My journal, my nightmare and my diary.

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  • dearagony15 38w


    God gave me you...

    No. I decided to be there for you.

    ©Vivian Lin

  • dearagony15 38w

    I love you
    And I'd love you more when I die.

  • dearagony15 147w


    Make a deal.
    Make it real.

    -Vivian Lin

  • dearagony15 148w

    I Was There

    I didn't walk away.
    You pushed me away.
    Just remember why I was there for you.

    -Vivian Lin

  • dearagony15 148w

    Your Choice

    Being with the right person make your life better.

    I won't say it will make life easier, 

    because it has their own problems. 

    At least the right one will change your life. 

    For you to be a better person... etc. 

    But being with the wrong one make it worst.

    Yes, it might changed you to be like as bad as themselves.

    It's your choice. 

    Future always give you another options. 

    -Vivian Lin 

  • dearagony15 148w


    The saddest thing was
    you keep moving forward while the world had stopped.

    -Vivian Lin

  • dearagony15 148w


    See, it's too dark for them to understand.
    Even to see a brighter day in it.
    They will never get to see it.
    They will never get the right vision to speak out.
    Unlike me.
    Under the moonlight.
    Under the sunlight.
    We're together.
    Sing me to sleep, Little Angel.

    -Vivian Lin

  • dearagony15 148w

    Love Hurts

    Love hurts when it started to bleed.
    Love hurts when you expecting for perfection.
    Love hurts when they told you million lies.
    Love hurts since you left me no choice.
    Love hurts more than such a melancholic ballad song.
    Reminds me.
    You will die when he ripped out your heart.

    -Vivian Lin

  • dearagony15 148w


    I forgot about those pills.
    For such a long time.
    Thought I was fine.
    Till yesterday.
    The emotions.
    Everything fell apart.
    It was shut down.
    Right in my artery.
    In my vein.
    No more blood.

    -Vivian Lin

  • dearagony15 148w

    Lost Souls

    Why did you cry, my innocent soul?

    It supposed to be a good day.

    When everything is right at their own place.

    Why do You keep testing my faith?

    Though I've been dealing between hell or heaven.

    You keep questioning my belief.

    Are you deaf so you can't hear my voice?

    You used to be there, right?

    hear me cry, answering my questions about why did this happen.

    Or just give me a sign when the devil comes with the sword on his right hand to punish me.

    Is it Death or I must be dreaming?

    Are you blind so you lose your sight and I'm being invisible to You?

    Here I am bow down, on my knees, selflessness but the only one fading.

    Hear my heartbeat, feel my breath.

    I was walking on pieces of glass, it hurts.

    I woke up in the middle of night, frightened, sweating, addicted for some pills to make me feel alright.

    I just want You to understand I'm not strong enough to live like this.

    Hear my heart, it was screaming for help.

    Where are you, Thou?

    Am I just that bad?

    Am I too ugly to face these fears.

    I'm gonna make it real.

    Or I'm gonna make You mine.

    I was in pain for so many years.

    Think that I could handle this flame.

    What if I couldn't?

    What if?

    What if I just want to bleed myself to death,

    face my own fears and find You in hell?

    -Vivian Lin