon that stands out in its own beautiful,
    The Dark Clouds that seeks for Light,
    The Dew that hails the creator in happiness,
    Let's not forget the Snores from each dwelling home of humans.

    Makes the world a Beautiful Place at Night.


  • dhimma 21w

    In tough times she reverberated
    "On the edge of brokenness and dark days, I see hope ahead instead of death"

    And my spirit echoed to me that is the unseen hand of God when you submit yourself has a vessel to him.


  • dhimma 25w

    No light in the world again and in the absence of light, there is the presence of darkness which brings destruction.

    "Destruction is brought by who, old one?" she asked

    "The Devil" I replied.

    The DEVIL,

    D ~ Driven to earth by his dreadful sins, then he set to build an army of his own.

    Then he began to look for the souls of men.

    I read about our first ancestors I thought he wouldn't win them. But he did

    Ah! A Cry Of Anguish

    E ~ His Effigy was brought into the homes of men who love Vanity. They worshipped it day and night.

    Who told you he lives in Hell

    V ~ He is the first Vagrant on earth who doesn't beg for souls of men but wanders looking for souls to join his evil army

    "Devil, Evil" she murmured

    Eventually, he finds some and they willingly sold their souls to him.

    Ah! A Cry Of Anguish

    I ~ After their souls have been sold out. He burrows into the souls in an Insidious way because it's his at the moment to wield.

    The little one asked me

    "Old one, do some men realize after selling their souls that they are empty"


    L ~ The father of Liars, he is called. He is coated, made and built-in lies and the lies are distributed into men.

    Ah! A Cry Of Anguish

    "No man on earth is empty. It either you are filled with something."

    "Something like what"

    "Light or Darkness"

    "Why do humans now allow the devil to manipulate them"


    Because evil is already engraved in the heart of man (humans), We only need whispers from the devil to trigger them.

    Ah! A Cry Of Anguish.

    "Any remedy for it old one"

    "There is. And it is the greatest and sweetest thing of all. To overcome darkness you have to meet the LightCaster and that is God, our heavenly father."

    For in his presence,
    is a light that can never be quenched,
    a light with power,
    a light immersed in glory,
    a light with a magnetic influence.
    I know you were taught in school that diamond light is the brightest light, not a pretext.
    But the light of God is the brightest of all.

    © Dhimma Ayogu

    #mirakee #miraquill #Lostsouls #light #Mirakeewriters #writersnetwork #God

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    A Cry Of Anguish

  • dhimma 31w

    Moor OF Hearts

    The moor of our hearts starts from who we choose to be.
    The varieties of people and things we choose to put there.
    But if we neglect to know what our heart wants, the moor of our heart will home wildest of weeds and thorns.


  • dhimma 33w

    When you build a City of Knowledge in you, there's no place on earth you can't rule as the King of Knowledge.


  • dhimma 49w

    I told you, my spirit with lectures.

    Flesh scoffed and thundered. Not again
    " You are saying it like ~ people can see the soul unlike the flesh in its beauty or ugliness.. though I hate ugly and..."

    " The true character of a human shows the soul " my soul interrupted.

    Fingers brushed my hair jerking me back to reality.
    "You zoomed out on me" Naya deflected

    "Uhmmm... I'm sorry about that" I apologized because I know it's quite rude to zoom out on people.

    "It's nothing" she responded.

    "May I... May I... uhm, talk with you about a matter of extreme importance to me?"

    Huh... Me

    " Perhaps, you smell and it is affecting her" flesh ridiculed.

    "Pay attention to her Mika, something is terribly wrong with her. I can feel it" Spirit bellowed.

    " Yeah... Believe the almighty soul feeler when Naya is standing here in front of you looking healthy compared to you " Flesh ridiculed again

    Almighty soul feeler? What does that even mean.

    I gazed hard on my cheap flip flops contemplating on something before I heard her voice again.

    " I see them everywhere I go. And I know it's insane. But my mind told me I could come to you because you are different" she whispered to me, scrapping the dried paint on the cemented sit we were perched on.

