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  • dessy1 36w

    A Player's prayer

    "The morning fog had lifted,
    Giving way to a clear day
    As it's anticipated to be gay
    Near to my close, I pray
    O devilish - holy fray
    Do leave my way".
    Says the daily player's, prayer.

  • dessy1 36w

    The greatest sign of encouragement is appreciation.


  • dessy1 37w

    Struggles of Life

    A lot of people struggle
    To which some lived in a stable
    They then worked hard
    To increase on what they had.

    Sometimes their thoughts tend to be unreasonable
    And still proved that, they were capable
    In times of uncertainties,
    They communed to create opportunities.

    They always added value to themselves
    But when life refused to adhere to their thoughts
    They maid sure it never hampered their efforts
    In journey to live in comfort.

    "Life seems to be unreasonable without hard work"
    Tough soaring slogan they had...
    Which was the idle engine that accelerated their

  • dessy1 37w

    City helper

    He was a rampant member in a brothel
    And fell in love with miss mingle,
    It seems nothing could stop his love and affection
    Yet, his wretchedness was in section
    Advice has now made him and his lover couple