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  • devchathu 26w

    All I'll ever need
    Is a ear that's willing to hear...
    And All I have now
    Is a silence
    My other silence.


  • devchathu 26w

    Wise Man : You should work hard in your 20s and you'll be happy for the rest of your life afterwards.

    Common Man : Really? How?

    Wise Man : If you spend your 20s developing your skills, try to do a post graduate course, start a business, buy a house, buy your own car, buy a brand new bike, invest your money in real estate, buy jewels.....and few other things too, I'm damn sure you and your family will be happy in the later part of your life.

    Common Man : But What if I'm already in a job with decent pay and I'm content with what I have now?

    Wise Man : What will happen when you get married?

    Common Man : I don't wanna get married. So I don't need to buy a house, buy a car, buy a bike, invest money in real estate blah blah blah.

    Wise Man : Wise choice. But what if you lose the job?

    Common Man : Is it okay if I learn farming?

    Wise Man : Fixed the hunger issue. What about your stay?

    Common Man : Oh Come on. It's not like I've born with a place to stay. World is my Home. And I can stay anywhere I want.

    Wise Man : Woah! So you are saying you don't wanna get married and you are content with the petty amount of Salary that you are getting now and you wanna waste your time by doing stupid stuffs?

    Common Man : If you call doing things I like as waste...well yeah.

    Wise Man : What an idiot!!

    Common Man : What an idiot!!


  • devchathu 30w

    Isn't it a blessing?
    To be in someone else's mind,
    When you are still alive....


  • devchathu 31w


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    That feeling...
    When you had a person once to talk to,
    When you feel clueless about life
    And now they are somewhere far away,
    Both by distance and closeness of heart,
    And you have to keep everything to yourself,
    And sleep in silence.


  • devchathu 34w

    Like a diamond in the sky..

    Withered thoughts with terrors of night,
    Making my life a timid disastrous light.
    To live inside the alone darkness,
    To get swamped by thought monsters,
    To revamp black memories,
    To relive all possible agonies,
    To scream in silence,
    To forego malice,
    To sing with no sounds,
    To write with no wounds,
    Is my existence a sinful lie?
    Like a diamond in wide blue sky...


  • devchathu 34w

    Blood Moon...

    Closing my eyes when moon shines bright,
    Hoping to not open them again any day,
    Trying to truss all my broken clues,
    Ending up always with empty thoughtfulness,
    Loneliness seemed like it was familiar,
    Or is that what I thought so,
    I wish I was correct,
    This feeling of being lost
    Amidst dust,
    Amidst chaos,
    This feeling of living like
    Alone tree without a branch,
    Is it spicing up this cruel game even more?
    While it is impelling me already
    To ask why I'm here in the first place?!


  • devchathu 35w

    If we all had someone to
    Listen our sour stories,
    Won't luck be something ordinary?


  • devchathu 35w

    And for one last time,
    I'll let my words bleed...
    Not to death but
    Towards something more than that...
    The Eternity!


  • devchathu 35w

    When will you stop? My Heart,
    It's too heavy to continue...
    When will you cease coming in? My Air,
    Will you abandon me to eternity?


  • devchathu 37w

    A conversation with God

    Human : Dear God, can you please bless me things that I pray to you?

    God : Yes. Sure. Tell me your prayer.

    Human : Please turn me dead.

    God : What? Why would you pray that?

    Human : If I can't find any reason to live, I shouldn't have any reason to die, right?

    God : Are you sure you don't have any reason to live?

    Human : Yes. I'm damn sure.

    God : What about your family? Won't they need you?

    Human : They'll need me and I'll miss them for sure. But that still doesn't fill the blank space of my life. If family is the reason to live, if that's the case, then do you think everyone without family should die!?

    God : Ahem! That's quite intriguing.
    What about love and friendship?

    Human : Friendships lately have become the symbol of betrayal while the concept of love had turned into luring people by lust. So what's the point in existing in a place where love and friendship have become a rarity?

    God : Ha...You know how to argue?
    What about your dream? What about your purpose in life?

    Human : Yeah. About that...I had a dream when I was young but now I realise that it is the result of all the advertisements and fake things that have been inserted into my mind by someone or something. So I realised I had no dreams first of all and so I'm content with nothing now. Is that a problem?

    And what's the point in having a purpose if I don't know it and there is no way I could find it?

    God : What if you could make your own purpose? You can create a new one for you and you can live with that na?

    Human : To create a purpose means to believe in something. And I believe that all the things we do in life are meaningless and hopeless and the humanity have always promoted things which they thought that would make their existence peaceful.

    I'll make a purpose. Some will follow me. And it would turn into a huge mob. And I'll die. And My son will succeed me. There is no guarantee that he'll be humane. And there begins the slavery. And I don't wanna be a reason for that..
    So, I wonder what's the point in having a purpose?

    God : What if it gives you hope to live?

    Human : I'm not asking to grant me death because I hate life. I'm asking it because I wonder what's there? Beyond life?

    God : Hmm. Granting you death doesn't seem like a bad option though.
    One less human from this world.

    Human : Ha.If that's your way of saying you are gonna give it to me. I'm glad.

    God : Die!!!