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  • detour 2w

    Liberating Myself

    Sorry I couldn't catch up this weekend
    Because I was busy
    I was busy putting back my emotions
    That got derailed
    I was busy collecting my hopes
    Yet again to enlighten me that had failed
    I was busy arranging my thoughts
    That had refused to align
    I was busy finding days
    Wishing for once if they could give me vibes fine
    I was busy explaining myself
    If it is really okay to feel wrong
    I was busy searching answers for questions Wandering on my mind for so long
    I kept myself busy
    So that I could be free
    And don't get trapped again in some zone
    So that I am not lost
    Tomorrow again
    When I will be on that road walking alone

  • detour 4w

    All those memories of ours
    Long ago I did delete
    And yet sometimes
    I still enter your street
    Hoping to meet
    And of you to have a glance
    I walk like I am in some kind of a trance
    I wish secretly
    If sometime I can check on you
    And if I can ask
    Those dreams you had shared
    Whether they are coming true
    If you have really forgotten the times
    And moved on
    Or like me in your voids
    You wish if that love was never gone
    I wish someday
    These last few things
    I will remove from my mind
    Those moments drawing me to you
    I will ask them to not again rewind
    My steps one day won't take me to your door
    I will know this all is a reality
    Going to your street
    Won't bring us together anymore

  • detour 5w

    In the folds of the velvet sky
    Amid the stars and the moon gliding high
    Lies few verses untold and secrets many

    They hear me always
    And remind me misty days
    Talk we about emotions
    And complain about dejection
    In my fables fill we the blank spaces
    Search also for some long lost traces
    And sometimes it asks riddles million
    Some are easy
    And for some I have answers

    For these nights
    Remains constant when I am alone
    It gives hopes new
    And solves equations unknown

  • detour 6w

    Extra mile

    After walking all those extra miles
    I had to walk all the way back
    To return where it all had started
    To leave all those stones unturned
    To remove the footprints
    I thought would be ingrained
    To shove out the memories
    We made everytime when it had rained
    I walked all the way back
    After walking all the extra mile
    Hoping someday
    If the journey can be a worthwhile

  • detour 7w

    Away from all the nightmares
    Away from the monster in my head that scares
    Escaping the anxieties hidden in my void
    Wake up they somewhere in my slumber
    And drive me paranoid

    Want I to dream better dreams
    Dreams that are good to be true
    Dreams that give me hopes new
    Dreams that I can dream even when I am awake
    Some moments serene if my dreams for me can make

  • detour 8w

    My anxiety
    Sits in the corner of my room
    It stares at me
    Like some burnt book
    Or like a blank page

    It search for stories untold
    And some mysteries it does unfold
    It asks some questions hard
    And recalls moments
    Where heart went scarred

    My anxiety makes me sail
    Into notions deep
    Defining hopes new
    Some type of peace it tries to keep

  • detour 9w

    Just to heal yourself
    Why would you hurt someone

    Instead to someone's sky
    Why won't you be that sun

    You kill yourself daily
    With those feels of vengeance

    Why do you refuse to find peace
    Into the present by seeking acceptance

    Too short is life
    To regret and hate someone
    About you who doesn't even care

    Along the way
    You will get souls good
    And they will be too good to share

  • detour 9w

    Being with you

    A heaven sweet I thought it would be
    Rainbows of blithe we would see


    Little did I know

    A battle constant it did mean
    Days never were serene
    I will lose you
    Or remain we will together
    Like a pendulum
    Kept I moving to and fro
    And losing myself instead
    I had to let you go

  • detour 10w

    A pinch of emotions
    Lots of notions
    Some old reminiscence
    And of those good old days essence

    Lost them I had
    In the folds of my velvet sky

    And got I all of them back
    When the moon shone bright in your eye

  • detour 11w

    My very first attempt to write diminishing verse. Hoping to be perfect at it sooner :)

    @writersnetwork @writerstolli @readwriteunite @miraquill @mirakeeworld

    #hopes #diminishingverse

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    Diminishing Verse

    Don't I know this path is taking me where
    Want I to move from this dark space here
    Only if my wishes could get true ere

    So I stare at the Sun that spray
    To that sky bright I always pray
    If some hope reaches me through the ray