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  • darkstashreality 5d

    Happy birthday maa

    To the woman who carried me for nine months
    And appreciated me and love me for who I was
    I could never repay my debt ,
    Maybe I don't need to you just know it anyway
    Keep smiling and grow better
    I love ya loads and a happy birthday
    For me you and Baba are my real god's in this fake world of religion and politics ...

  • darkstashreality 4w

    Travel guide

    I was walking through chasms of unknown
    The days and night I forgot when I woke
    With a map in my hand ,
    I'm walking through this vast desert land
    I might be lost or else this cheap map,
    I bought has no luck...
    Some days nights
    Some nights feel like death
    No soul or creatures around
    Just some vultures over my head
    They follow me till I give up,
    And just lie dead
    I walked for 40 nights and 40 days
    With lil food and water just left
    My life was slowly fading out
    Across the dunes I saw a soul calling me out
    I rushed as if I saw my love
    He gave me red wine and some dry dates
    Soon I found out he was a guide lurking in this sands..
    In search of the same treasure fate reached us out
    The end is never near the dying light helped me out

  • darkstashreality 10w

    To this everlasting sadness
    I'm now filled with madness
    To every ash that drops
    The poison burning in a cigarette
    The hate within
    Mostly it always win
    The cold shady world
    The chill end of Jan
    It's all a pattern
    Of life living it's fun
    I'm the pawn
    That is used for tomorrow's run

  • darkstashreality 11w

    I got so busy
    I forgot to write
    I look up
    I see the blue sky
    It looks so pretty
    Wish you were beside
    Now that would make it all easy
    Sadly this is life
    All the people
    And their made up lies
    Now that feels funny
    As it's not their demise
    I feel this lately
    Am I living
    Or am I just trying not to die
    My times empty
    I need to get back to my daily surprise

  • darkstashreality 13w

    The nigh was like farcry
    Monotonus fading echoes
    Of the ones that die
    It's warm from the out
    Its freezing dark inside
    I got this pale hallow above my head
    It feels as if I'm dead
    I'm just lying still
    My mind's a mess
    But it's also just free will

  • darkstashreality 13w

    Today I woke up
    It's the same old feeling
    I asked myself
    What does being happy mean
    I thought and kept on
    I still don't know what is means
    To be honest
    I don't even feel anything
    It feels black and a dark void
    I don't know why I feel empty from inside

  • darkstashreality 14w

    Every morning it's this cold breeze
    I feel my soul slowly freeze
    Now I'm moving at god speed
    All by myself all on my own
    I got to prove myself over anything
    I dropped life so I could figure it fresh
    Now I feel as I felt back then
    Maybe it won't ever change
    The hurt the pain my inner bleeds
    As I walk through this valley
    Where I see just dark and shade
    I switch to music as it's the only escape.....
    I always feel like giving up
    My souls stubborn
    It's says you can still go on
    Move on until your heart dies
    Then it would be peace
    Or who knows what's waiting in the afterlife!

  • darkstashreality 16w

    Now if you talk to me about being sad
    What can I even say
    It's life I don't see beauty in most people
    The things you feel.are they even real
    Or you think to just believe
    Thoughts run in your brain be real
    Sad all they do is complain
    The trick is so simple
    Be calm and let it not salvage
    Sounds easy but it will eat you up like poison
    Unless you trust your mind
    I hope you live with this self created pain

  • darkstashreality 19w

    To my light
    Who fills up my dark
    To my happiness
    When I'm sad
    Girl you are my twin flame
    And that's hell of a mark
    To feel same to feel pain
    We know how it's like
    When the minds in vain
    I could go on and on
    But it will never be same
    Cause for you my love
    It grows more everyday
    Here's to my twin flame
    I love ya so much
    And I will miss ya
    Knowing we both are now in different place

  • darkstashreality 20w

    I got a problem
    I'm insane
    It's as they say
    But when sane is no longer sane
    They label us with tagnames
    It's all a flip
    As it's fake
    Maybe they thought
    I'm not human
    It's just hate that clouds your mind
    And your heart is bounded by humans rich
    I know it sounds all blame and money
    But think closely why write all this
    Unless I see this in reality
    Give them a knife
    They slice you thoroughly
    I got so much on my head
    I couldn't write more really