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  • devasharmapoems 43w

    Imagine seeing someone every day and still wanting to take pictures of them all the time. Is that true love or just a beautiful habit? Maybe true love makes beautiful habits?

  • devasharmapoems 43w

    I've always wanted a time machine, but I didn't think they were real. I think I was wrong though, because each time I look into those eyes I get to travel through time. Sometimes they take me back to us on a picnic, other times to us wandering around bales of hay. Wherever they take me I know I'll be alright because I love traveling through time with you.

  • devasharmapoems 44w

    When love turns to mere curiosity and curiosity turns to apathy. Then you know it's time to let go.

  • devasharmapoems 44w

    Once a relationship is over it's all too commonplace for narratives to start being formed. Often these will be emotion based and not rooted in the full spectrum of facts. As we all know what hurts is always going to surface up quickly to the top of memory and mind. It's crucial to take pause and honestly reflect both good and bad in a rational manner. Otherwise you're going to end up just seeking validation for flawed narratives from friends. This will lead to a very one sided view point that doesn't help anyone grow. It's tough but sit with the good and bad. Choose to be fair to the memories of whoever you lost. Ultimately, you can only hope they are doing the same for you.

  • devasharmapoems 45w

    Rome wasn't built in a day, but a brick was laid down everyday. The system is greater than the goal.

  • devasharmapoems 45w

    When she touched me I heard music

    When she spoke to me I saw the future

    When she walked away from me

    I didn't even see her look back


  • devasharmapoems 46w

    How to mend a hurt heart?
    Do you heal it with memory?
    Do you heal it with a promise of the future?
    Do you heal it with both?

    I must try to mend a hurt heart!
    A memory of sloths and puppies
    A promise of a tour of the lands
    A simple honest truth
    I love only you

    And no one else will ever do.

  • devasharmapoems 49w

    Apologies for speaking out of turn
    Apologies for saying words that burn
    Apologies I made at every turn
    Forgiveness that I will earn

    Apologies for fates cruel hands
    Apologies for lost dates and plans
    Apologies for these dire states
    Forgiveness that has great stakes

    Apologies for being afraid
    Apologies for feeling betrayed
    Apologies for the disarray
    Forgiveness that will repay

  • devasharmapoems 51w

    #heart #bad dreams #love # missing you

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    I frantically try to put the pieces together
    Never stopping to think that the tether could already be severed
    My hands work slower than my mind, slowly im losing time
    The clock winds down, I step back and the phone is ready
    I'll be fine, ill be fine

    I grab the dial, nothing but emotions to transpire
    Hitting ring, waiting for that dial to ping
    My hopes start to rise, soon I'll talk to you and I'll fine, it'll be fine
    My body tenses, my eyes turn to dust
    The cord is cut, the cord is cut

    I awake, another dream from a restless state
    10 days had passed and still I relapse
    My heart, my soul just want to hold on to hope
    To explain nohing happened and that nothing broke
    We'll be fine, we'll be fine


  • devasharmapoems 53w

    Howling to the moon
    A feeling so primal
    No sight could ever be so carnal
    Never will need a pack
    Attack, attack
    Howl to the moon till your lungs collapse

    How long can he sing
    A wounded wolf he must be
    Never have I seen
    Never should there be
    Agony, Agony
    Help this soul his spirit may collapse

    Horror, oh the horror he howled
    A merciless moon, a indifferent night sky
    Not feeling the pain in my cries
    Not grasping the need in my eyes
    Attack, attack
    Howling to you merciless moon till your ears crack