Generous, Sufi, optimistic, writer, straightforward, unafraid what not! an anonymous guy from Kashmir

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  • dervishwrite 2h

    A Drop of science
    Defiantly will make you wise

  • dervishwrite 2h

    I see all religions are scams
    Fear of unknown

  • dervishwrite 2h

    The people who did wrong to you
    Made you realise God did not exist for them
    Well I believe more in Karma than God
    Practically says it can hypothetical as I am a student of science

    Remember, Karma is a bitch

  • dervishwrite 3h

    Bohut udhasi ki baat han
    Ki kuch logu nai mujh
    Yow badal diya

  • dervishwrite 1d

    Religious has no practically
    No one I considerate a
    genuine out of the family
    everyone is fighting for their utopia
    Terrible low mule

  • dervishwrite 1d

    I will establish my day
    The day I will ascertain my self excellence

  • dervishwrite 2d

    A daughter who has never seen his dad
    A Son who has never know his father very well you are lucky you have the ones
    Never hurt the feelings of them.

  • dervishwrite 5d

    set your objective
    And sleep not
    Is a basic diet
    For a dreamer

  • dervishwrite 1w

    I read empty stomach and purse
    teach thousands of lessons
    but when I experienced those days
    Understood uncountable lessons and so many full of enchantments and intuitions
    Now I fully understand the madman's weird smile. Sorry, I am mad in thought, try to understand to tag me whatever you wish the least I care

  • dervishwrite 1w

    What a steam while looking
    at the mirror, I do not comprehend
    who I subsisted, Anymore
    I smile and look away
    Going weird sorry but I genuinely