    "Different my ass. Or wait different like ~ you are poorly poor." Flesh drawled

    "The workings of humans is something you will never understand because of your selfish, jealous nature." Spirit countered.

    "My pasts they hunt me in a way that I feel hopeless. That nothing matters anymore. Then some blurry imaginations will form up here" She explained point to her head.

    " Make her open up to you more. Something is wrong " Spirit protested.

    " This is it.. if she has a problem, she should visit a therapist at least she has the money too. Or is Mika a therapist now, Oh please" flesh jabbered

    I fixed my gaze on her while I pondered on flesh words. Sensing my stare, she raised her head and looked at me.

    "Insane right. I know all this is weird but I feel I should let it out to you. Stable Status or not" she said

    "Errh.. No it isn't. But I don't think I'm the right person you should see." I clarified.

    She wanted to say something but I stood up, gave her a stiff smile and she returned one that I'm well familiar with. It is that kind of smile you give someone when you hurt but don't want to show it.

    I can't help you Naya. I thought and walked away.

    "You can help her Mika Jalade " my spirit reassured making my mind echo the same thing.

    I can't. I emphasized and shoved my feelings to the abyss.


    Early morning dew droplets can still be seen on the window panes of our department building as I strode in.
    Our class representative, sent a group text about an emergency meeting.
    I wonder what the meeting is about. About a semester party? Or what...

    The hall was almost filled up by the time I got in. So I took a sit around the corner, waiting for whatever massage our class representative had for us.

    Waiting... Waiting.. waiti.... I recited before a voice boomed out of the hall speakers.

    "I know this is an early call but it is.." he choked on his words

    I knitted my brows in confusion. Heavens!!
    His he crying? Wait Mika.. what is this faint heaviness in the air.

    What the hell is going on.

    "I'm sure some of us heard what happened to one of our department mate. But I will sadly break it to you all that we lost.. we lost Naya Rewa to death..." He blubbered making me got weak on my knees.

    'Naya Orewa' like the one I spoke to yesterday under the almond tree.

    No, it can't be.

    Our class representative words became dull as I raced outside the hall to the newspaper vendor, the wind joyfully kissed my face, but it was like an insult to what I feel inside.
    It will be in the news if it's true.

    Holding the daily newspaper in my left hand, I used the right to pay for the newspaper. Then charged to the female's toilet, I held it so tight as I read the headlines

    •Naya Orewa. The only daughter of the Naya's dies at 18•

    It was reported that she was found drowned in her bathtub.
    No.. no.. it isn't her. She is not the one. I tried to convince myself.
    Plumping down heavily to the waiting bench.. my mind replayed I and Orewa's conversation.
    I shivered when a her words reverberated in my head

    ' I see them everywhere I go...'
    ' My pasts they hunt me...'

    "I should have listened.. I should have given her comfort" I bite back a sob as I uttered to the frozen air.

    "Yes, you should have. I told you or I tried to. But No, you decided to follow an empty body advise. A flesh advises. Are you not aware the only thing the flesh does is to mislead and after misleading. It hides like the coward it is while your soul suffer the consequences" My spirit articulated.

    It made me cry harder. Feeling suffocated and helpless.

    " You thought she was insane for coming to you. Despite her status, she came too you. For what.. for help. But because you still haven't died in the flesh ~ you allowed it mislead you resulting to you losing a soul. When I told you about Souls being damaged and ones lost to evil. Hers was damaged but a word of encouragement, a body language of care, empathy from you could have saved her." Spirit bellowed

    'I really couldn't...' I tried to say

    "A wise man once said when you don't help people.. only two things will happen to the individual you didn't help. It's either they are helped by another or death takes the help job. Pasts are each of two that's good or bad, but the one that hunts us are the bad ones. Each and every human has a past. Unfortunately Orewa past was a bad one, although she was looking ~ Healthy, good looking, but she was hunted by them"

    " What.. what can I do" I croaked

    " Truth be told, this is beyond me because this will be your past mistakes. And it's either you willing to fight or you let them hunt you to death. But you couldn't save a soul how will you now save yours" My spirit deadpanned and hummed.

