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  • dee_hor_lar 91w

    Just like every other days

    I don't think I can forget you even if I say so
    I don't know why I'm always like this
    Because I still think about you
    "Just like every other days"

  • dee_hor_lar 92w

    While I was away

    Love is a commitment
    But I didn't believe it has to do with responsibility
    That is/was my believe, what is yours?
    Because I got cheated with love
    "While I was away"

  • dee_hor_lar 94w

    Comparison isn't necessary

    I have lived my life
    In different ways
    I have pleased people
    A lot of them
    Satisfied many, while some aren't yet
    So what's the point of satisfying others
    When I haven't satisfied myself
    Being you is the best thing
    So let me say something today and remind you
    That "comparison isn't necessary"

  • dee_hor_lar 94w

    How'd you expect me to forget

    Holding my phone
    Although it was hard
    I deleted memories of you
    I keep telling me myself to let you go
    I keep reminding myself, you were happy wherever you are
    I keep staring and staring
    Daily I keep wondering
    Is this how a broken heart felt?
    I see you happy all the time
    You think am happy too
    But how....
    Just tell me how...
    "How'd you expect me to forget"

  • dee_hor_lar 95w

    You were always in my dreams

    Talking to you each day, I imagined
    Hugging you and laughing hard till tears drop
    Those late night calls, I waited patiently for
    Annoying things you do,I gave excuses for
    Your name sounded so unique to me
    I was never in love, but I guess I was now
    Because I loved you, I started changing for you
    I didn't realize that
    Funny enough, you don't know the things you do for love
    A day came, with a different energy
    It wasn't like the other days,
    Yes, things became rough between us
    I started giving reasons for you again
    Even when we both knew it was you who was wrong this time, slowly I moved on
    You thought that was what I wanted all along
    "You were always in my dreams"

  • dee_hor_lar 97w

    My YouTube channel

    Lmao....I just thought I should say this here
    Moreover, this is the only place I have confidence in writing.
    So I started these
    As a journey
    I get tired most times
    I ask myself
    Why did I even start at first?
    But when I see that some people get to laugh at the same videos I get tired of making
    I'm encouraged to do more
    So I'm asking you guys to please share, like and subscribe to my YouTube channel
    The link is on my bio...thanks in advance and I'm sure this is creepy...but please do check my 'YouTube channel'

  • dee_hor_lar 97w

    Our last bye

    You said it first
    You told me how you felt
    It was the first time you ever opened up
    It was the first time you said you loved me
    But it was too late
    We both knew it was anyways
    Tears couldn't bring you back to me
    Death took you from me
    And I never had the chance to say the words I love you
    Truth be said, I never realized how much I was in Love with you until 'our last bye'

  • dee_hor_lar 100w

    I need me

    Here it's again
    My emotions
    I wanted this relationship so badly
    So why, so why
    Why do I feel like I'm still empty
    I was on fire for you, where did you go
    I could have died for you, how could you not know?
    I was in love with you, how could you not know!
    I don't want to regret you
    Because you can't stay out of my head
    I just need sometime to stop thinking about you.
    I just, I just
    I just "need me"

  • dee_hor_lar 101w

    I'm confused

    So the thing is
    I'm in Love and I'm not
    Is this even possible
    Because"I'm confused"

  • dee_hor_lar 104w

    Maybe not today, but someday

    Hey there
    It's me calling out to you again
    I know you don't want to listen to me
    Neither do you want to hear me out
    My pillows are tired of getting wet actually
    The days I try to reach you
    The messages I sent and were never read
    One day you'll realize how important I was to you
    "may be not today, but someday "