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  • debapriya_das 3w

    Childhood crush
    (Final Part)

    In today's world;
    Something that's very common is ,being friends on Instagram, Facebook n' so on

    Debjani had been searching for Anirban since she got into the social media platforms
    But there was no sign of him
    Until recently;
    She noticed his profile!
    She was astonished
    She never had thought of sending him a request
    Out of the thought;
    "What will he think?"
    But eventually did so
    She never thought of texting him
    But still did
    And it was normal
    She questioned herself;; thrice....
    actually a several number of times
    "Should I ask him out?"
    She couldn't
    The fear of refusal grabbed her soul n' body tightly
    And she's still in a dilemma
    "What to do next?"

  • debapriya_das 3w

    Childhood crush

    Debjani started feeling somewhat lost;
    Actually lonely; at school
    The ongoing session was completed
    And, she left the school finally...
    She didn't forget him
    Anirban was always there in Debjani's mind,but silently was he present;
    Being solemnly, only hers!

    Time flies as we all know ,
    Same happened to her life
    But the strong feelings she held for him
    Didn't shrink away!
    She never thought she'll get him again
    It has been nearly three n' a half years after which they got attached

  • debapriya_das 4w

    Childhood crush
    (Part 3)

    Debjani and Anirban were almost at the end of their sixth grade by then!
    By that time;
    One of her friends named Sheefa knew,
    That Debjani is in love with Anirban!
    Sheefa once told;
    "Dude,could you answer me why the hell Anirban came to YOU only in the lunch break?? To the girl,who was the most silent one in the entire class?"
    N' she told Debjani without sugar coating her mind~ "He must be into you!"
    Debjani reacted, as if she didn't believe...
    But deep down,she got elated thinking in her mind;
    "What if Anirban really likes me?"
    Finally she blushed vigorously until Sheefa stopped her!

    (To be continued...)

  • debapriya_das 5w

    Childhood crush
    (Part 2)

    They met each other every day,in the same classroom
    What excited Debjani's heart was the RECESS
    When he used to suddenly come n' astonish her by whispering loudly "Devi" !
    She felt somewhat nervous n' happy too!!
    For actually;
    she sat silently every day after her meal;
    Waiting for that one boy to arrive;
    Who would startle her with that one tone
    The most unique one!
    Days passed,weeks passed,months passed...
    Debjani could not convey the feelings she held for Anirban...

    (To be continued...)

  • debapriya_das 5w

    Childhood crush
    (PART 1)

    Debjani was in fifth standard;when she got a new mate in the class;Anirban!
    So charming was he;
    Was much regarded as the Michael Jackson of the class!
    His melodious voice made the entire class fall asleep with a fantastical dream of music!
    The pupil were amazed by his talent; including the teacher who,between the day's hardwork; found some peace...listening to him!
    But Debjani's mind saw something else,
    The charm of his eyes was what she noticed!
    And somehow by the passing days,
    A different feeling,a feeling consisting a bit of nervousness,a bit of excitement,a bit of blushing,a bit of shyness,a bit of happiness and most importantly, a lot of LOVE arose on Debjani's mind for him!

    (To be continued...)

  • debapriya_das 6w


    The sun rises and it sets too
    But she can't suppress her thoughts about him; should she do?
    The soft glow of sunshine kisses her face;
    And she feels,he has come to her so as to embrace!
    Her eyes,ever waiting for him
    Will she be ever happy, or will she be broken by his rejection of grim?
    It's all headwhirling to her
    Will her feelings ever be outstretched to him?

  • debapriya_das 7w

    The eyes she has may be gentle;
    The smile she carries may be elegant;
    The look she presents may be decent;
    As soon as you take an UNDESIRED SUPERIORITY upon this comprising face
    You never know that;

    These "mere gentle pair of eyes" would transform into a pair of tremendous gallant eyes burning with infuriation!

    N' that "elegant smile"... would even turn into the most dangerous nightmare one can ever experience!!

    Finally..the look she'll present will no more be full of "decency...!"
    It'll be a look that burns itself with it's anguish n' anger....
    N' it would burn the backstabber too!!
    So NEVER EVER play with her!

  • debapriya_das 7w

    Having a caring attitude towards others is good; but caring too much may lead to someone taking you for granted!

  • debapriya_das 8w

    Special moments

    The most special moments in our lives come anonymously,thus we must not wait for that day; it will come to surprise us suddenly!

  • debapriya_das 8w


    Dear Ragini,
    When I hold your hands,
    I feel the world is with me n' I get peace!
    When I held you in my brain,
    I feel there's a great responsibility awaiting me n' I need to fulfill it too...with your support!
    When I held you in my heart,
    I feel there's nobody in this universe more fortunate than me to have secured a position in your heart!
    N' without any scope of speculation;
    I, at last believe that you are that princess,
    with whom after holding hands together and completing seven steps, I conquered to live....
    N' with whom, my soul will reside upto that extent where Time stops!

    Happy 2nd Anniversary dear!❤
    With love ~
    Your soulmate,