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  • dasu24 3w

    The soul wants to rest and so does the body.
    But the mind rests not till it gets answers.
    The thirst isn't quenched but drains me further.
    So much to do and so little time.
    So much to learn in such a short time.
    Folly it was of me to not use the past time.
    Was that but a conscious choice?
    The heart bodes well but sleep dictates it all -
    both body and mind.
    It's a cycle I am trapped in
    even though I can see the rainbow through the surrounding bubble.
    It's a heavy heart with emotions all over the place as they say.
    And rightly so.
    For the more you strive for perfection,
    lesser are the moments of respite.

  • dasu24 3w

    A moment of peace is what we need to find our breath, collect our thoughts, seek clarity, to come back into existence.

  • dasu24 8w

    The joy in simple things

    She stood at the window, looking out at the rainy vista.
    Rains somehow made her feel gloomy on certain days.
    Today, she didnt feel anything for she had pressing matters on her mind.
    Yet when the mind is distracted, it does the unthinkable.
    She sat down on the window sill and watched the drops splattering on the glass pane.
    It sounded like music to her in the solitude.
    She slid open the pane enough to put her palm upturned outside.
    The flecks of water felt like a friendly touch.
    She slid it open further and put her head out with her face facing the sky.
    As rain pelted her face, something erupted within her.
    A childlike glee that broke a smile on her face.
    Her spirit, which had been heavy a while ago, felt rekindled with joy.

  • dasu24 14w

    The house

    In ecstacy and worry, the house had been her companion.
    It's memories galore in its ancient galleries,
    With portraits hung high on the walls.
    Majestic it felt, majestic it was.

    Generations became history along with the house.
    After many long years did she stumble upon it again.
    The past swooped upon her
    And dropped a memory album in her mind.

    Her breath slowed.
    Stark was the pain.
    The numbness swallowed the grief like a poison.
    But not a whisper left.

    Battles fought were quite a few.
    Unknown to many, the heart wept
    Yet the face showed none.
    But when the feet retraced their old paths,
    The eyes bled silent tears.

  • dasu24 15w

    Born in the depths of the ocean,
    Deep is my nature.
    Not often can people reach me,
    For they cannot fathom the depth.
    Those few who do, are the ones who are intrigued.
    It took me a while to come out of my cocoon,
    But the darkness of the underwater gave me an appreciation for the light I was met with when I emerged,
    A beautiful expanse with the horizon in sight.
    Now I tread with baby steps towards it.

  • dasu24 15w


    I am no one.
    Yet, I am someone.
    And that, is my Identity.

  • dasu24 15w

    A figment of my imagination or a reality?
    I don't think I'll ever know.
    The mind works in devious ways and more than often wants you to believe what it wants you to believe.
    Making sense?
    I'd say not.
    But therein lies it's beauty.
    I let it open, let it unleash what it can so that it'll be free to have new openings,
    A fresh slate to start upon and no debris left,
    An awakening to a new line of thinking.

  • dasu24 17w

    Art was a discovery in process.
    It had started some years back, but now felt stifled amidst the ensuing chaos.
    It wanted to find it's outlet but was unable to.
    It knew it's master was trying to keep afloat,
    Trying to calm the inner motions of the soul's torment that was coursing through the veins,
    Threatening to overpower the process of discovery.
    Art feared for itself and it's master,
    The fear of remaining untapped, undiscovered.
    The glimmer of hope that it had seen a year back was now threatened.
    Yes, it had lied dormant for years but finally through its masters efforts, saw new shoots sprouting.
    And with that came hope.
    But then the unexpected happened and it felt unsure whether it would survive or not, forget blooming.
    Art wants to survive. It wants to see itself bloom to its fullest.
    It hopes that it's master is able to survive through all this and resume nurturing and fostering it.
    Else, it would not result in one death but two.
    And that would be a terrible loss.


  • dasu24 17w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 6 word short tale on Peace

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    Where the heart is at rest

  • dasu24 18w

    A portal was opening in the distance before her eyes,
    A gradually widening window.
    As she focussed to strain her mind into looking beyond,
    A soft, warm, golden hue greeted her eyes,
    A beautiful light that was sucking her mind and soul through the widening.
    She didn't know what existed there but it captivated her.
    Mentally, she was embracing it.
    She was travelling in her mind.
    A journey to find herself.