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  • deep_lu 13w

    Spend less, invest

  • deep_lu 13w

    Don't give it thought, and the flame will burn out.

  • deep_lu 13w

    There's wicked to my wise
    I'm grey beside the white
    The darkness, I will fight
    And kill for the light
    I just want to breathe
    There's mostly love in me
    A peace pervading being
    God is all I see

  • deep_lu 13w

    Devil's Loop

    You feeling lonely again?
    You feel like phoning a friend
    Can't hang onto the ease?
    You smoking weed to appease
    And suddenly, everything is funny
    Kickin back, lethargic mind keeps running
    Until you're sober, the pain is never over
    You feeling lonesome again?
    You feel like numbing the pain
    Can't get outta your head
    So you pop the shampain
    And it happens again
    The cycle won't ever end
    Until you're sober my friend
    All you need is a hand
    And to know its alright
    All you want is inside
    Where all the feelings reside
    Often love wants to hide
    So you indulge in delight
    Until your unsatisfied
    And so your never alive

    Feel lonely my friend, it's the best medicine

  • deep_lu 14w

    I mostly think of you, everyday I'm screwed.
    Don't run away and think it's okay, to burn this bridge.

    I'm wasting thoughts on you, every night I'm doomed. Knowing you're gone, I've depleted my love. Hollow I've become.

    Hope knocks at my door, I have nothing in store. Don't give me faith just to take it away, please leave me alone.

    Spirit says I'm good, I don't need you for love. All that I want is energy in thought, so dream a little dream.

    Love will never die, it only hides inside. So shine like the sun and become what you want, you are divine.

  • deep_lu 19w

    Is this what they call love at first sight?

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    Her looks are stunning. But it was her energy that viscerally got me into a state of pure love and bliss, accompanied by the feeling of eternal oneness. At that moment I just knew we were the same. For I heard it in my subconscious mind, deep within my brain. I shall never forget you, you've driven me insane. I will always love you, no matter what you do or say. You are my twin flame.

  • deep_lu 19w

    Unlimited possibilities lives in the realms we cannot see, as energy, as frequencies. Diving deep within finding nothingness, resides everything you can possibly imagine. Aligning desires with intense emotions reverberating and permeating through your body and the space around you. Your aura will shine vibrantly with vitality. And you will manifest your dreams. Tapping into the eternal, divine intelligence within. Autonomic restoration of the body takes place. Its our supernatural ability to be able to heal anything. The rhythmic, coherence of the heart and brain allows you to live as a divine human being. Breathe deeply, my lovelies

  • deep_lu 20w

    To overcome your obstacles, I feel you need to be comfortable with being uncomfortable.

  • deep_lu 21w

    Can't feel happiness without knowing hurt...IM IN FUCKING BLISS!!!

  • deep_lu 21w

    "Rather die on my feet, than live on my knees."