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  • darlington_rt 3w

    In the end, we do disappoint our own selves far more than people disappoint us...


  • darlington_rt 6w

    Pain, it comes in different forms
    Like a knife inserted into your skin
    You feel it’s burden within you
    As it gives birth to groaning thorns.

    - Darlington R.T

  • darlington_rt 6w

    Maybe if I took a walk in the rain, I wouldn’t get to feel my tears trickling silently down.

    But I do not cry to be pitied. I cry because there’s sorrow to let go, and a new dawn to let in.

    - Darl

  • darlington_rt 7w

    Dear self,
    I know it’s been tough for you
    But you’ve been tougher
    We don’t really get to pick our pages
    But we can always get to write and re-write our own stories.
    And although I can’t promise you much, but I do know you’ll be fine.

    You’ll be fine....

    ©Darlington R.T

  • darlington_rt 8w

    The night was young but his thoughts were old. Sitting on the rooftop that night, while the chilled air stung his skin. His thoughts wandered back and forth, never seeming to settle on a particular thought or fantasy.

    The moon and the endearing silent darkness were his companions for the night. They never judged him, that’s why he always felt safe telling them about his misfortunes, anxieties, and everything he wouldn’t normally feel safe to talk about.

    It’s was in these moments of serenading melancholy, he questioned his own ideals, his beliefs, who he was and who he was meant to be come.

    - Darlington R.T
    Solitude and the Night.

  • darlington_rt 8w

    You could take a trip through my mind and get trapped in it’s unholy splendor.

    - Darl.

  • darlington_rt 16w

    The Epistle Of A Flower In Despair

    It’s in these moments of despair
    when you realise, nothing will ever be fair
    when you see the truth is just as necessary as a lie.
    Nevertheless, to the horizon
    You continue to fix your stare
    dreaming, hoping, believing
    that your Will, or maybe Faith,
    may take you there
    Your weakness mocks you
    inciting the past and your fear
    By fire and Ice, you've been tested
    with everything you hold dear
    But still, to the horizon
    You continue to fix your stare
    with tired legs, blurry dreams and a broken heart
    you keep dreaming, hoping, believing
    that your will, or maybe faith,
    May get the moon, the stars, the sun
    And the benevolent gods of the galaxy, to smile on you again.
    Because the truth remains that even flowers in despair,
    deserves to know how it feels, to bloom, wild and beautifully

    © Darlington R.T

  • darlington_rt 18w

    It's on days like this
    I wish I could just be the air
    floating to no particular direction
    just me & my freedom
    To be whatever I want to be.

    - Darlington R.T

  • darlington_rt 19w

    Even with the world
    At her feet,
    She couldn't help
    Gaze at stars.......

    ©Darlington R.T

  • darlington_rt 20w

    pretty cute
    every morning
    before you wake.

    ©Darlington R.T