I will make wonders happen�� Dibrugarh,Assam ��19��

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  • debangana_gogoi 3w

    Honestly all I could think of writing in mirakee in Love. I have no idea why! Happy Reading ��

    #mistakes #confessions #lifetalk #love #peace #addicted #friends #charm #personality #regrets #bewitched

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    Are you my mistake?
    My mistake which I would regret in life?
    I who am lured by your personality
    I who stand awed, enthralled by your charm
    As if bewitched.
    It's addictive
    The peace which I get while talking with you
    I share minute details of my life
    Even at 3 am in the morning
    Why do I do so?
    We're nothing more than friends
    We're nothing more than just friends.
    Then why do I find peace with you?
    Why do you mean so much too me?
    Am I making a mistake?

    By loving you so deeply?
    Yet not confessing it?
    Am I making the mistake of my life?


  • debangana_gogoi 19w

    Love is the most overrated thing in the world. I can tell you that for sure!
    Well the memories are tedious. Keep on coming every night.

    #love #firstkiss #memories #highschoollove #cyclesoflove #firstlove #bfgf #cassettes #repeat #play #littlethings #always #hungergames #entralled #liesandlove

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    It's like a cycle,
    Right from the start till the end.
    It keeps on playing inside my head.
    It's like a song
    Played on loop.

    We beneath the dark skies
    On lone streets.
    Walking together.

    There's that terrace
    Where you would play the guitar
    And I would listen peacefully
    The strums which struck a melody in my heart
    The sound which bind us together.

    Love which progressed slowly,
    Enthralling both of us
    We would share tiny tales from our terrible lives
    Little things which made us laugh
    Little things which made us cry

    Memories all,
    It's a cycle
    It keeps playing
    All of these cassettes
    In my head


  • debangana_gogoi 31w

    #stuckinlove #beautifulfeelings #Lifelessons #hurt #lovelorn #riseinlove #fallingforsomeone #beinlove #dearlove #covid19 #happyinlove
    #lovematters #onesidedlove

    Yeah, I fear that I might hurt you hence I pretend that we are friends and nothing more. Maybe it's written in our stars to this but whatever be it so,I want you to be happy!��

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    You know that I am not acknowleding your love
    Not accepting it,
    Ignoring it every second;every moment
    Ignoring the feelings that you have for me
    Blocking it off.

    Why am I doing this?
    Because I am stuck in a catastrope
    In-between my past mistakes and hurt
    I fail to recover,
    I fail to open up again,
    I fear that I might hurt you,
    Hurt the only person that I adore
    I love;

    We are neither falling in love
    Nor rising in love
    We are stuck;
    In an abyss.

    Even after all this,
    Why do you still long for me?
    Hold on to me?
    Hope for me?
    Why do you do this dear love??


  • debangana_gogoi 44w

    Since 9th grade I have been desiring for this to happen.Me in New York City!! Life would just be so quick and a rush.

    #NYC #brooklyn #loveinnewyorkcity #eveningtoremember #loveinthecity #settingsun #river #bridge #brooklynbridge #USA

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    I imagine a time, a day when we will kiss on the Brooklyn Bridge.
    When the setting sun would illuminate the waters underneath.
    The river would be bright pink and orange then
    Just like the setting sun in the Horizon.
    Our bodies would meet and so would our desires
    It would be one evening to remember,to cherish;
    An evening when we celebrated love on the Brooklyn Bridge!


  • debangana_gogoi 75w

    Teachers are the shapers of the future but the true fact is even they are helpless today with the covid 19 pandemic hitting hard across the world. I pray for a rejuvenating world again!!!
    #Teachers #covid19pandemic #staysafe #future #classrooms #digitalworld #teaching #support #virus #knowledge

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    I teach an empty classroom now
    With no giggles and no chatters.
    Silence prevails.
    I can only see them through my screen
    A barrier between us.

    I,who build the future of the country
    Am helpless today.
    Unaware if my students are trying their the best
    Unable to understand their mindset now.
    Unable to help them
    Because I am helpless today.
    With an interface in between
    I find no peace
    In teaching on the screen.

    But alas what can I do?
    The havoc created by a tiny imp
    Is mighter than the power of the knowledge that I hold!!!


