Narrative, Reflective Creations is how I describe my writing. Not necessarily poetry. Free Verse

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  • datumbleweed 13h


    Because of it,
    we can cope.

    Without it,
    There’s no belief only grieve.

    It’s the hardest but…
    It’s peace like a dove.

    The greatest of these love
    It’s all we truly want…
    To be loved!


  • datumbleweed 3d

    You and me

    Everyone has that one special person in their life. For me that’s you, love!

    You make me smile, laugh, and think deeply. You affect me profoundly.

    You accept me, understand me, and love me.

    So, there’s you and me.
    Friends, roommates, lovers, friends.

    I am in the raft, leaned back, sun on my face. Enjoying the ride.


  • datumbleweed 4d

    Your love…

    How deep is it?
    How far will it go?

    Is it true?
    Is it genuine?

    Will it last our lifetime?
    Will it smolder or be like a fire?


    You have to jump in,
    no holding back!

    Because just think…

    What if?


  • datumbleweed 1w


    If only I didn’t feel lonely
    Solitary, and your in the house.
    I miss all your cometary, all of our laughs.
    All I feel now is sadness.
    Your still here but your not.
    I made you my priority, but for you…I was not.


  • datumbleweed 1w

    Change or Chance…

    Piece by piece

    My heart is hurt,
    breaking slowly.

    Knowing our relationship has to change
    Or we will loose it all, inevitably.

    Before it’s too late.
    I want some, rather than all or nothing.

    Because nothing…
    Feels dead.


  • datumbleweed 1w


    I prayed for it
    It’s here today
    But now I’m fighting it.

    My flesh has been winning.
    Giving satin a stronghold.
    I know better!

    But that flesh- the biggest organ we have.
    It likes to feel good.
    But that’s in the now.
    The future… it will kill a part of my heart.



  • datumbleweed 1w

    Real Talk

    I realized the night She was here. I mean I always knew it. But after the conversation with her. It was fact. No denial

    You talk with girls. You listen. They open up. Your sincere. Trust is gained. A connection made. A bond.
    They feel like they matter. You get them. All of them. They feel special.

    This was deflating to know for sure. I’m not the only one. It cheapened it. Made me feel manipulated. Lonely. Not special at all. I share this thing with you but…so do many many others.

    I fell for it…
    Not that you aren’t sincere. You are… and with each and everyone of us. Your a gigolo.

    Felt used, is any of it even real?


  • datumbleweed 1w


    PRIOR =An inclination to want things. Yes that is my desire. To be the priority

    I= I, me

    TIES = Bound or secured closely. Yes joined together like allies.

    Priority: what a significant word. It would make me feel abundant.


  • datumbleweed 2w

    Morning after a storm

    Leaves on the eaves,
    being weaved by the wind.

    Branches in the yard, from sparring, the night before.

    They were both too weak to hold their place on the trees.

    Sounds of the wind intertwined with the cool breeze, as they realign.

    Nothing but the feeling of peace, being the centerpiece.

    Sitting in awe at Gods masterpiece.
    Basking with my eyepiece.


  • datumbleweed 3w

    Let be…

    Don’t force it, just let it be.
    Don’t coarse it, so its free!

    Something forced, is not worth it.

    Conversation, relationships, and love.
    Let it flow naturally, voluntarily.

    Don’t put it in a box, that only locks
    Let it be free, not a detainee.