I may fall with a thump but my rising would bring thunders

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  • dharshinisg 1w

    Life in short

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    What comes never stays
    What goes never fades
    What remains never satisfies
    What is the use of life for you to keep desiring for what you don’t deserve?!

  • dharshinisg 3w

    Maybe not a myth and not a fact but my thought from my childhood

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    The star whose light fades,
    Upon the calling of the horizon,
    Is maybe because,
    The call of the distant land in dark,
    Made it sympathise and pity.....

  • dharshinisg 9w


    She was a dynamite wrapped in tenderness
    With no intention to explode
    Though she was catalyzed from time to time
    She chose to be calm
    For she was the symbol of endurance
    That undergoes the greatest pain after all............

  • dharshinisg 11w

    Horizon’s Infinity

    Whether I stand by a shore
    Or by a mountain’s peak
    Whether I stand with my loved ones
    Or with none
    Whether I stand in rain
    Or in sunshine
    The horizon came with me
    With it’s infinite hope of a new beginning

  • dharshinisg 11w

    Time’s Seizure

    Books seemed blank
    With nothing curious
    My hands felt numb
    After hours of surfing
    The pen became a burden
    With its nib gushing my pain
    The time had its seizure
    So was my mind with a chaotic silence......

  • dharshinisg 11w

    The downpour came to a halt
    With the Sun shining through the clouds
    But little did the clinging dew drop knew
    It’ll be a prism for the rainbow over the sky
    For me to love and cherish

  • dharshinisg 11w

    A phone is worth a friend indeed.....

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    A ray of light

    Wrapped in quilt
    And accompanied by solitude
    I was lying in my cot
    With the wind being my listener
    I laughed out loud
    At the ray of light
    That my phone gave out
    For it was my comrade
    When I am alone........


  • dharshinisg 11w

    Are you the real you who wants this life to be yours?

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    The real me

    This world of masked emotions and ostentatious pride has concealed my real self between two lifeless sacks of cotton

  • dharshinisg 11w

    Life’s equation:
    Hard work:Substance

  • dharshinisg 12w

    Imperceptible Paradoxes

    Life and Death,
    Heaven and Hell,
    Appetite and Hunger,
    Love and Hatred,
    Trust and Betrayal,
    Angel and Devil,
    Victory and Defeat,
    May seem unrelated but without one the other is nothing.....!