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  • dearbelladonna 5w


    She wanders during the night like mist
    Her luscious curls like the darkness kiss
    one hand holding her satin nightdress
    the other wielding a lamp
    Her eyes like drops of honey
    like windows to the Selene
    but now they reflect the darkness
    her gown smeared red
    knuckles white from holding the torch ,
    the blood under her fingernails like a sliver of paint on bare canvas

  • dearbelladonna 6w


    hush I say to the voices in my head
    the never-ending noise telling me I'm better off dead
    hush I say to my heart
    pleading it to stop its beating
    sweaty palms greeting the
    nails as it impales it

    Blood is drawn
    another situation derailed
    hush I whisper to the voices in my head
    as I join dead

  • dearbelladonna 6w

    If I fell like the rain

    patter patter patter
    They try to help by asking what's the matter
    patter patter patter
    I tell them my mind is scattered
    patter patter patter
    How can they help my heart that's shattered
    patter patter patter
    the rain falls all so easily
    never getting up
    if only it was that easy
    patter patter patter

  • dearbelladonna 6w


    I could fill a cave with treasures I own
    and yet fill alone
    my heart is grateful for every beat it takes
    why then does it burn with agony for a bit of company
    I have infinitely been alone
    why is it now that I seek harmony
    why do I now rebel against my nutshell