could it be that I'm here, yet no more?

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  • daunting_phoenix 3w

    #pleiadespoem a try...nd I didn't follow the syllable count.

    @/writersnetwork Thank u for EC ��

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    Hounding reality,
    Haunts like a phantom of death;
    Holding on bleakly to the
    Hierarchy of fate;
    Hellish peace bounds the gate,
    Horrible hailstorms tows the sate;
    Hope hurtles through chaos, like always.

    //henceforth, the nightmarish days are not meant to end//

    ~bound to suffer, till the end


  • daunting_phoenix 3w

    #audios_mw�� all parts will be here.

    Read the previous part if you haven't already. Enjoy! ♡

    [Audio Diary: Recorded Thoughts]

    # Audio 2- Encounters *** 25/8/19

    Hello! I just realized that I didn't introduce myself yesterday...haha. Well, is it really necessary for me to tell my name and age to you? Maybe...starting tomorrow we'll never meet again, so what's the use?

    I feel like, when someone doesn't know a person's name, they remember them much more clearly than they remember the person whose name they know. I guess that's because the unnamed person looms around their mind like a mystery...making them ponder over what their name could be and things like that. Named persons are many times forgotten...maybe 'cause there's no mystery left to solve.

    Funny, isn't it? We remember the encounters but not the one whom we had an encounter with. The remembrance part, according to me, mostly depends on what's more alluring; the encounter or the one you encountered with? Well then, bye. This time...I know what I said, haha. See ya!


    To be continued...

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    #Audio 2

    //we remember the encounter but not the one whom we had an encounter with//


  • daunting_phoenix 3w

    Something new I started...is it good?

    #audios_mw�� if this is continued, all parts will be here.

    [Audio Diary: Recorded Thoughts]

    # Audio 1- How're you? *** 24/8/19

    Hey! Um..I'm just talking here. Soo...what's the best way to start a conversation? Tell your name and ask the other one's? Or simply, as what most of us do these days, is to ask 'How are you?' I have been asked this question a lot...almost on a daily or more precisely, weekly basis. And, each time my answer is the same, boring, sometimes...modified, 'Am fine! How are you?' That's the only reply I have. On a serious note...am I really fine though? Maybe. Maybe not.
    According to me...the answer to 'How're you?' is the most anticipated one. Like we expect a 'I'm fine' in response, don't we?

    When I was young, I thought this was some sort of a petty rule. Now that I'm...you know, grown up...I feel like it's not as petty as I thought it was. I mean, I don't trust my so-called friends...I hardly ever open-up to them. And, when I can't fully trust them with my feelings...why should I let it out to a not so strange stranger? I mean, close friends won't ask questions like 'how're you?', would they?

    Guess it's time to go...three minutes already passed...and I'm not really sure as to what I spoke just now. It felt good though. Uh, maybe..I'll come tomorrow as well..don't really know, let's see. Bye, for now.


    To be continued...?

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    #Audio 1

    //The answer to 'How're you?' is the most anticipated one.//


  • daunting_phoenix 4w

    #nostalgic#wod a try :)

    @/writersnetwork thank you for EC ��

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    The cold wind blowing around,
    Has made the numb me, number;
    The orange petals falling on the ground,
    Has made my memories tumble.

    I paint my nights,
    With happy lies,
    For my life is blight,
    Even after thousand tries.

    Nostalgic thoughts knock on my door,
    Every night when I lay forlorn;
    The carefree past seldom bores,
    Ignites yearning; the danger zone.

    So I wish and wish,
    Upon the countless stars' falling,
    For the past to come back,
    And tomorrow to disappear.

    Nature laughs at my absurd longing,
    The trees whisper, the flowers giggle;
    The clouds sigh at my pointless distress,
    The thunder rumbles, the sky darkens.

    //it's a wish not meant to come true//


  • daunting_phoenix 4w

    #personification#wod a try :)

    @/writersnetwork that you for reposting this scribble xD ��
    Thank you for EC as well ��

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    My window and curtains waltz in the smiling dark,
    My pillow whispers the lullabies of honeysuckle shrubs.
    A meet stars forgot to write,
    The falling star made it right.