  • debangana_gogoi 90w

    #firstlove #lovelorn #beautiful #epilogues #love #broken #drama #dreams #interviews

    Some people aren't meant to be together,but that doesn't diminishes the love that one has for the beloved. Perhaps only a few love stories work out at the end but love exists after all����
    Cheers to loving people!!!

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    She's on my television screen,
    Appearing for an interview;
    The same old features of her
    The curves in her body
    And that beautiful smile;
    All are the same
    As it was years ago.

    She had always dreamt of this
    Of making it big
    Her dream to rise
    And her shot to fame.

    Flashing before my eyes
    Came that one scene
    When we parted our ways.
    She was as broken as I was
    But we couldn't be together.

    "Do you know her,Dad?"my son asked me.
    I replied,"yes".
    She was my first love.


  • debangana_gogoi 91w

    #breakups #love #outoflove #past #ashes #tomentedbylove #cigars #wines #hate #hurt #sleeplessnights

    we talk of falling in love but never mention about falling out of love?when do we fall out of love actually??to be in love or not to be,in this we stand or fall��

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    A bottle of wine and cigar in my hand;
    Lying on the floor of my room.
    And thinking about the pain
    She seared across my heart.
    I live on the ashes now;
    The remnants of the past
    Unable to move on.
    I am wounded;
    Tormented by what you have done.

    The memories of the past haunt me at night
    But alas i have fallen out of love!


  • debangana_gogoi 104w


    A man is marked by the height of the dreams he has.Its a very true fact that each one of us harbours dreams.Dreams,yes that's what we are made of up.We are nothing without them;birds that cannot fly.
    I harbour for my dreams;my dreams of becoming a doctor;a journalist;a mom;an engineer and the list goes on...we see dreams in every stage of life.And yes;full be a man who fullfills his beautiful his wishes.
    Be it castles in the sky or the numerous pies in the sky,the objectives and targets you have for today,or the yearnings of yesteryears ,the ambitions and aspirations of tomorrow or a numerous pipe dreams in your head,make sure you have dreams in your life. cause that's the fuel to success in your life. and the fuel cost price is nothing!!!!!


  • debangana_gogoi 110w

    #happydiwali #lights #streets #glow #sparkling #festivals #favourite #fireworks #happiness #granny #nightsky

    Happy Diwali Folks!!!!!����
    I hope my diwali goes good this time.
    Good luck to Dona❤

    (This year we arent celebrating diwali,cause my grandpa died.But still just a tiny little call as a mark of respect to this festival...i guess i wont burst crackers but still would wear new clothes and click pictures..i guess that's what makes for a modern go green diwali!!!!!��������)

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    Zillion Lights adorn in the streets
    The sign of victory;
    Of good Over Evil.

    The sound of fireworks bursting;
    And the foggy evening
    The glowing night sky.

    The merry faces of the children
    And beautiful clothes adorned by elders
    The mithai boxes provided by grandma
    And the 100 rupee note that i get
    Reminds me all of that festival;

    The festival of light:
    The glowing,sparkling Diwali
    Happy Diwali!!!


  • debangana_gogoi 116w

    #help #sorrows #sadness #hurt #family #friends #deepressed #scoldings #mystory #rain #days #life #beatings #novels #parents

    The rain has a lot to say,sometimes have a rain dance might get you a cold but it is quite enjoyable❤❤

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    The Story Of One She

    The voice boomed in her ears
    all those things of the past
    which were so suppressed in her heart
    Were actually trying to come out
    But she again did the same thing
    Suppressed them.

    She left the auditorium without a word
    And came out it the open grounds
    it was raining heavily
    she got drenched in a few seconds
    her uniform sticking to her body;
    her hair plastered to her face

    And she cried
    And she cried her whole story out
    Those beatings and scoldings when she was young
    Those sleepless nights when the pillow became her comforter
    Those days of reading novels
    When the characters were real
    And her parents were not.
    Those days when she was afraid
    Of her family;Afraid thar they might hurt her.

    She cried ruthlessly that day,
    pouring all her feelings on the rain.
    Hoping that the rain would
    wash away all her sorrows.