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  • deeksha_jn 53w

    If i could be one of the FRIEND's Character,
    Hey I'm Monica Geller, can i get a Chandler Bing real fast.

  • deeksha_jn 64w

    Things that you think can make you feel happy, you don't even tend to bother about them 99.99% of times when you are actually happy.

  • deeksha_jn 67w

    Latter in the morning,
    She was gazing in the mirror and sheepishly smiled, coy; she plays with her hair and 'baal khule hi ache lgte hai' was all she could remember from her date last night.

  • deeksha_jn 71w

    Death is just the beginning of a new life,
    Stories end but characters never die,
    If you started you have to stop at a certain time,
    This was not our final good bye,
    A person could but memories never die,
    Memories never die.

  • deeksha_jn 72w

    The simplest job in this world is to make someone smile, for this you just need to smile. :)

  • deeksha_jn 72w

    If today was a bad day this shall pass too.

  • deeksha_jn 74w

    He fell in love with me,
    When autumn leaves crushed down my feet
    While I was walking through the roadside
    Along with him, the stranger I met on the street
    I met him on a day so bad,
    I had water 'round the corners of my eyes
    He talk away the pain I had
    I weep over my head, he empathize.
    He talk and talk and talk until we sway a way to home
    The flicker of love I was looking for
    Was in his eyes all along.
    We met again, in that crowded room,
    Big chandelier, Just like in film,
    Pink glitter flushed through my cheeks
    I didn't tell that I dreamt of him.
    A man, another one made his way through the crowd,
    before the very eyes of him, he took my hand with a proud.
    He hold my waist, and I had a whim
    I don't know why, my eyes were looking for him.
    He was standing there, staring at me
    With those eyes of charm
    I realised I loved him.
    When I was in other man's arms.

    © Shafa

  • deeksha_jn 83w

    Khushiyaan kisi ki mahutaaz nhi,
    Kyuki khush toh hum aayina dekh kar bhi hua karte hai. ✨

  • deeksha_jn 83w

    We still have 245 days to decide,
    We'll meet soon says my foresight,
    Death is a part of the human life,
    As the sun goes down we have to face the dark times,
    Believe me it was all destined,
    There is something good in all the gloomy blue times.

  • deeksha_jn 84w

    Befikar, bekhoof, bemisaal si thi,
    Kuch dino phle yeah aam Zindagi bhi kuch kamaal si thi.

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