"I'm a kaleidoscope of indecisiveness, The kindest ball of rage you'll ever meet."

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  • deadlittlesongbird 3w

    Innocence Lost

    Seeping awkwardness through your pores,
    Hunched over by the weight of adolescence.
    Budding breasts paired with
    Newly found sexual objectification.

    The first time
    Is intended to be special, romantic,
    Sentimental and memorable.
    Not to be thrown away carelessly.

    Sex is a product
    Sex sells
    After the need to reproduce and survive
    Has been suffocated by pop culture and over population.

    The cheap, charcoal eyeliner
    Smears on thick and dark
    Under your tarnished eyes.
    Discolored from unshed tears.

    Older men have a certain appeal
    To the rebellious virgin girls
    Who just began to bleed every month.
    Self loathing and fear of getting fat are in the future.

    Cherry popped and mind bleeding
    From a wound that suppurates
    And festers, reeking of the
    Putrefaction of innocence.

  • deadlittlesongbird 5w

    My Meadow

    Keep myself out of harms way,
    The safe haven is in my head.
    Where no one can find me.

    My mind is filled with flowers,
    Whose velveteen petals are pale
    Like flakes of summer snow.

    The trees grow high enough to touch the sky
    With glossy green hands that stretch out lazily
    To be nourished by the suns rays.

    The sound of water fills the air,
    Harmonizing with the pleasantly cool breeze
    That sighs through the grass.

    The wind whips the clouds
    Into any shape you please
    Circles, squares, hearts and stars.

    This place in my head helps me to cope,
    Helps me escape,
    Helps me breathe.

    Too bad it's not real,
    Too bad it can't stay.
    Because reality is stronger than the most creative of minds.

  • deadlittlesongbird 10w

    Memory Aisle

    You walk past the imposing front doors
    Before noticing the names of the towering aisles
    Marked your past, present and future.

    You are shopping for an Answer,
    Your cart filled to the brim with
    Pears, past nightmares, butter and nostalgia.

    Striding to the frozen foods,
    You notice glass doors
    Are foggy windows into the past.

    Should you scrape away the frost?
    Or will you walk away,
    Hoping that nobody does?

    Hope that no one finds your mistakes
    Behind the frozen waffles,
    Or your flaws adjacent to rock hard peas.

    The present
    Is full of friends and family,
    Of favorite things and hobbies.

    Your friends eyes are green grapes,
    Your mother's hair spaghetti,
    Your lover's lips halved strawberries.

    Finally you reach your future,
    That took a life time to get to.
    Curiosity pushes you forward.

    The aisle is full of emptiness,
    Your disappointment is as bitter as a lemon.
    At the end is a concealing curtain.

    The black velvet greets your hand as you push it aside,
    Behind the curtain is your future,
    Behind the curtain is your answer.

    Your face is reflected back,
    A mirror.
    You are your future.

  • deadlittlesongbird 14w


    I want to be the dirt
    Underneath your feet.
    I crave to be the meat
    Caught between your teeth.

    I need to be the ash
    Scattered in your wake,
    You will be my last mistake.

    Holy fucking hell, kid
    This is all you've got?
    Running, screaming inside
    Praying never to be caught?

    Said you'd prove them all wrong,
    Yet here you are, bound to a chair
    I'll show you something beyond compare.

    Those words trickle,
    Falling from your crimson smile,
    The failed apology;
    This sanguine rope around your throat.

    Gurgle and choke
    Release the smoke.
    Relish in the vulnerability of death.

    Bubbles and frothy blood
    Emit from your dry lips,
    I watch as you choke
    On the last breath you take.

  • deadlittlesongbird 17w


    Caged by some sleeping pills
    Forcefully washed down by copious amounts of vodka.
    I sit here bound by duct tape,
    A victim never to be free.

    Held captive by my once protector
    Threatened with rape and death.
    I'm a hostage
    Counting my every breath.

    Death holds me ransom,
    What good will come of this?
    A seeping of insanity
    Stays with this haunting memory.

    I survived with blood in my veins and wit,
    Paired with a bite bruise and a sore mouth.
    Welcome! Youre free into this world of shit.
    With coping and hoping being my only solace.

  • deadlittlesongbird 18w

    Bounce Back

    The blood oozes thick
    Sex appeal and colored hair,
    What is not to love?

    Perhaps this crater
    That will be my butchered heart
    Macabre work of art.

    Betrayed and naked,
    Depraved and mutilated.
    How does one bounce back?

  • deadlittlesongbird 20w

    Writer's Block

    This is me,
    The picture of instability.
    Staring at this blank page,
    Consumed by rage.

  • deadlittlesongbird 20w

    Sweet Baby Blues

    Selling drugs to live,
    Awakening some demons.
    Not just after you.

    Those sweet baby blues,
    The demon lives in your eyes.
    Poisoning your brain.

    That beautiful mind,
    Tortured, raped and left to die.
    This can't be your life.

    This life that we live
    After the trauma and pain.
    Is it all worth it?

  • deadlittlesongbird 22w

    The Lost

    Center of the universe
    Sparkles in those decaying eyes.
    The first breath of life.

    Dew laden lilacs above
    This rotting temple of meat.
    Splintered bones that smell so sweet.

    Is that me or you?
    My mother or sister,
    Perhaps not father or departed brother.

    Broken family tree
    Whose roots house the lost.
    Therein lies the center of the universe.

  • deadlittlesongbird 23w

    Unmarked Grave

    Drag off a cigarette
    So hard it hurts.
    Doesn't mean I want to be like you,
    Forgotten and in the dirt.

    This dull ringing in my ears
    An encompassing numbness in my brain.
    I can't help it
    I'm going insane.

    Teach me your perfected art
    Of how to trace our veins
    Quickest way to a dead man's heart.
    I follow, out of body; out of mind.

    I know each shot
    Is closer to the last,
    But don't you see, dear soul;
    This won't erase your past.

    Dopamine soaked regrets
    Certain things that should have stayed a dream,
    Nothing more than a morbid curiosity.
    You made my fucked up fantasy a reality.