    *Past mistakes are like monsters looking for a soul to devour.
    They hunt in dreams and thoughts
    They control minds and move their victims to the point of destruction.
    Feeding on their victims happiness is what they do best.
    They are drugs the victims take daily.*
    Past mistakes eventually strangle their victims to death.*


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    #2 Pasts

    Past mistakes are like monsters looking for a soul to devour.
    They hunt in dreams and thoughts
    They control minds and move their victims to the point of destruction.
    Feeding on their victims happiness is what they do best.
    They are drugs the victims take daily.*
    Past mistakes eventually strangle their victims to death.


  • dhimma 49w

    The Hot Sun penetrated through the verdant leaves of the almond tree. One of its rays stroked my face, making me cringe.
    'Damn' I cursed
    I hate the sun especially the college sun.. its heat is like a furnace.
    Yeah! That sounds crazy but it's true.. My college sun is an accurate definition of a pitiless African sun, now I am sure you know how that feels.

    Ignoring the sun harm on my face, I brought out the steamy paranormal activity book I dumped three weeks ago because of the semester exams plus I actually borrowed it from the college library and the lending days is kinda due. Urrrrrrrgh.
    'Oh baby' I let out whilst I caressed the book.
    I opened to the folded page and continued my journey in the world of nephilim, witches, angels and demons.

    Yep!! A lovely combo. I know

    I felt a gentle tap on my shoulder as I was about to open to the next page. I whipped my head to look at the intruder. But.. But I'm surprised to see Orewa.

    'Naya Rewa' I whispered. Our department most beautiful girl, just like her name Rewa which means beauty. She has consecutively been given awards for that. Asides that her parents are smoking rich.. like her dad is a business tycoon and a real estate dealer and her mom is a big shot lawyer. I guess you don't need more explanations for the source of their wealth. Do you?

    Okay.. stop rambling here Mika, maybe I dropped something. I mentally said then I looked down to see if I had drip anything.
    Tap.. that tap again and yeah I didn't drop anything.

    Was she the one that tapped me?
    "Yes. You silly" my mind chided

    As weird as this looks the truth is I communicate with my mind a lot. It is the only true friend I have.
    You got that right, I don't really have friends but I have associates and Rewa is not even in the category of the associates. I don't mean it like that but the thing is.. In my college, we have grades for students and the upper class students wouldn't dare talk to the average class talk more of the lowest one. Count me in the latter.
    I gained admission into college through a hard earned scholarship award because I know there is no way on earth my mom could afford the tuition fees with the little money she gets from the private hospital she works at.

    "Maybe she needs something" my mind echoed jolting me out of my thoughts.

    "Yeah, Maybe" I partially agreed because she can want anything from someone like me. Besides if it's about intelligence. She what we call beauty with brains. You can add richy.

    Naya read the expression on my face and bellowed while her eyes twinkled.
    "I quite aware that I'm the last person you were expecting to see"

    Oh yeah, you are right about that. Besides I think I haven't told you why she won those beauty awards.. Well..Well, she has this dark wooly hair that is braided into fours today, her bright black eye bulbs were surrounded by thick eye lashes that slapped the bridge of eyes. It brought out the rich deep earth skin of hers.
    She neither too slim or too fat.. she is just the definition of perfect.
    The creator really took his time while molding her.

    "The creator took his time on you too" my spirit pointed out

    "Lies. She is perfectly made" my flesh disagreed.

    Oh, when I told you I had associates I was talking about a cat and a mouse.
    That is my Flesh and Spirit, they have never agreed on anything.
    They mostly give opinions, that I try to weigh and accept especially flesh.

    "Ignore them" my mind advised

    I internally nodded and was about to ask Naya what she needs like my mind said it to be when my soul chime in with its lectures.

    Here we go again...

    "The soul is the most beautiful thing humans were given by the creator and that is what you should consider in humans. Some humans are beautiful outwardly but is either their soul is damaged or lost to evil."

    To be continued....


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