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  • darshanaporwal 7w

    Mai tenu fir milangi
    Kithe? kis Tarah? pata nahi,
    Shayad teri takhiyl di chinag banke,
    Tere canvas te utrangi,
    Ya khore tere canvas de utte,
    Ik rahasyamai lakir banke,
    Khamosh tenu takdi rawangi...

  • darshanaporwal 8w

    You can't be everything you want.
    But you can be everything you are.


  • darshanaporwal 24w

    कहीं तो बेबस विलख रहे हैं, कहीं तो भटक रहे,
    कहीं तो साँसों की गिनती में, लाखों अटक रहे,
    बंद है तेरे सब दरवाजे केसे तुझे मनाए,
    कितनों को कांधे न मिल रहे, अब क्या क्या तुझे बताए!!
    एक बार आओ प्रभु!!!


  • darshanaporwal 26w

    Happy birthday mote❤️

    From that first day of our college when we meet and to this day doesn't seem so far with you,Never think of this ki dost bhi itne khaas ho skte h itne khaas ki har baat me sbse pehle wahi yaad ate h no matter what it is, or tu wo dost h jisne mujhe bold banaya,
    *gali bkna sikhai*, *chai k just bad icecream khana sikhai*, ye sikhaya ki life kitni bhi le pr kabhi give up nhi krna h chahe fir saala kuch bhi hojae, ye confidence dilwaya ki pdna sbkuch ni hota zindagi jeene k lie h katne k lie nahi....

    Aloo bade, pohe or samose jesi h apni dosti na kbhi tut skti na hi kbhi ghussa ho skti , i remember each n everything jo tune mere lie ki h chahe wo sbse ladkr mera sath dena ho yaaa paglo ki trh siyaape krna ho tu hmesha tha or hai mere sath, bhut jyada tasalli h is bat ki sala m kuch bhi kru ek banda hai jo kabhi mujhe judge nhi krega....

    Corona aya pr agr rat ko 2 bje bhi kuch share krne ka mn hota h to m tko uthati hu, you are my 2am sukh dukh partner, or dost to wahi hote hai jo bure waqt m sath de or hmne diya bina hare
    We are joey-chandler to each other making life easy at every step for each other just by saying a phrase :
    "Tu dar mat sab smbhal lenge", alg hi himmat deta h ye sentence.

    You can't have to count on me bcz m always here for you no matter what
    "I'll be there for you
    Happy birthday moteeeeCheers to this bond
    P.s:No no m not crying while writing this...

  • darshanaporwal 34w

    सारी दुनिया की खुशी एक तरफ,
    और पापा का मुझे शाबाशी देना एक तरफ!!

  • darshanaporwal 34w

    उम्मीद मत रखो किसी से भी,
    क्यूंकि जब जरूरत हमें होती है तो
    कोई भी नहीं होता
    और जब उन्हें होती है तो हम दिल जान
    से उन्हें सम्भालने में लगे होते हैं

  • darshanaporwal 41w

    2020:A Life Lesson

    2020, isn't this year left us with the most important lessons of this universe,
    Self worth, Family, Home, Festivals, money and much more....
    This year make us all understand that chilled out weekend and parties are not much important to us as our home and parents is,
    Colleagues with whom we are having fun are just temporary, but our family is permanent..
    Health is wealth,
    Good deeds always returns something good in any form possible,
    Jobs and money can break people,
    "If you and your closed one's are safe and welcoming this new year with no loss it means you are fortunate"
    Lots of people lost their dear one's this year....
    Let's worth for all the good and precious one we have...
    Nobody knows what we have to chase next,
    Express yourself and laugh more....
    Just think positive and say goodbye to the past and let's welcome future with open arms...

  • darshanaporwal 45w

    Man Of My Dreams

    Respect, Love and Values,
    Pillars of a healthy relationship,
    Man who admires me for what i am,
    Man who cherish my flaws as of my strengths,
    Man who smiles on my stupidity,
    Man who lift me up when i felt low,
    Man who ask me to not left my habits,
    Man who accepts me for what I am,
    Man who love me as my dad do to me,
    Irrational, selfless and deep,
    Man who is obsessed with me,
    Man who is over possessive for me,
    Man who respects me no matter what,
    Man who enjoys my company and felt my absence as an emptiness in crowd,
    Man who felt proud on me,
    Man who cherish all the good and bad in me,
    Man who stare at me as we stare at the most beautiful and soothing things around,
    Man who stands by my side when whole universe is against me,
    Man who admire my inner beauty,
    Man who never think i am anywhere less than him in any case,
    Man who needs my suggestion, respect my decisions,
    Man who never underestimate my capabilities,
    And for that I wanted to be a Girl of anyone's dream.......


  • darshanaporwal 54w

    There's someone more luckier than you,
    Happier than you,
    But don't forget you are also that someone for someone out there....


  • darshanaporwal 73w

    Universe and You

    The universe bounded us together
    Because we were made from the same stardust❤️