    //nostalgia bleeds the blood of insanity,
    dust sings the song of infinity.//


  • daunting_phoenix 4w

    @sumiinked @anirockz7 @tamanna3 I tried��

    Inspired from the song 'Bye-bye yesterday'.

    #growth am late but still...does this count?

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    Bye-bye yesterday

    ||with one thing after the other, I've forgotten to live in today||

    Shimmering stars,
    Finding happiness in the real world,
    They are yet to be found.
    Hidden away like insecurities;
    Shoot an arrow of pain
    In the rippling waters of anxiety. 

    I grow up a bit more everyday,
    Still, everything has yet to make sense.
    Au revoir I say to illusionistic ending,
    I'm off for a new beginning. 
    Breathe once, I live again,
    Discovering something new each day. 

    Lessons snuck in the quakes of life,
    I wish to be able to find them. 
    Scars glow like the setting sun,
    I sharpen my blade once again.
    Bye-bye yesterday,
    Doors slamming shut everywhere,
    Even the laughter is fading away.

    Bye-bye yesterday,
    It was fun while it lasted,
    I'm back to painting my nights with happy lies again.
    Paint rots like the leaves on winter trees,
    Tears don't fall from my eyes anymore,
    I've let go of the thread binding your memories to me. 

    //bye-bye yesterday,
    I won't be back to hoping for tomorrow to be just like yesterday//


  • daunting_phoenix 6w

    @sumiinked @anirockz7 @pakhi1738


    Previous home since teddy's home is where Lia is.

    @/writersnetwork Thanks a lot for the EC!��

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    There's no home without you

    Dusty corner,
    Lia's room,
    My previous home

    460 Friance, 71754

    Dear love,
    Moving out and adjusting here has been completely hectic. Not to mention the rented neighbours beside mine are a complete nightmare. Fortunately, they would be leaving soon. It has been exactly fiftieth months since I left. I miss my old home like crazy. I can still distinctly hear the creak of old doors and the laughter I shared with you in my old and only home. I'm hallucinating, aren't I?
    Even thinking about you hurts sometimes. If I could, I would rewind the time back to when we were happy and together. I would freeze that moment..I would let that placidness drown me until I memorise it like alphabets.
    Well, I can assure you I don't cry as frequently as I used to. My eyes sweat at times, but it's alright.

    Missing you a lot. Wish I could promise to meet you someday but that's a futile thought. The possibilities of our reunion are as feeble as a feather to be swept away by the wind. This place doesn't feel like home anymore.

    I feel silly to write this but I wanted to get this off my chest.

    I miss you.

    I love you.

    Take care!




  • daunting_phoenix 6w


    It feels as if death awaits my unseen presence.

    It feels as if everything happens for a purpose.

    I wanna let go yet stay alive while being dead.

    I crave for myself to be numb like never before.

    I visit the grave of fireflies for the light to guide me,
    And all I'm greeted by is drowningly dark darkness.

    I feel as if I finally found a way out,
    Only to be greeted by another diverging path.

    I wonder why the unknown is so intimidating,
    How curiosity is responsible for the cat's death?

    I wish not to feel the emptiness,
    Only to be granted another abyss.


  • daunting_phoenix 6w



    @/writersnetwork thank u for the repost��

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    Sometimes, sometime feels too much;
    Sometimes, forever feels too less;
    Sometimes, I fade away,
    Like the azure sky in a stormy night,
    And sometimes I end up losing myself to you;
    The poetry which resides in my heart,
    The rain which falls from the cloud,
    We are infinite like the stars.


  • daunting_phoenix 7w

    Dear Deepu,
    You're the first person I myself gave a proper nickname to...lol. Well, I first saw u on pillar's post and wanted to talk to u but being me..I just couldn't do it xd.
    You're the nicest, kindest person I've met. I love how u keep checking in at times and just encourage us. I seriously can't explain how happy I'm to have you as a friend. Keep smiling, keep inking. Sending best wishes to you. Enjoy ur day deepu. Love u♡


    @the_muted_voice Happiest Birthday luv!♡

    Ps. Sorry for the late wish :/

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    Happy Birthday!

    //for someone as special as you, my words are nothing//