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  • devasharmapoems 4w

    She sat still and slowly revealed her powers
    This girl could control nature
    Wouldn't ya know it?

    I saw her bring the sun into the room with her
    Each smile brighter than the last
    I saw her bring the peace of the ocean
    Each glance more calming than the last

    She made the forest sway in her eyes
    She made the golden sun come out at night

    He sat mesmerized watching her dance
    This boy was in awe of her nature
    Wouldn't ya know it


  • devasharmapoems 9w

    I don't yearn for your forgiveness
    I yearn to forgive you

    To forgive for every broken shard
    To forgive for every last cut
    To forgive each and every scar

    To stop your name from cutting me each time it leaves my lips
    To stop your memory from crushing me with it's weight

    I just want to forgive
    So I can breathe again
    So your name doesn't rip me apart each time it leave my lips

  • devasharmapoems 14w

    The wound is the place where the Light enters you.

    Maybe that's why you cut me so deep?
    Maybe that's why it won't stop its bleed?
    Maybe that's why I can never seem to sleep?

    Or maybe I needed a lot of light?
    Or maybe I needed a constant reminder?
    Or maybe I needed to lay awake and think?

    The wound will heal, the light will stay entrapped.

  • devasharmapoems 18w

    You never told me you're a film maker?
    Maybe you didn't know it either?
    Feels wrong though don't you think?
    You left me with a movie playing only on one screen
    The theater is my mind and the reel is memory

    Your smile was the opening scene
    The camera was my eyes
    The light came from your heart

    I know the endings tragic
    But I never make it that far anyways
    I'm stuck on that opening frame

    Rewinding and replaying till the reel melts through.

  • devasharmapoems 21w

    What goes through the mind of a stick of lit dynamite?

    Does it feel the heat each second its short fuse rips to shreds?

    Does it focus instead on the warm dirt its firmly planted in?

    Does it care about the impact it's sure to have in a mere moment?

    Or does it sit there calmly waiting for its purpose to be fulfilled?



  • devasharmapoems 25w

    If love is a chemical reaction
    Then your eyes are a spark
    My heart is the fuse
    My imagination has exploded
    Oh boy what do I do?

  • devasharmapoems 30w

    When you touched me I heard music
    I didn't know that was possible

    When I looked into your eyes I drowned in blue oceans of joy
    I didn't know that was possible

    When you left time stopped
    I didn't know that was possible

    Something about you made the impossible possible


  • devasharmapoems 36w

    Imagine seeing someone every day and still wanting to take pictures of them all the time. Is that true love or just a beautiful habit? Maybe true love makes beautiful habits?

  • devasharmapoems 37w

    I've always wanted a time machine, but I didn't think they were real. I think I was wrong though, because each time I look into those eyes I get to travel through time. Sometimes they take me back to us on a picnic, other times to us wandering around bales of hay. Wherever they take me I know I'll be alright because I love traveling through time with you.

  • devasharmapoems 37w

    When love turns to mere curiosity and curiosity turns to apathy. Then you know it's time to let go.