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  • darkside_poetry 78w


    Was told it would happen someday
    but wasn't told how to tackle it.
    Ashamed of the consequences ,
    I didn't move away from my seat.

    As the school was over,
    I left in the end to avoid everyone around.
    I was kept in a different room alone
    after the stained clothes were found.

    Everyone could go to the kitchen
    but I wasn't allowed to step in.
    I hated for being treated like a prisoner,
    an impurity as if I had committed a sin.

    I'm still an untouchable every month,
    the clothes still get stained with red.
    Everyone is so concerned about my impurity,
    they just see the blood and not the tears that I shed.


  • darkside_poetry 81w


    She has been there,
    she doesn't want to go back.
    She is a lone wolf,
    she doesn't need the pack.

    She doesn't want to fall again,
    she wants to rise.
    She is tired of deceits,
    tired of pretenders in disguise.

    She was stripped off her innocence,
    yet she wears her beautiful smile,
    She has moved on with her past,
    despite the flashbacks once in a while.


  • darkside_poetry 82w


    Love so weird,
    I never understood.
    When I tried to,
    was always misunderstood.

    Always leaves me puzzled,
    yet I keep pursuing this myth,
    crushed by it's miseries,
    yet wanting someone to be with.

    Love so addictive,
    I can't get enough.
    Everytime I promise to quit,
    yet come back for another puff.


  • darkside_poetry 84w


    Wish you were here,
    wish we could talk endlessly,
    didn't have to worry about a thing,
    didn't have to wait anxiously.

    Maybe you get upset with me,
    maybe you didn't ever want this.
    I feel like an unworthy lover at times,
    compelled by fate to be selfish.

    I'm not a beautiful sunny day,
    I am just another storm passing by.
    One day you shall see rainbows,
    So hold me tight until the rain says goodbye.

  • darkside_poetry 89w


    My heart is filled with tears,
    don't you make empty promises,
    don't you give me the hopes of summer
    if you're about to leave as autumn commences.

    It's been a few days with you,
    let's not talk about forever,
    Don't you plant the seeds of love
    if you are not going to rain ever.

    It all begins with sweet talks,
    don't you try to flatter me with lies.
    Tell me my flaws, embrace them
    and I shall love you back beyond the skies.


  • darkside_poetry 92w

    Even if death does us apart

    It happened to me
    but I won't let that happen to you.
    I won't break your heart
    and disappear out of the blue.

    I have suffered in the dark
    but I will be the candle for you.
    If you ever feel like giving up,
    I will remind you're the one I look up to.

    It took me years to revive my soul
    but I promise I won't let our love die.
    I will hold you in my arms
    as long as the moon exists in the sky.

    I will still love you,
    even if death does us apart.
    It cannot drive me out of your life,
    I will still reside in every beat of your heart.

  • darkside_poetry 93w

    Smile again

    As time passes by,
    you just get used to.
    Those scars are still there
    but you hide them with a tattoo.

    You wake up one day,
    realizing you didn't have nightmares.
    The pillows are dry,
    and the heart didn't shed any tears.

    You learn to smile again,
    try to move on.
    You miss them at times,
    eventually accepting they are gone.


  • darkside_poetry 94w


    When the blue skies begin to fall
    and the oceans begin to rise,
    I would want to be with you,
    falling in love again with your eyes.

    You are my only escape plan,
    there's no other way out of this doom.
    We'll grow inside each other's heart,
    held by the roots of love and bloom.

    I will carry you in my arms,
    if your feet can't feel the ground.
    You can listen to my heart beat for you
    and forget the chaos sweeping around.

    This won't be the end of our story,
    we will meet again sometime soon.
    If not a life on earth,
    then maybe as the stars behind the moon.


  • darkside_poetry 95w


    I can't live without you was just another lie I kept telling myself.I would cry at nights remembering you and what you did to me. Now the nights are silent and peaceful, I don't hear the broken heart crying any more . Love is powerful they told me but they forgot there is something even more powerful than love, "TIME".
    Time taught me that eventually everything changes and the shivering winters of loneliness will bloom again with the joy of spring. It taught me that I could still live without you.
    If you ever feel the guilt of leaving me alone to die in the past , just don't because I am alive now and for that I say you " Thank you ".


  • darkside_poetry 95w

    Just another Valentine's day

    She was grounded
    and was not allowed to use her phone
    I called on her landline
    and her dad told me that he would break my bones

    I tried to sneak inside her house the next day,
    I had to hug her and tell her those three magical words.
    I had to run for my life,
    after I was spotted by her German Shepherds.

    As the sun went down,
    I climbed the pipes to her window at night.
    My dreams were shattered
    as there was another guy kissing her inside.

    Shocked and amused,
    I forgot I was hanging onto her window.
    I fell to the ground and it hurt
    as I let the love of life go.